Chris Hedges: The Democratic Party’s Revenge on Matt Taibbi

Extensive government blacklists, revealed by the Twitter Files, are used to censor left-wing and right-wing critics. This censorship apparatus has been turned on the reporter who exposed them.

Redacted – by Mr. Fish.

By Chris Hedges

On Dec. 24, 2022, Matt Taibbi was in a room at the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco poring through reports sent to Twitter from an entity called the Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF).

The FITF is an F.B.I.-led interagency task force that forwards “moderation requests” from numerous government agencies, including Homeland Security, the C.I.A., the Pentagon and the State Department, to social media outlets. Taibbi was given access to the internal traffic by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk.

It revealed how the F.B.I. and other government agencies routinely suppressed news and commentary. He published a Twitter thread that night, Christmas Eve, with the headline “Twitter and Other Government Agencies.”

“There would be a list of YouTube videos,” Taibbi said when I reached him by phone.

“There would be a notation that would say ‘We assess that these are all created by the Internet Research Agency in Russia. We assess that they are promoting anti-Ukraine attitudes.’ I would see that all those videos were no longer on YouTube. You can make your own deduction from that, but that was the pattern. They would send Excel spreadsheets full of account names and either all or most of them would be gone.”

The content that was suppressed included right-wing and left-wing reports critical of the dominant narrative advanced by the Democratic Party and the old establishment wing of the Republican Party, which has been folded into the Democratic Party.

Threads from the Yellow Vests movement, activists from the Occupy movement, Global Revolution Live, negative stories about President Joe Biden, reports on the Ukrainian energy company Burisma that paid Hunter Biden about $1 million a year while his father was vice-president, positive stories about Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, reports about Ukrainian human rights abuses and details of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were part of the plethora of accounts that were flagged and disappeared. 

I was a victim of this censorship. The six-year archive of my show On Contact, broadcast on RT America, was erased from YouTube, although not one show was about Russia and none violated YouTube’s content guidelines. Episodes were later reposted on The Chris Hedges YouTube Channel.

The show gave a voice to those targeted by the FITF — anti-imperialists, anti-capitalists, prison reform advocates, Black Lives Matter and Palestinian activists, anti-fracking activists and independent intellectuals, journalists and authors including David Harvey, Noam ChomskySami Al-ArianGlen FordAmira HassMumia Abu JamalRoxanne Dunbar-OrtizMedea BenjaminNils MelzerPankaj MishraGlenn GreenwaldMatt Taibbi and Cornel West.

The F.B.I., before the release of Taibbi’s Twitter thread on Dec. 24, had denounced the Twitter Files as the work of “conspiracy theorists” who fed the public “misinformation” and whose “sole purpose” was “discrediting the agency.” 

“They must think us unambitious, if our ‘sole aim’ is to discredit the F.B.I.,” Taibbi responded. “After all, a whole range of government agencies discredit themselves in the Twitter Files. Why stop with one?”

Taibbi was acutely aware these Christmas Eve revelations, which for the first time revealed the role of the C.I.A., would further enrage the intelligence agencies.

“My understanding is that the FITF has a staff of at least 80,” Taibbi said.

“It consists primarily of the F.B.I., but it also includes people from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The FITF was the conduit for content moderation requests that went to the tech platforms. They had something called an industry meeting which was, at first monthly and then weekly, leading into the 2020 election. It included companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Wikimedia, a series of others, about two dozen of them.

They would have a general briefing on trends. Individually, each of the companies were receiving notices. Some of them were receiving weekly notices from the FITF. Twitter was. We know that because there were very specific instructions about how it was done. Requests that came from the states went through the DHS. Requests that came from the federal government went through the F.B.I. They went through a program called Teleporter. That’s how we got those documents.”

Congressional Testimony

IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel. (Public domain, Wikimedia Commons)

In March, Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger were called to testify before the Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government. While Taibbi was testifying on March 9, an IRS agent visited his house in New Jersey.

Taibbi discovered that the IRS opened a case against him on the day he published his Christmas Eve Twitter thread from a letter House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan sent to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel inquiring about Taibbi’s case.

It was a Saturday. It was Christmas Eve. Taibbi did not owe taxes. The case was four years old. All this suggests that the IRS case was politically motivated and the F.B.I. was monitoring Taibbi.

“There’s probably little doubt that they were at least closely following all the Twitter Files reporters, but probably they were monitoring in other ways too,” Taibbi deduced.

