WATCH: UN Security Council Meets as Russian Operation Begins

The U.N. Security Council again met in emergency session on Wednesday night in New York as Russia began its military operation in Ukraine. Watch the entire session here.

U.N. Security Council meeting Wednesday night on Ukraine. (UN TV)

1 comment for “WATCH: UN Security Council Meets as Russian Operation Begins

  1. Robert Sinuhe
    February 24, 2022 at 19:54

    I found that the pugnacious attitude of the representative from Ukraine in calling for the resignation of the president to be understandable but out of place; he had not covered himself with dignity. I’m further turned off by the others expressing their feelings– but what’s next? No one expressed what had been going on in the Donbass for eight years? How did that come about? What of the Minsk initiative? Which nation abridged its terms? This should have been brought up by none other than the U.S. representative. Could it be that mentioning them would hurt her case in denigrating Putin? Many preached dialogue but where is it? I’m underwhelmed by the intelligence of this council.

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