Caitlin Johnstone: Unhinged Responses to Bucha

Mainstream pundits calling for a military escalation that could set off nuclear war and end humankind should get on a plane and go fight Russia directly themselves.  

By Caitlin Johnstone

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In an appearance on the MSNBC show VelshiThe Modern War Institute’s John Spencer explicitly advocated direct U.S. military conflict with Russia due to allegations of war crimes in the Ukrainian city of Bucha.

“I’m ready to commit at this moment — unlike I was before this day — to put people in direct contact with Russia, to stop Russia,” Spencer said. “Call it peacekeeping. Call it what you will. We have to do more than provide weapons. And by ‘we,’ I mean the United States. Yes, we’ll do it as a coalition with lots of other people, but we are the example. So put boots on the ground, send weapons directly at Russia.”

Notice the bizarre verbal gymnastics being used by Spencer to obfuscate the fact that he is advocating a hot war with a nuclear superpower: “put people in direct contact with Russia,” “send weapons directly at Russia.” Who talks like that? He’s calling for the U.S. military to fire upon the Russian military, he’s just saying it really weird.

To be clear this isn’t just some arms industry-funded think tanker saying this; The Modern War Institute is part of the Department of Military Instruction for the United States Military Academy, which is operated directly by the Pentagon.

Asked by the show’s host Ali Velshi what he thought of warnings that direct military confrontation with Russia could lead to nuclear war, Spencer said, “It is a huge risk, I understand that. But today is different.”

Velshi himself was much more to the point than his guest, both online and on social media.

“We are past the point of sanctions and strongly-worded condemnations and the seizing of oligarchs’ mega-yachts,” Velshi told his MSNBC audience. “If this is not the kind of moment that the United Nations and NATO and the U.N. and the G-20 and the Council of Europe and the G-7 were made for, what was the point of these alliances if not to stop this? The world cannot sit by as Vladimir Putin continues this reign of terror.”

“The turning point for the west and NATO will come when the sun rises over Kyiv on Sunday, and the war crimes against civilian non-combatants becomes visible to all,” Velshi said on Twitter over the weekend. “There is no more time for prevarication. If ‘never again’ means anything, then this is the time to act.”

Asked what specifically he meant by this, Velshi clarified that he was advocating “Direct military involvement.”

“Lines have been crossed and war crimes have been committed by Putin that make direct military intervention something NATO now must seriously consider,” Velshi added.

When I called Velshi a fucking lunatic for expressing these views (to my mind the only sane response to such madness), he argued that going to war with Russia for Ukraine would not necessarily lead to nuclear war, claiming that “A no fly zone is not so different from the endless supply of weaponry the west is sending in to Ukraine.”

These are not sane or acceptable things for mainstream pundits to be telling people. Directly attacking the Russian military would indeed risk unleashing a chain of rapid escalations that could easily lead to full-scale nuclear war; there would be far too many small, moving parts for this to be anywhere remotely close to predictable or controllable. A no-fly zone over Ukraine would immediately put NATO powers in direct hot war with Russia, which is in fact completely different from shipping weapons to Ukrainian forces.

The fact that a nuclear superpower cannot be regarded in the same way as a nation without nukes has been basic, common-sense orthodoxy for all major powers since Stalin got the bomb. This is not some kind of advanced esoteric understanding that you can only grasp if you’ve been studying this stuff for years; as far as I know children are still learning about the history of nuclear weapons and Mutually Assured Destruction in grade school. This isn’t something you should have to explain to grown adults, much less influential mainstream news media pundits.

But it’s becoming more and more common. The line that we’re already in World War 3 and need to begin acting accordingly is showing up more and more often. The idea that NATO powers might be able to get away with attacking the Russian military in Ukraine without sparking a nuclear exchange is fast becoming its own genre of Western foreign policy punditry, and that trend looks to accelerate with the latest (arguably pretty dubious) claims of Russian atrocities in this war.

Already we’ve got Velshi’s cries for World War 3 joined by the likes of Human Rights Foundation Chairman Garry Kasparov, who apparently spent so long training to beat a machine that he turned into one:

You’ve also got opinion makers in outlets like The New York Times telling people that “The United States and NATO should be less deferential to Mr. Putin’s attempt to wield the threat of nuclear weapons — not only for the sake of supporting Ukraine but also to ensure global geopolitical stability in the future.”