“One of reasons I agreed to testify before the weaponization of government committee — and I got a lot of grief from old lefty friends who were upset that I was appearing before a Republican-led committee — was that the other mainstream news reporters weren’t picking up a lot of these stories that I thought really needed some attention. I needed other reporters to do some work on this. My thinking was, if I testified in Washington, it might get some more attention, not just nationally but maybe globally.”

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Taibbi ran into a buzzsaw of orchestrated character assassination. The Democratic members of the committee rarely let Taibbi speak. They delivered vicious and insulting diatribes. Here is a clip of Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, along with Sam Seder and other hosts at The Majority Report, attacking Taibbi.

“I expected there to be hostility in the questioning, but what happened in that hearing was amazing, even to be involved with as a spectator,” he said.

“Rather than engage with the material of the Twitter Files reporting on any level, even negatively, it was pure character-assassination. The ranking member called us a direct threat to people who oppose us. We were ‘so-called journalists.’ We were the lapdogs and scribes of Elon Musk. We didn’t believe in Russian interference. We didn’t respect authority. I had a tin-foil hat I was told to take off by one member. It was one member after the other creating clips of video that were replayed on MSNBC and CNN later that night. That was how people got the news about that hearing.”

“We grew up in an atmosphere where the Democrats were always the champions of free speech, more so than the Republicans,” Taibbi told me. “Through the ’70s, ’80s,’90s and even the early 2000s. Suddenly, on this issue, it was wall-to-wall hostility. There wasn’t a Dennis Kucinich or Bernie Sanders type who stands out from the crowd. There are no dissenters in the ranks of this party anymore.”

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz questioning Matt Taibbi during the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government, March 9. (C-Span)

“The old school ACLU-like liberals, they’re just gone now,” he said. “There’s this new movement that doesn’t believe in countering bad speech with better speech. They believe in closing it off and shutting it down. That’s what the Twitter Files were about. That’s why there was so much hostility.”

Taibbi was informed there were problems with his 2018 tax return. The IRS said it had sent him letters about the issue, but Taibbi had not received any letters and the IRS refused to produce copies. He also had electronic confirmation from the IRS that his 2018 tax return had been received.

It was only when Congressman Jordan wrote to the IRS asking for clarification that Taibbi became aware of the files the IRS had amassed on him. These included information taken from search engines and commercial investigative software such as Anyhoo, Consumer Affairs and LexisNexis.

They had his voter registration records, whether he possessed a hunting or fishing license, whether he had a concealed weapons permit, his telephone numbers, articles he had written and articles written about him.

“Why would an IRS agent need to know anything about my professional history or about controversies that I’ve been involved with or things that I had written about?” he asked. “That seems pretty dubious.”

“They’re not worried about the optics, about doing something like sending an IRS agent to the home of a journalist who has a big platform and a reputation for not being afraid to say something about it,” he said. “They’re not worried about how this looks. It is concerning for a number of reasons. It reminds you of things you would see in a third world country.”

Taibbi was interviewed by MSNBC host Mehdi Hassan. Hassan, or his researchers, had combed through Taibbi’s reports and found a couple of very minor errors, including a confused timeline and a misplaced acronym. Hassan argued that the errors were evidence that Taibbi intentionally lied to Congress.

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seconded the accusation. The ranking committee member, Stacey Plaskett, sent Taibbi a letter accusing him of lying to Congress. Plaskett threatened Taibbi with a five-year prison sentence.

Steps to Destroying a Reporter

Matt Taibbi appearing before the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government, March 9. (C-Span)

There are three steps to destroying a reporter who can’t be bought off or intimidated. The first is a campaign by the powerful, whose lies and crimes have been exposed, along with their obsequious courtiers in the press, to discredit the reporting. The second is a sustained campaign of character assassination.

The third is persecution carried out once the reporter’s credibility has been weakened, his or her ability to publish or broadcast is degraded and public support has eroded.

This is what happened to Julian Assange. Before Assange, it happened to Don HollenbeckI.F. StoneGary WebbRay Bonner and many others. It is what is happening to Taibbi whose revelations of widespread censorship — by the F.B.I., the C.I.A., Homeland Security and other intelligence and government agencies — have enraged the ruling class.

I don’t know if they will win. Let us hope not. But the deafening silence by nearly all press outlets to what they are doing to Taibbi, as is true for Assange, is ominous and self-defeating.

