Month: April 2023

Saudis Aren’t Afraid of US Anymore

Now that the main Arab producers have supported Russia’s decision to reduce oil production, M.K. Bhadrakumar says the Biden administration is left with limited options in responding to the surprise move. 

Democracy or Apartheid

This is a fight to maintain and protect the status quo for Israelis, not Palestinians who have been denied all basic democratic rights under Israel since 1948, writes Nour. 

Chris Hedges: Christian Heresy

This talk was given ahead of Easter Sunday on Holy Thursday at a protest at Princeton Theological Seminary demanding the removal of hedge fund billionaire Michael Fisch as chair of the seminary’s trustee board.

SCOTT RITTER: The Future of US Nuclear Strategy

The fallout from Washington’s policy of seeking Russia’s strategic defeat has seen Moscow radically alter its arms control position. That raises important questions about the winner of the next U.S. presidential election.