WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Doctors Warn Assange May Not Survive Appeal Process’

Doctors for Assange joined CN Live! to voice their concern that Julian Assange’s deteriorating health in prison threatens his very survival during the long appeals process set to begin later this year. Watch the replay.

Doctors for Assange began writing to governments in late 2019 warning that imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange was in a fragile state of health, and could die in prison. The doctors have repeatedly called for his release on urgent medical grounds. Since then, medical experts who examined Assange testified in court to the seriousness of his medical condition. They explained that he would not survive oppressive prison conditions, and his extradition to the United States was denied on those grounds. 

The High Court in London subsequently stood by the medical findings, and ruled that the medical evidence could not be challenged. Meanwhile, having won his case, Assange remains in the very conditions that caused and perpetuated his precarious state of health in the first place. With appeals set to drag on for years, unless Assange is released from prison, there is every reason to expect his condition to deteriorate, potentially dramatically so.

Given the medical evidence that is openly on the table now, Doctors for Assange warns that Julian Assange may not survive the appeal process.”

Host: Elizabeth Vos. Producer: Cathy Vogan


Dr. Bob Gill, MBChB, MRCGP, General Medical Practitioner; writer and producer of the film, ‘The Great NHS Heist’, United Kingdom

Prof William Hogan, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine; Professor of Biomedical Informatics, United States

Dr. Lissa Johnson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and writer, Australia

Dr. Jill Stein, MD, Internist, Lexington, Massachusetts; Former instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, two-time U.S. presidential candidate, United States

Dr. Derek Summerfield, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College, University of London; Former Chief Psychiatrist at the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, United Kingdom

Dr. Sue Wareham OAM (Order of Australia), MBBS, General Medical Practitioner (retired); Co-founder of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, Australia

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11 comments for “WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Doctors Warn Assange May Not Survive Appeal Process’

  1. Anna
    July 31, 2021 at 13:37

    The Arbuthnot family indicates the most obvious cause of Assange’s imprisonment. The dishonorable judge Emma Arbuthnot, a wife of the shameless war profiteer and a profiteer in her own right, has ruled viciously against Assange and all rules of decency.

    Then comes criminal Clinton’s family: Bill’s illegal destruction of Yugoslavia +Lolita express debacle and Hilary’s criminal enterprise in Libya, which resulted in the ruin of all functions of the state and the establishment of slave markets there. Hilary has been acting rabidly against Assange.

    And don’t forget the faux Nobel Peace Prize holder Obama and the ever-profiteering Biden, whose actions against Assange have been rationalized by a ‘jurist’ John Yoo (who should have been disbarred and tarred and feathered for his treatment of the Geneva Conventions to please his dimwit boss bush the lesser). In the case of Assange, “judges” and “deciders” are criminals murdering an honest man.

  2. Nicholas Tilling
    July 31, 2021 at 06:31

    Julian Assange should be released not only for health reasons but also because that it was proven that the charges against him where a sham to begin with; this whole trial is a breach of Humanity & a breach of the Geneva Convention; keeping a person locked up on fake charges, the UK Government & Joe Hypocrit Biden should be prosecuted for fake charges

  3. john stanley
    July 30, 2021 at 19:33

    Leaving Assange in jail says a lot about the low level of mental health of the three sadists responsible Biden, Johnson and Morrison.

  4. July 30, 2021 at 18:52

    MSNBC and CNN are almost criminally complicit with the government.

  5. Carolyn L Zaremba
    July 30, 2021 at 16:46

    State murder. That is what is being done to Julian Assange. The indifference to human life exemplified through imperialist war and drone assassination find its reflection in the persecution and attempted murder of Julian Assange. The United States is a death machine whose ideology is capitalism, it’s god money, and its methods violence in every form.