There’s also the galling White House press conferences in which ambitious reporters aggressively demand to know why the Biden administration isn’t doing more to escalate against Russia, as clear an illustration as you could ask for of the fact that the mainstream press are only allowed to be pushy and confrontational with U.S. government officials when they’re demanding more bloodshed.

As we’ve discussed previously, even if these increasingly loud calls for hot war between nuclear superpowers don’t immediately succeed, what they do is push the Overton window of mainstream discourse all the way over toward the most warmongering extreme possible so that calls for more escalation seem moderate and calls for de-escalation look like extremist apologia for Vladimir Putin. In the very best-case scenario they leave people far more open to consenting to far more nuclear brinkmanship than any thinking person should ever consent to.

This is not okay. It is not okay for them to do this to us. It is not okay for them to normalize the idea of escalations that could easily end humankind. That is the most insane position that any person could possibly take. More insane than Nazism, or any other extremist ideology you could think of. Supporting actions that may lead to human extinction makes these people enemies of our entire species.

Ukraine is still accepting foreign volunteers. If these omnicidal maniacs are so hungry for “direct military involvement” against Russia, I wish they would just get on a plane and go do it themselves without trying to drag all of humanity into it with them.

You want direct military involvement? Fine. Go do it yourself. Be the direct military involvement you want to see in the world.

Caitlin Johnstone is a rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper who publishes regularly at Medium.  Her work is entirely reader-supported, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking her on Facebook, following her antics on Twitter, checking out her podcast on either YoutubesoundcloudApple podcasts or Spotify, following her on Steemit, throwing some money into her tip jar on Patreon or Paypal,purchasing some of her sweet merchandise, buying her books Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, Rogue Nation: Psychonautical Adventures With Caitlin Johnstone and Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers.

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42 comments for “Caitlin Johnstone: Unhinged Responses to Bucha

  1. Hans Meyer
    April 8, 2022 at 00:38

    I cannot agree more with your view. The fact that the US and Western Europe is giving weapons to Ukraine is basically reinforcing the Russian fears, the more this conflict will last and the more it will be tragic (they already know from experience : Irak, South-Sudan, Yemen,.. They just don’t care about people). The most constructive behavior from these idiots would be to backup, directly talk to Russia about a peace proposal and a backing by NATO away from their borders. They can turn the fact as they wish, The US and Europe by association are at war with Russia, It does not matter if they use Ukraine as a proxy. All they want is Putin out, the guy put in power by their guy Yeltsin (why!?! and their new guy in. This is for them the conditions for the end of these war, which curiously is difficult to accept by the Russian “elites”. Their obscene game is in a gridlock as there is no alternative looks as if Putin was chosen by Yeltsin to counteract the damages occasioned by neoliberal policies. This moment was also the end for any chance to establish democracy in Russia. The present situation has some similarities with the conflicts between red Russians and White Russians and their foreign allies. I fear the day when the Western “democratic” countries will lose their status and influence. What they inflicted to other countries will have to be repaid with benefits. They will learn how it feels to have other “elites/oligarchs” (with or without big boats) digging into domestic affairs end international relations.

  2. Duane
    April 7, 2022 at 16:06

    Thank you for saying what a lot of us are feeling: it is abnormal, perverse, and monstrous to normalize discussion of nuclear war as if it were no more than a mild extension of economic sanctions. Which is not meant to understate the gravity of the economic sanctions the West has applied to Russia, as those sanctions are tantamount to military war in their implications. And among those implications are the starvation of a large number of bystanders in countries that rely on the importation of Russian and Ukrainian grains for food and fossil fuels for heat, transportation, industry, and agriculture. And add on to that their reliance on the importation of fertilizers for their own agriculture.

    The tsunami of war-fever propaganda here in the U.S. is mind-bending, and the lack of critical or even mildly skeptical response is indicative of a level of central control of media that would not have been thought possible beforehand.

    My own interpretation is that the U.S. wishes to entangle Russia in a prolonged proxy war against Ukraine, and that the U.S. and E.U. will stoutly support the Ukrainians, right up to the last Ukrainian standing. After which, our media attention will move elsewhere, as it has already from Afghanistan. But I remain hopeful that this war can be brought to conclusion at a negotiating table before the northern hemisphere is reduced to cinders.