It sends a signal to those who attempt to report about the inner workings of power that no matter how well known you are or how high a profile you have, you too will be targeted.

The concerted attacks on Taibbi are an example of how the walls are steadily closing in to impose an iron conformity, one more piece of our emergent corporate totalitarianism.

“Nobody wants to deal with a full-throated negative media campaign that you volunteer for when you do this kind of work,” he said. “It never goes away. That’s kind of a drag. We’ve seen it happen with you, with Glenn Greenwald after the Snowden business and it happened with him again during Russiagate. It’s not fun. People don’t want to go through it. It’s a disincentive to do counter-narrative work.”

“It’s funny, Chris, I thought a lot during this process about your book Death of The Liberal Class,” Taibbi said.

“There have been so many different instances where the basic story we’re looking at with a lot of the Twitter Files reports was a breakdown in the system of checks and balances. Civil society organizations, the media, private industry and the government, they’re all supposed to have different interests. They have a check on each other.

“But what we’re seeing is, underneath the surface, they’re engaged in anti-competitive behavior … It’s basically media, these internet censors, the enforcement agencies and NGOs, all acting in concert against the population as opposed to checking each other. You were predicting this. When these institutions break down, when they don’t work anymore, this is what happens.

“It’s a pretty quick step to consolidation of authority. That’s the scary part. Once upon a time, if you were in media, even a small offense in this direction would’ve attracted solidarity amongst the ranks. Now there’s nothing.”

He decried the role major media organizations played in hunting down Jack Teixeira, a National Guard technology support staffer who posted classified documents online.

[Related: Craig Murray: Snowden & Teixeira]

“Instead of reporting on the contents of big intelligence leaks, The Washington Post and The New York Times worked with Bellingcat to deliver this suspect to the authorities,” he said. “This is a new role for the media. It is a big shift in how the press thinks of itself. It doesn’t see itself as something separate from government or law enforcement. It sees itself as on the same side.”

“There were probably a lot of people who were frightened by the spectacle of the rise of Donald Trump,” Taibbi said.

“They were told over and over again that this was a Christian nationalist neofascist movement. There are elements of that. There’s real truth to that. But in response to it they became exactly the thing they were telling everybody they were fighting against. By the time people wake up it might be a little bit too late, which is unfortunate.”

A discredited ruling class, which has disemboweled the nation for its corporate masters and whose primary mission is the perpetuation of permanent war, has no intention of carrying out reform. It will not permit an exchange of ideas or allow its critics a platform. It knows it is hated. It fears the rise of the neofascists its dysfunction and corruption have spawned.

It seeks to perpetuate itself only through fear — fear of what will replace it. That is all it has to offer a demoralized citizenry. Constitutional guarantees of free speech and the right to privacy are noisome impediments to its tenuous grip on power. These constitutional rights have been effectively abolished.

What the Twitter Files revealed is massive government blacklists and the craven acquiescence of media platforms to marginalize and ban individuals and groups on these blacklists. Taibbi, not surprisingly, is being targeted by the totalitarian machinery he exposed.

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for 15 years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East bureau chief and Balkan bureau chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning News, The Christian Science Monitor and NPR.  He is the host of show “The Chris Hedges Report.”

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34 comments for “Chris Hedges: The Democratic Party’s Revenge on Matt Taibbi

  1. lester
    June 1, 2023 at 13:55

    When I talk with Democrat friends about issues, they care only about things hign on the pyramid of needs, like gay marriage, or gun control. They have zero concern for issues at the base of the pyramid, like food and shelter. When I ask about homelessness, they react like Republicans! Homeless people deserve their fate somehow. They’re crazy, they use drugs, their problem is “spiritual”, not low wages, righ rents. “It can’t happen to me! I’m not like THEM!” is the attitude.

  2. robert e williamson jr
    May 31, 2023 at 16:15

    I hardly feel I’m competent enough to pull it off but doesn’t the rhetoric directed at Matt call for a strong response to his accusers to prove them wrong.

    By now it is obvious to me that the very rich and powerful use all and any mass media platforms, social or not to smear anyone who criticizes them.

    I guess maybe I’m tiring of their constant pressure on those who speak to power using the truth as the weapon of choice.

    Thanks CN

  3. Robert Emmett
    May 31, 2023 at 11:24

    Who knows how many hands a ghoul has? While Fibbie was feeding blacklists to tech platforms it also was Hoovering up & storing for itself scads of electronic info from ordinary U.S. citizens, ie. spying, thanks to a gaping hole in the FISA law (section 702).

