WATCH: Assange Belmarsh Tribunal in Sydney

UPDATE: Consortium News’ CN Live! broadcasted the Belmarsh Tribunal live from Sydney, Australia on Saturday. Among the speakers were Stella Assange, Yanis Varoufakis, Jennifer Robinson, John Kiriakou and David McBride. Watch the replay.

Updated with enhanced audio. 

As the pressure mounts on the Australian government to intervene with the U.S. government, the Assange Belmarsh Tribunal in Sydney on Saturday heard some of Australia’s most prominent politicians, lawyers, journalists and whistleblowers testify in defense of imprisoned publisher Julian Assange. 

Guests include former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr; Assange lawyer Jennifer Robinson; former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis; Assange’s wife Stella Assange; C.I.A. whistleblower John Kiriakou; whistleblower David McBride, as well as journalist Kerry O’Brien, lawyer Bernard Collaery, Kylie Moore-Gilbert, an Australian freed from Iranian captivity by the Australian government; Karen Percy, director of the Australian journalists’ union MEAA & more.

Hosted by news presenter Mary Kostakidis & journalist and attorney Mark Davis. Organized by Progressive International and the Wau Holland Foundation. Co-sponsored by the Search Foundation, Jacobin, PEN Sydney, PEN International, Declassified Australia, NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Consortium News and The Walkley Foundation.

The Belmarsh Tribunal took place in the Great Hall of Sydney University.


4 comments for “WATCH: Assange Belmarsh Tribunal in Sydney

  1. Joe Lauria
    March 4, 2023 at 19:59

    Audio begins at 3:35. Apologies. We are working on restoring it.

  2. Valerie
    March 4, 2023 at 08:38

    Marvellous speakers as usual. Every time i watch/listen to these tribunals/protests/etc in support of Julian, i am amazed at the information revealed, which i previously had no idea of.
    The amount and caliber of people now fighting for Julian’s freedom is heartening.
    Mr. Kiriakou gave one indisputable truth – “the US government is lying” and one very scary scenario when he said Mike Pompeo is lining up to be the next US president.
    Mr. Albanese must look into all the legal machinations which exist and can be used to secure Julian’s release. That should be his first priority; enough is enough.


    • Bill Todd
      March 4, 2023 at 11:53

      Mr. Kiriakou gave one indisputable truth – “the US government is lying”

      Not merely an indisputable truth but a nearly universal truth regardless of context, of course. Unfortunate that so much of the world, both at home and abroad, is so slow to recognize it. They will deserve what they get though the rest of us won’t.

  3. Steven Izzo
    March 3, 2023 at 10:32

    I doubt Arrange will ever see freedom. He is being used as the ultimate ” made an example of”. Its just another piece that reveals just how deeply corrupt the US military complex govt is. Not to mention the genocide of literally millions of innocents in dozens of countries thru illegal wars and 60+ black ops since WW2. I wish him luck tho, he deserves to be honored, not tortured

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