  6. Em
    July 30, 2021 at 15:47

    Just as the intent of the fifty-four year Israeli “peace process” is to eradicate the Palestinians as a people, likewise is it the intent of the ‘Appeal Process’ for Julian Assange – to bury him.
    How many times in all these years have literally thousands of sovereign international countries’ United Nations representatives – of diverse millions of people – condemned Israel for its crimes against humanity – genocidal barbarity, against hundreds of thousands of Palestinians; to no avail?
    And what is Julian Assange’s crime? As one of the last remaining true journalists, he blew the whistle on the real criminals! He caught them in the act for all the world to see!
    Revenge is what they’re after! (It) “is defined as the act of committing a harmful action against a person or group in response to a grievance, be it real or perceived. Francis Bacon described revenge as a kind of “wild justice” that “does… offend the law [and] putteth the law out of office.”

  7. Jont
    July 30, 2021 at 14:45

    It seems quite obvious to me that the death of Julian Assange is what the US and UK government’s are waiting for. They think the problem will go away. It is infuriating because if Assange was a Russian or Chinese citizen (for example) in gaol on similar charges in one of those countries, our media and governments would be all over this and shouting and pointing at how awful these regimes are.

  8. David Russell
    July 30, 2021 at 12:58

    Boris Johnson and his mates know full well the score as do Biden and his gang. Anybody who has colluded with this whole outrageous saga that amounts to torture and murder are themselves, guilty of committing monsterous crimes. Interestingly, a British/Malaysian banker/lawyer, Lorrain Osman broke the record in the early 1990s by being, at that time, the longest serving un-convicted prisoner incarcerated in Brixton Prison, London. He was there for nearly 7 years. The government of Hong Kong was trying to have him extradited to Hong Kong for crimes that he had allegdly committed in the Carrian affair – the world’s largest bankruptcy up untill that time. During his imprisonment, he demanded that under British law, a person is deemed innocent until proven guilty and should be treated as innocent. He won and was able to wear civilian clothes, have unlimited visits and time to concentrate on proving his innocence. In 1993, I was asked by his wife if I could help in any way so I visited him in Brixton and then went to see my (Tory) MP in Orpington Kent. 5 days later, I read in the media that he was in a plane on his way to Hong Kong without either his wife or lawyers being informed. His unexpected arrival in HK was a bit of an embarassment to the D of PP and a deal was done and he was on a plane back to England two months later – a free man. There are many strange relationships with Julian’s case. I am frankly now without any faith whatsoever in the British Judicial system. It needs a complete overhaul and those associated with the Assange attrocity should be thoroughly investigated for breaking the law themselves and imprisoned, preferably in Belmarsh. I have copies of the organized fight to bring justice to Lorrain Osman, should anybody be interested.

  9. Jeff Harrison
    July 30, 2021 at 10:36

    I fear that Assange might well not survive all this BS. That’s what the US wants. But the US and its Western vassals ought to be cautious about what they want.

  10. John Ressler
    July 30, 2021 at 08:47

    At this point it looks like Assange will pay with his life for exposing the criminal enterprise that is US foreign policy / drone warfare – with nary a word in the MSM his treatment stands as a warning to all others considering doing something similar. Pitiful and immoral.

    • James Simpson
      August 2, 2021 at 05:42

      The Guardian, for one, ought to collectively hang their heads in shame for their mistreatment of Mr Assange. They are partly responsible for his conviction: “two leading journalists at the Guardian, former investigations editor David Leigh and reporter Luke Harding, who together wrote a book in 2011 that was the earliest example of what would rapidly become a genre among a section of the liberal media elite, most especially at the Guardian, of vilifying Assange… Lawyers for the US have mined from the Guardian book claims by Leigh that Assange was recklessly indifferent to the safety of US informants named in leaked files published by Wikileaks.

      Assange’s defence team have produced a raft of renowned journalists, and others who worked with Wikileaks, to counter Leigh’s claim and argue that this is actually an inversion of the truth. Assange was meticulous about redacting names in the documents. It was they – the journalists, including Leigh – who were pressuring Assange to publish without taking full precautions.”


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