    They did this by doing what they do best (esp. since Patriot Act), employing dodges like “terrorism”, “national security” or “foreign influence” to go after their own chosen political enemies.

    According to an article by James Bovard (“Exposed: Biggest FBI Spy Scandal of the Year”) the FISA Court occasionally decried this blatant violation of the constitution but then went right on wielding the rubber stamp of secret, so-called justice. If overriding silence while permitting violation of the constitution & your oath to uphold it is your response to an agency bent on corruption of said constitution then I’d say that qualifies as some sort of collusion, at the least.

    What I can’t figure out is how Taibbi apparently did not expect what got thrown in his face by democrats on that committee. Except that his (and Shellenberger’s) appearance throws into sharp relief the twisted tactics of today’s Congressional “investigators”. If Matt’s taking one for the team, more power to him.

    Take a look at the photo of Wasserman Schultz (with of course the perennially pointed finger) and tell me that face isn’t ghoulish.

    • Valerie
      May 31, 2023 at 17:19

      “and tell me that face isn’t ghoulish”

      It’s a “muppet” face. (Especially with that hideous/bilious, pink outfit.

      • Robert Emmett
        June 1, 2023 at 09:46

        Thanks for that. I’ll take your word for it.

        A ghoulish muppet? A muppetty ghoul? Could a single person be such a conflicting tool?

  4. Met
    May 30, 2023 at 20:37

    What the US needs is a rise/option of more parties instead of just the Dems and the Reps. With more supposed choice, there is hopefully a dilution of power or ability to control. Not perfect, but it makes it slightly harder for any entity to fully control.

  5. LeoSun
    May 30, 2023 at 18:31

    “Welcome, to “The F*****G Club” aka The Global Engagement Center!!!

    Exhibit A-Z: “REDACTED” (Mr. Fish)

    No doubt, the “OFFICIAL RECORD” reflects who schooled whom! Matt Taibbi’s & Michael Shellenberger’s statesmanship, diplomacy, intelligence, credentials; imo, for EVERYONE’S sake, Taibbi & Shellenberger simplified the wholly effen truth!!! Consequently, heads EXPLODED!!!

    No doubt, Taibbi’s & Shellenberger’s testimonies reduced the bad-mannered, unprepared, paranoid Congresswomen to feral cats w/a twisted version of the truth & toxic advice!!! Concluding, “Some humans AIN’T human!” ..i.e., “demagogues are always vomited up from dysfunctional political systems.” Chris Hedges hxxps://

    No doubt, Matt Taibbi’s & Michael Shellenberger’s stellar achievement, TESTIFYING, before the Select Subcommittee on Weaponization is to be forever revered, reflective and preserved!!! LIKE Watergate, Russiagate, HunterGate, snagging Patrick Lawrence’s golden words, “This is too big a lump to be hidden under the carpet, too significant a chapter in American history to be written out of the national narrative.” PATRICK LAWRENCE.

    Matt Taibbi reminds us, “The Liberal Class Is Dead,” When these institutions break down, when they don’t work anymore, this is what happens. It’s a pretty quick step to consolidation of authority.”

    Patrick Lawrence calls it, “APPLE PIE” Authoritarianism, a criminal enterprise with many perpetrators and accomplices guilty of what would stand in a court of law as felonies.” (John Durham & Burying History) PATRICK LAWRENCE hxxps://

    Without a doubt, “The FUTURE IS HERE,” i.e., “Once democratic institutions are hollowed out, a process begun before the election of Trump, despotism is inevitable. The press is shackled. Corruption and theft take place on a massive scale. The rights and needs of citizens are irrelevant. Dissent is criminalized. Militarized police monitor, seize and detain Americans without probable cause. The rituals of democracy become farce. This is the road we are traveling. It is a road that leads to internal collapse and tyranny, and we are very far down it.” CHRIS HEDGES/Mr. FISH

    JANUARY 28, TWENTY-EIGHTEEN (2018): ”The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump,” CHRIS HEDGES/MR. FISH) hxxps://

    —— “The ruling oligarchy has us locked in its death grip. It cannot be reformed. It obscures and falsifies the truth. It is on a maniacal quest to increase its obscene wealth and unchecked power. It forces us to kneel before its false gods. And so, to quote the Queen of Hearts, metaphorically, of course, I say, “Off With Their Heads!!!” CHRIS HEDGES. “Keep It Lit!”