  3. Tedder
    April 6, 2022 at 10:35

    Spenser and Velshi get a lot wrong. For starters, it is clear that the Russians pulled back from Kyiv, were not driven out. Then, Spencer’s notion that the US is the “leader of the free world” requires more manipulation of ‘free’ than I am able to do. And although Spencer claims to be “not a warmonger”, all evidence from his speech indicate otherwise. I am very sure that there are untold innocents who would much rather he would not “serve to protect the innocent.” Certainly, some very bad things happened in Bucha, but without real forensic evidence including close inspection of timelines, it is as likely that both Russians and Ukrainians are guilty of atrocities. As many point out, that is the nature of war, both the on-the-ground kind as well as the information kind.

  4. lester
    April 5, 2022 at 23:29

    John Wolfe, probably the Uki Nazis told another fib.

    • JGarbo
      April 6, 2022 at 03:15

      Hilarious. The US has been “at war” with Russia, via Ukraine, since 2014. Has this fool been living homeless in a tent. Oh, by the way, bozo, the war is over. Russia won. They’re sweeping the shite off the streets so decent people can go back to work.
      Now, will the Nazis hang Zelensky from a tree in Kiev, as promised, or become café waiters in Lviv and serve lattés to Polish tourists?

  5. lester
    April 5, 2022 at 23:24

    Well, if nuclear war exterminates us, then Republicans won’t ever have to admit that Global Warming is real!

    There’s no other up-side that I can imagine.

    • michael888
      April 6, 2022 at 06:58

      I was once a life-long Democrat (now third party) Who would have thought that after the idiot Trump, America could have sunk to these depths of depravity with the Democrats totally in control? There is no upside.

      Putin, like Biden, is a bully. He has watched, not only what the US did to Russia since the Soviet Union fell, and he knows he can do the exact same things that the US has done over the last 20 years with wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, and coups in Honduras, Egypt and Ukraine (in both 2004/5 with the Orange Revolution and of course in the “NAZI-led” Maidan Coup in 2014).

      Like Libya, with its plans for a gold PanAfrican currency, this coming War is about Russia and China giving the world an alternative to the US PetroDollar, which underpins the American Empire. Just waiting for China to join Russia; clearly they can see that if Russia falls, they are the next target.

        April 6, 2022 at 14:02

        By all indications, China has already joined Russia in that economic project.

        • michael888
          April 7, 2022 at 08:51

          True, but they may join in sanctions with Russia (after condemning them in principle), which would be devastating to the West.

      • April 7, 2022 at 06:05

        I wonder how much Trump Derangement Syndrome is affecting the Democrats and their supporters. In their addled brains Putin is Trump. No doubt theyll resurrect Russiagate in any time soon. In any case, Bill Clinton bears a lot of responsibility for this mess, having led the destruction of Russia in the 90s and fixing their elections for them, though history, even recent history, has been censored, much like anyone with a “contrary” opinion is censored in the Land of the Free by “liberals”.

  6. R. Billie
    April 5, 2022 at 21:07

    While watching CNN’s coverage of this “unprovoked attack” on the poor peace loving people of Ukraine, a pretty famous line from a very famous movie keeps wafting back to me like music down a windy street. The movie is Lawrence of Arabia and the line is “lays it on a bit thick doesn’t he?” My paternal grandfather, who proposed to my grandmother on the “Potemkin Steps” in Odessa, must be spinning.

  7. Drew Hunkins
    April 5, 2022 at 18:22

    Anyone who believes the Bucha bull**** story being trumpeted by the corporate-militarist media is a deluded imbecile. It’s obviously a sick ploy to garner public support in the West for NATO boots on the ground. NATO boots on the ground means war between Russia and Washington, war between Russia and Washington will quickly spiral out of control, which means nuclear war could be a distinct possibility. This is why the few sane heads in the Pentagon are balking.

    The timeline doesn’t add up for the Bucha bull**** to even be credible, the logic to it makes no sense whatsoever. The Russian Federation has gone out of its way to avoid civilian casualties, always has, just like in Syria. Russia desires that the Ukrainian public have fond feelings for the Russian govt for future diplomatic relations.

    The Pentagon is putting the brakes on this stupid Bucha propaganda offensive by releasing a statement today saying the responsible parties for the Bucha atrocity are yet to be determined. The few sane heads in the Defense Dept know that the crazies in the State Dept, intel agencies, Congress, and the corporate media could easily let this get out of hand resulting in a shooting war between the U.S. and Russia.

