WATCH: Assange Protest at DOJ

With the U.S. seeking the extradition of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, Assange supporters are gathering before DOJ headquarters in Washington Friday to voice their opposition to the move.


Speakers: Brian Becker, Max Blumenthal, Randy Credico, Leo Flores, Eleanor Goldfield, John Kiriakou, Marianne Williamson and Ann Wilcox.   

On Monday at 10:45 GMT the High Court in London will announce its decision on whether it will permit Assange to appeal to the U.K. Supreme Court on its ruling to allow his extradition. The High Court’s decision is a formality however, as Assange can apply directly to the Supreme Court to appeal if the High Court does not grant permission. 

The Supreme Court’s website says: “An application for permission to appeal must be made first to the Court of Appeal. If that Court refuses permission, an application may be made to The Supreme Court. An application is made by filing an application for permission to appeal.”