    • Valerie
      May 31, 2023 at 12:00

      “And so, to quote the Queen of Hearts, metaphorically, of course, I say, “Off With Their Heads!!!”

      Vive la révolution et la guillotine

      • LeoSun
        May 31, 2023 at 14:54

        Oh, Valerie,

        I like the way you think!!!

        AGREED, “Vive la révolution et la guillotine.” Onward & Upwards!

        “Off with their heads.” Metaphorically, of course.” Brings back Chris Hedges “holding court” @ the Rally Against the War Machine; and the podcast i tuned into, that morning, was genuinely thrilled Hedges was @ the mic; but, when he delivered “Off w/their Heads!” The podcast EXPLODED w/pure JOY!!! “Ya know what they say about the young.” It was wonderful!!

        “RISE Like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number! Shake your chains to earth like dew; which in sleep had fallen on you! Ye are many—they are few!!! (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

        Keep it Lit! TY.

        • Valerie
          May 31, 2023 at 17:05

          “The Masque of Anarchy” – wonderful poem from so long ago. ?

  6. lester
    May 30, 2023 at 18:04

    When the DNC messiah, Mrs. Clinton lost in 2016, it was impressive how quickly her fans 1) blamed scapegoats like Assange, Russia, etc. and 2) how uniformly they thought censorship of “dos information” (dissident opinion) was the answer, not critical thinking. I/m reminded of a renaissance Inquisition protecting civilization from witchcraft, etc. :-(.

  7. Lois Gagnon
    May 30, 2023 at 17:16

    It’s difficult to fathom how liberals who once loathed the national security state ran straight into its arms after Tump defeated Hillary. The tell I guess is, the Democrats managed to convince them they are the party of peace beforehand. Obama went on a rampage against the left and they didn’t bat an eye. WTF? Now they are convinced that anyone who dares to challenge the ravages of US foreign policy under a president with a “D” next to their name is a fascist. This of course includes journalists who present evidence that the officialdom the liberals have used as a security blanket are working against freedom of speech and the public’s right to know. The Dem leadership has always been as craven as the Repubs except they had s few dissidents in Congress to call them out. They’ve kicked those people out and are now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Deep State.

  8. IJ Scambling
    May 30, 2023 at 16:25

    The Wasserman-Schultz clip is particularly annoying in her petulant, bullying behavior and the sarcastic quality of a school marm scolding a school child. She is the elephant in the room in this case, especially with her comment “hypocrisy is a hangover of an addiction to attention.” This is the lady who rigged the 2016 DNC nomination for Hillary Clinton. Beginning to end her approach is smear Taibbi as a dishonest opportunist–a self-portrait projected onto him.

    • Valerie
      May 31, 2023 at 03:33

      Exactly IJ. Nasty person. But the comments with that video clip were revealing too. No-one had anything good to say about her or her “performance”.

      • IJ Scambling
        May 31, 2023 at 13:09

        Yes! Important comments. Nobody fooled.

  9. Caliman
    May 30, 2023 at 12:26

    ““There were probably a lot of people who were frightened by the spectacle of the rise of Donald Trump,” Taibbi said.

    “They were told over and over again that this was a Christian nationalist neofascist movement. There are elements of that. There’s real truth to that. But in response to it they became exactly the thing they were telling everybody they were fighting against. By the time people wake up it might be a little bit too late, which is unfortunate.””

    The essence of fascism being a marriage of the corporatocracy and government (esp the police powers of the govt), it has been pretty clear over the past few years which political party has been building up to fascism and it ain’t Trump’s, despised by the corporations and the Deep State as it is.

    Remember about “history repeating first as tragedy, then as farce?” Well, we are deep into the latter now. Who would have guessed back in the 70’s that it would be the Dem party that would bring fascism to America, not some flag-wrapped Christian conservative?

    • Carolyn L Zaremba
      May 30, 2023 at 13:08

      Marxists would have guessed. Unfortunately, back in the 70s I was not yet a Marxist.

    • J Anthony
      May 31, 2023 at 07:37

      It’s both- they each exhibit fascistic tendencies albeit in slightly different ways.

    • lester
      June 1, 2023 at 13:17

      Yet, in action couldn’t have been less like Hitler, or more like a spoiled stupid aristocrat. He was too incompetent to overthrow the government of Venezuela, lucky for them.

      Now the replacement, Biden the saviour, is trying to start nuclear wars with Russia and China. Is that an improvement?