    It was the far right Ukie militias who tortured and murdered many civilians who they felt had pro-Russian sympathies. The Russian military has been bringing in humanitarian aid to just about every Ukrainian town and city it’s touched. Russia has no incentive to commit massacres when it’s essentially reaching all its goals.

    Thankfully within the next couple of months Russia will accomplish all the objectives it set out to achieve: 1.) keep NATO permanently out of Ukraine, 2.) rescue the Donbass from the threat of Ukie invasion and domination, 3.) eliminate many of the far-right fascist Slavophobic savages.

    • Tedder
      April 6, 2022 at 10:19

      There are probably three stages of the “Bucha Massacre” event. First, there were people killed in the initial assault on Kyiv. Second, there were certainly reprisals against known Ukrainian Nazis and other extremists, certain executions–whether or not that is a ‘war crime’ is debatable. Third, there were definite reprisals conducted by Ukrainian national police and military of people suspected of ‘collaboration’ with the Russian enemy. Altogether, these deaths were conflated into the war crime narrative we see now, a narrative concocted by the information warriors in Kyiv, either run by or helped by the USA.

  8. Realist
    April 5, 2022 at 17:48

    Any doubts I used to have about the reality of mass psychoses must surely be laid to rest with the madness that presently pours forth from the American media.

    Absolutely nothing in their preferred narrative is even close to being true. They must know this because they are deliberately withholding scads of critical information. Yet they are incessantly trying to gin up a world war with the only country on earth that has nuclear weapons and delivery systems on a par with our own. These are the only other people on the planet (I don’t think that even China qualifies with enough nukes locked, loaded and ready to launch) besides ourselves who can cause an anthropogenic extinction level event and yet these fools go to great lengths to try to trigger every existing trip line to activate the full nuclear arsenal. This is all okay because?

    Even Hitler, Stalin or Mao in their hay days did not warrant such an over-reaction by the nuclear priesthood. Oh, “think” tanks mulled over scenarios to level every Russian city with a barrage of first strike nukes, but even the hard-core hard-liners of the early 50’s could not take themselves seriously when it came to a crime so immense. Even the real-life Dr Strangeloves, Generals Douglas MacArthur and Curtis LeMay, were ultimately given a pat on the head and sent to retirement rather than consulted on their much ballyhooed nuclear strike plans. Even if ANY of the lies they’ve told about Putin and modern-day Russia turn out to be even partially true, who commissioned these warmongers to make the rest of the 8 billion people on the planet collateral damage of their psychotic visions?

    As Caitlin points out, why are these people being so veiled about the ultimate consequences of the actions they demand? As everyone should well know they would result in the extermination of the human race and probably all life on the planet. Isn’t that something that should be emphasized if you are trying to sell this mad scheme to the general public across this planet? So why hide those facts in twisted rhetoric? Russia is NOT trying to take over the world. They simply do not have the capacity to do this as they have made abundantly clear on numerous occasions. Their critical lack is the ability for force projection, which experts are now saying is what is limiting them in quickly taking over Ukraine, a poor basket case right on their own border. This is why they don’t want a Nato-empowered Ukraine sitting at their frontier with a loaded gun (more like batteries on nuclear missiles) aimed at their major cities only minutes away in flight time. The Russian army rolling through Europe (even rolling through Poland) is simply not possible and would never be attempted. This is why trash-talking Obama constantly ridiculed them as a “regional power.” Who cannot see that this entire imbroglio is all American-manufactured for purposes easily imagined (hint: think of all the undeveloped natural resources that Russia still possesses). Boy howdy, did we Yanks screw up there. Unless a world war prevents the new scenario, now China will be willingly made the beneficiary of all that Russian wealth. Otherwise, the Atlantic Integrationists in Russia would have probably prevailed and the West would be their preferred trading partners. Damned fool hubris and paranoia has been our own tragic flaw. I’m just a retired biochemist, show me where I am the crazy one.

    Either these maniacs feel secure in their personal access to government built bunkers that can house them for generations until the lethal radioactive nuclides decay through multiple half-lives to “safe” levels (they won’t), and the remnants of surviving creatures make a vast population come-back (they won’t) to the point where our incipient race of Morlocks can emerge from their holes and find food, water, clean air and more than green radioactive slag to the horizon (that’s science FICTION), OR (in a greater science fiction) these gibbering idiots are really aliens from some other planet intending to wipe the slate clean on this planet and “terraform” it to their own specifications, but their first job is to convince us through mass hypnosis to commit mass suicide via thermonuclear war. Maybe they are immune to the radionuclides so lethal to us, or maybe they eat the stuff for breakfast. Anyway, it made an entertaining movie but sucks as an American foreign policy.

