John Pilger: On ‘Real Journalism’

The all-time great journalist, author and filmmaker has had a long association with this website. Writing for Consortium News is like “writing for a newspaper again,” says Pilger.

During our 25th Anniversary CN Live! webcast, John Pilger said:

John Pilger is a great journalist and filmmaker who has been challenging the establishments of several nations for half a century with influential books, films and articles, reporting from the American Deep South to the jungles of Vietnam to the halls of power in Washington, Whitehall and Canberra. He has a simple message:

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Writing for Consortium News is like “writing for a newspaper again,” says Pilger.

During our marathon coverage of Julian Assange’s September 2020 extradition hearing in London, Pilger wrote us: “Congratulations on your Herculean effort!  A lesson in real journalism … CN coverage of Julian has been by far the most comprehensive.”

And a fews weeks later on our 25th Anniversary in 2020 he tweeted:

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Robert Parry receiving the 2017 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in London on June 28, 2017. Also, from left to right, are Victoria Brittain, John Pilger and Vanessa Redgrave.


1 comment for “John Pilger: On ‘Real Journalism’

  1. IJ Scambling
    June 8, 2023 at 12:27

    “Bob Parry went too far . . .” Here John Pilger expresses the value of the maverick in journalism, who used to have a place in authentic journalism. His comments emphasize the importance of the journalist as serving the people, not power, and meticulously devoted to finding the truth, or what we can reasonably infer as the most likely interpretation of events.

    Caution, sobriety, detail are obviously all-important.

    This comment not only praises CN as a model for this kind of journalism it gives us perspective on what has recently happened, and covered by CN six weeks ago, with the possibility of a new maverick emerging to challenge the Establishment–Tucker Carlson.

    This new maverick sounded good–back then: “Our current orthodoxies won’t last. They’re brain-dead. Nobody actually believes them. Hardly anyone’s life is improved by them. This moment is too inherently ridiculous to continue, and so it won’t.”

    Jonathan Cook stated:

    “But beyond speculating about Carlson’s motives, the more significant point — the one we should celebrate and highlight — is that media “consumers” are slowly becoming less passive and more critical of traditional sources of information.”


    Tuesday night Carlson debuted a new show on twitter and delivered ten minutes of remarks that have drawn the attention of millions of viewers. Unfortunately, his comments there are odiously out of line with his statement above and journalism as Jon Pilger describes it.

    You can see Carlson’s comments at this source:

    Tucker’s Back! In Triumphant Return, Demolishes Ukraine Dam Propaganda, Massacres MSM For Ignoring UFO ‘Bombshell Of The Millennium’ | ZeroHedge

    Journalism is not ranting and raving.

    Review of this new Carlson effort, not particularly kind about it

    Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Show Gets a Big Debut (

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