  10. Vera Gottlieb
    May 30, 2023 at 12:24

    As long as you unquestionably tow the ‘elites’ lines…you have freedom of speech – American style.

  11. JonnyJames
    May 30, 2023 at 11:54

    Another great piece from Chris Hedges. The attack against journalism and free speech has been around a long time.

    AOC (like Bernie Sanders), who is a self-styled “progressive”, is nothing of the sort, of course. She has proven to be a gross hypocrite and liar, she and her ilk are WORSE than the evil Rs. I would rather get stabbed in the chest, than in the back by a so-called ally. At least you have a chance to defend yourself when you can clearly see the attack coming. With “friends” like AOC and Sanders, we don’t need…

    Mumia abu Jamal is still in prison, he was (and is) a journalist, and served as the president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists before he was framed. Most people have forgotten about him, but not Chris Hedges.

    Gary Webb (see Kill the Messenger film, and Dark Alliance) whose career was ruthlessly destroyed; and he eventually shot himself in the head twice (with a revolver) under suspicious circumstances.

    As Hedges has pointed out many times: US prisons are full of innocent people and people who have been dealt a dirty hand.

    As we have seen, the treatment of Julian Assange is not totally new: recall what happened to Eugene Debs a century ago. The Palmer Raids, the Red Scare 1.0. COINTELPRO etc. etc. Of course, Chris has written all about this.

    However, the scary bit is the techno-totalitarian merger of state and corporate power has resulted in what we could call Public Relations Authoritarianism (Public Relations Fascism with “elections” and a smiley face).

    The US has no functioning democracy, it is a kleptocratic oligarchy wit techno-totalitarian enforcement.

  12. eole
    May 30, 2023 at 11:20

    I thought that the press in the States was somewhat more free than in Europe. Wrong ! It is competing nicely with that in France where censure is going on full blast.

  13. Taras 77
    May 29, 2023 at 23:23

    This has gone on year after year and we wonder why there are no investigative journalists. Why stick your neck in a buzz saw.

    It is beyond disheartening that the dimos and their enablers in the press and gopers, i.e. the uniparty, continue with character attacks and character assassinations and no one, no one stands up with any balls,any authority. The gopers of this committee are out blasted in volume and gang level bullying. Soros/obummer/Pelosi should be proud.

    • lester
      June 1, 2023 at 13:50

      Neither Team D or Team R opposed 6 giant corporations taking ownership of all US media.

  14. lester
    May 29, 2023 at 19:37

    Excellent artoc;e. Dr/ Hedges! We Americans habitually congratulate ourselves on our freedom, but it’s a hollow boast nowadays. :-(

  15. Patrick Powers
    May 29, 2023 at 19:05

    Welcome to the Ministry of Truth. We are certain this will prove a mutually beneficial relationship. First there is something you must know.

    There is no Ministry of Truth.

    If questioned, mutter something about “tinfoil hats.”

  16. Riva Enteen
    May 29, 2023 at 17:43

    “It’s a pretty quick step to consolidation of authority. That’s the scary part. Once upon a time, if you were in media, even a small offense in this direction would’ve attracted solidarity amongst the ranks. Now there’s nothing.”

    So is it fascism yet?

    • Valerie
      May 30, 2023 at 09:19

      “So is it fascism yet?”

      Not quite Riva. Just waiting for the uniforms.

      • Mark Stanley
        May 30, 2023 at 10:34

        Quite! But shall they be brown, or black?

        • Valerie
          May 30, 2023 at 17:18

          The colour today is immaterial. The delay is whether to have them “tailor made” or “one size fits all”.

      • Carolyn L Zaremba
        May 30, 2023 at 13:09

        Ha ha ha. Quite right.

      • JonnyJames
        May 30, 2023 at 17:59

        Lol, Maybe they’ll get Hugo Boss to design some stylish suits for them eh?

        • Valerie
          May 31, 2023 at 09:47

          Or some sylish prison jump suits for us dissidents and truth seekers:

          “British police detain journalist Kit Klarenberg, interrogate him about The Grayzone”

          MAX BLUMENTHAL·MAY 30, 2023

          • JonnyJames
            May 31, 2023 at 12:25

            I just saw that re Grayzone. Interrogations for journalists now. The British thugs should wear “tactical black” uniforms, but Hugo Boss could design some that are far more stylish

            (Hugo Boss designed the uniforms and suits for the Nazi regime.)

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