  9. victor
    April 5, 2022 at 17:10

    The ICC has a team of investigators in Ukraine as part of an ongoing investigation of wars crimes that may have been committed during the civil war.

    During the Ukraine civil war, (2014-2022) approximately 14,000 people were killed. The vast majority were civilians and while the media hasn’t paid much attention to these deaths, the allegation is that most of these deaths were caused by the Ukrainian army, or by paramilitary groups supported by the government or by separatists’ militias from the Donbas.

    Unlike the media, the facts on the ground may lead the ICC to conclude that both sides committed war crimes. What will they say about that?

  10. Brent
    April 5, 2022 at 15:46

    We’ll stay in deep trouble without a functioning 4th estate. An MSM foreign correspondent, who knew he had a ring in his nose, once explained he and colleagues judged their work by public broadcasting’s coverage. Being as they blow smoke twice each year about how informative their journalism is, we’d do well to hold them to be accountable for bringing understanding to the public.

    NPR, feedback(at), 202-216-9217. Email format Ari Shapiro, ashapiro(at)

    Newshour comment, newsdesk(at) Viewer comment, viewermail(at) Email format, Judy Woodruff, jwoodruff(at)

    • Blessthebeasts
      April 6, 2022 at 10:47

      I’ve contacted these two outlets several times with no response. They are corrupt and tell outright lies on a daily basis. They have no shame and are very smug about it because they know their “educated” brainwashed followers take everything they say as gospel.
      Judy Woodruff was once a decent investigative reporter when she was on Frontline years ago

  11. Will Durant
    April 5, 2022 at 15:29

    And I might add that there has NEVER been a war without war crimes. It is the nature of war, and when those dogs are unleashed there is no dainty code of conduct. That’s why anything and everything should always be done to keep the dogs of war penned up. War itself is the root of all war crimes, as Justice Robert Jackson stated at Nuremberg. This war was avoidable and not “unprovoked.”
    The principals need to arrive at an agreement NOW to prevent further bloodshed on both sides.

  12. Will Durant
    April 5, 2022 at 15:19

    As the old joke goes, as the Lone Ranger and Tonto were surrounded by the “hostiles,” Who is ‘we,’ paleface?”. These people are always anxious for “us” to show up in the battle zone when their effete, privileged asses are never on the line. As a 10 year Army vet, I had the same reaction as Caitlin did. Who is “we,” you smug, sanctimonious assholes? No one is without sin in this tragedy. This isn’t a Manichean passion play. The Ukrainians are paying for allying themselves with the biggest war criminals of all, and my heartfelt prayers are for a negotiated end to this terrible situation. This is the rotten fruit of cynical geopolitics that is defined and guided by a Washington elite class that always remains safely out of harm’s way. Geniuses and master strategists, all!

  13. Ian Stevenson
    April 5, 2022 at 12:46

    This is the Guardian -and no doubt many will say it is all lies. But it claims to be reporting from the place it happened.

  14. Eddie S
    April 5, 2022 at 11:41

    As ashamed as I feel to say it, I sure-as-hell HOPE that Biden and crew are just cynically, CONSCIOUSLY manipulating US public opinion for short-term political gains, but that privately they have a more-accurate understanding of the situation than they’re willing to publicly admit-to —- kind of like JFK in the Cuban ‘missile crisis’. It would be very disturbing to learn that Biden actually believes most or all of what he publicly says about this Ukraine situation…

  15. Stierlitz
    April 5, 2022 at 10:02

    In all this mass hysteria (but manipulated hysteria) I noticed that those uncomfortable 5 letters have never cropped up MY LAI. We need sober investigation but war unleashes the worst. We encouraged the Ukrainians to poke a bear in the eye and now the bear is tearing Ukraine apart.

  16. firstpersoninfinite
    April 5, 2022 at 00:24

    Great article by Caitlin Johnstone, per usual. It seems obvious now that the powers that be in this country have decided that it’s too late to save the empire without destroying the world. Their little tithes already spent on losing wars in the Middle East, they’ll now go completely Augustinian and declare themselves POTUS, the gods of our little world. Get ready for pernicious smack-downs to all human rights – they can’t save the Homeland without negating the citizens within its borders first – followed by a holiness of unabashed, intentional carnage worthy of a Borgia. It’s funny that we’ve been given by scientists until 2025 to overcome the minimal destruction of our environment through reduction of fossil fuels – it will take us until 2036 at least to undo the mess the US has already unleashed in the last seven years in making NATO more powerful than human reason.

  17. April 4, 2022 at 21:07

    What happened?

  18. Topor
    April 4, 2022 at 20:44

    All of the interest groups (media,military complex,politicians and secular) are as usual drumming and sabre rattling for a profitable blood letting. One way to describe this hysteria is that it is war pornography and they are all “jerking”away in front of us! If they are so committed ,then they and their families should be used as human shields!

    • Drew Hunkins
      April 5, 2022 at 18:22

      Great comment Topor!

  19. RD
    April 4, 2022 at 20:01

    These fuckers in the US media have a long and storied history of selling “we the people” a war based on lies, er ah, “faulty intelligence”
    And we never seem to learn from it. The sole sources for information from Ukraine seem to be only Ukrainian which is essentially Russia bad war criminals, Ukraine pure as the driven snow heroes. Of course, they would have nothing to gain by lying
    And the US media reports this stuff without the slightest of hint of irony given our long and detailed history of war crimes and the fact that we’re helping keep a guy locked up for exposing just a couple of those war crimes

  20. April 4, 2022 at 19:34

    Hard to believe that a State such as Ukraine is edging us towards the nuclear cliff. So an Ode to Ukraine is due, though not as a last and final gesture, so we can hope. But while we can make a record, here we go:

    Ukraine, whose Color Revolutions have been sponsored by 5 Billion Dollars in U.S. money, according to what Victoria Nuland Kagan told the Chevron Convention in 2015. She, a Cheney pick at State, who got real traction under Hillary, who called her “my intrepid Tory”. Like in the Xena series, love blooms among harpies.

    Ukraine, a U.S. colony formed in 2014, when we got the local Nazis to spearhead the coup d’etat against Yanukovych, all because he had rejected an IMF austerity package and instead chose Russian Federation loans at 5%, when the going interest rate for money lent to Ukraine was 14%.

    Ukraine, where public murders go unpunished, because the judges and deputies fear the retaliation of the Azov Battalions and Right Sektor brigades, which compose much of the Ukrainian National Guard. 50 separatists burned alive by the Nazis in Odessa on May 2, 2014, but not a single arrest for these public crimes, the commission of most on film.

    Ukraine, where the Birthday of Stepan Bandera is a national holiday; yes, for the same Bandera who welcomed Hitler’s invaders with open arms and then helped the Nazis kill thousands of Jews and Poles. Denounce the holiday, if you dare, and castigate Ukraine’s fascist forefathers; do it, and you have committed a crime in Ukraine, punishable by prolonged imprisonment.

    Ukraine, where the current comedian leader was preceded by a Chocolate Magnate who was preceded by a US puppet who spent much of his adult life at Harvard giving seminars in Economics. Go back 12 years, and you find the President whose face became all broken out and swollen because his opponent, he said, poisoned him. Poor Viktor Yuschenko, whose wife Iulia was a CIA asset.

    Ukraine, where the current leader is universally lionized, as he continues to hide money overseas and gets the help of Igor Kolomoisky, Billionaire oligarch who has spent millions of dollars to train and equip Nationalist paramilitaries.

    Ukraine, where Zelenskly has shut down the opposition press and jailed his leading opponent.

    Ukraine, whose most recent iteration was birthed through a conspiracy conducted by US Ambassadors Nuland and Pyatt, their incriminating words caught on audiotape, including frequent mentions of Joe Biden’s collaboration. The crime the lapdog media won’t discuss is on YouTube.

    Ukraine, where there is no civilian rule, as evidenced by what happened at Zolote, where the Azov Battalions refused to carry out Zelensky’s orders, rebuking him to his face after he ordered them to redeploy to a line consistent with the requirements of the Minsk Accords. They scorned him to his face, with complete impunity, which would be expected in a nation where force is the coin of the realm. Zelensky ran on a platform of peace and reconciliation, but the fierce recalcitrance of these Nazi brigades nullified the voice of the people. Zelensky has been threatened with death for hinting that he would give the Donbas autonomy.

    So, we don’t have to like Putin to see where Putin gets the idea that Ukraine’s status as a legitimate nation-state may be questionable.

    Oh, Ukraine, the poorest country in Europe, and the one with the weakest currency, the hryvnia (which shows up as a misspelling).

    • Rob Roy
      April 5, 2022 at 13:11

      John Wolfe,
      You answered you own question, “What happened?” Thanks for a good recap of Ukraine.
      Caitlin, always to the point, thank you for your work. I never miss an article by you. I always identify with your anger.

    • michael888
      April 6, 2022 at 07:25

      Excellent synopsis. I would quibble that “poor” Yushchenko, whose wife was a US citizen and State Department official (possibly CIA) was installed as President by the CIA with the Orange Revolution in 2004/5, after the initial Election results there were overturned, despite being “characteristic” of “Ukrainian Democracy”. (I believe Yushchenko, a central banker, proudly created the hrynia? ) And in 2010 when American puppet Yushcheno ran for a second term, this time with UN observers watching the Election, Yushchenko received 5% of the vote, and Yanukovych won (again) with 48.95%. And was overthrown in 2014. He was not a very good US puppet.
      A major issue in Ukraine is that Kiev, the political capitol is in the (now NAZIfied) west with Galicia. Most industry and most ethnic Russian Ukrainians are in the East and South coastal regions, and have much less political impact than Kiev and the West on Ukraine.

  21. Ray Peterson
    April 4, 2022 at 19:19

    Cait you’re like a Cassandra. C. Wright Mills (White Collar, Power Elite),
    wrote in 1958, “The Causes of World War III” and so here you are now
    describing its details.

    • blimbax
      April 5, 2022 at 00:39

      Don’t call her a “Cassandra.” Cassandra told the truth, but no one believed her.

      (Cassandra received the gift of prophecy from the god Apollo who was smitten with her. But she spurned his advances, so, while he couldn’t take back the gift, he arranged things so that no one would take her seriously.)

      • Ray Peterson
        April 5, 2022 at 08:40

        blim, Cassandra fits perfectly with a little imagination, thanks
        for the mythology

  22. Aaron
    April 4, 2022 at 18:41

    On Sunday nights I listen to the syndicated Alice Cooper radio show and he explained that Zelensky earned some measure of fame and popularity for his unique skill of playing a piano with his penis. Not exactly the most statesman-like behavior. Doesn’t matter, there are now more than a dozen universities that want to grant him honorary degrees for, um, I don’t know exactly what, but it sounds good in the media narrative of their “good vs. evil”, with no gray area in between.
    The reporters badgering Psaki are just like corrupt detectives that try to intimidate and lead suspects who could well be innocent into confessing to something that they didn’t commit. For example in Ken Burns documentary on the Central Park 5, the cops simply wore down the poor kids until they were so sick and tired they gave in and admitted to what they kept suggesting and telling them they did. Psaki needs to get tough and scream “what part of no-fly zone didn’t you understand?” and just walk out of there.

    • Realist
      April 6, 2022 at 07:59

      “Zelensky earned some measure of fame and popularity for his unique skill of playing a piano with his penis.”

      Yep, there is a clip of him playing a duet with some other guy.

      There is something seriously wrong with Western culture when it becomes politically incorrect to ridicule such sick nonsense. Back in the day the standard of decency was to never do anything that would embarrass your mother. Now? You tell me.

  23. SteveK9
    April 4, 2022 at 17:25

    Khan Shaykhun, Douma, and … Bucha. Latest rumor, SBU and MI6.

  24. Mike
    April 4, 2022 at 16:20

    Has it not occurred to any of these Ukrainian refugees that, just maybe, it is their elected Comedian who led them into this mess?

  25. Mike
    April 4, 2022 at 16:16

    Can we get some reporters who report the news instead of treating news as their personal chew toy?

    • Ray Peterson
      April 4, 2022 at 19:14

      Consortium News is doing the best they can Mike, and Julian Assange
      is in UK’s Belmarsh prison waiting to be tortured in the U.S. for WikiLeaks
      truthful reporting, revealing U.S. war crimes in Iraq. As Tolstoy
      said, “there’s no happiness in this world” not much of truth and justice

      April 5, 2022 at 00:53

      This is clearly marked a Commentary, not a news article.

      • mike
        April 5, 2022 at 09:09

        Understood. I was talking about MSM and their need to get their mojo all over real events. Sorry for any confusion.

  26. Linda Edwards
    April 4, 2022 at 16:12


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