WATCH: International Festival of Dissent, Whistleblowing and Accountability

The one-day festival Saturday featured, among others, John Kiriakou, Jeffery Sterling, George Galloway, Max Blumenthal, Clare Daly, Jimmy Dore, Nils Melzer, and CN‘s Cathy Vogan and Joe Lauria.

Organized by Centre for Global Justice, Peace and Accountability and led by Deepa Driver, Iain Munro and Rod Driver, the event brought together academics, lawyers, journalists and whistleblowers. Below is a selection of sessions from the festival.

1. Lies, Smears, Half-truths and Misleading Statements – Exploring Media, PR, Propaganda and Accountability – Michel Collon, George Galloway, Alan MacLeod, David Miller, Peter Oborne, Afshin Rattansi, Piers Robinson, Justin Schlosberg, Chris Williamson.

2. Whistleblowing, Investigative Journalism, Freedom, Democracy and Solidarity Michael Albert, Max Blumenthal, Jimmy Dore, Chamira Gamage, John Kiriakou, Joe Lauria, Iain Munro, Jeffrey Sterling, Stephen Rohde.

 3. Shadows of War – Rod Driver, Franck Magennis, David McBride, Sami Ramadani, John Rees, facilitated by Kareem Dennis.

4.Willful Blindness, Strategic Ignorance, Retaliation & Covert Censorship – N. Hollander, O. Jonasson, N. Konstantinidou, N. Melzer, F. Narvaez.

Part 2

5. Expanding Your Reach on the Cheap – Cathy Vogan – How to webcast with freeware.





5 comments for “WATCH: International Festival of Dissent, Whistleblowing and Accountability

  1. Viktor Dedaj
    May 11, 2021 at 14:44

    The Woodstock of Dissent and Whistleblowing ! Brilliant.

  2. Monique Fréchette
    May 11, 2021 at 08:04

    J’ai suivi du Québec, Canada cette rencontre exceptionnelle!
    Je conserve précieusement ce document.
    Bravo aux organisateurs pour une journée de rencontre avec des participants de premier ordre!
    J’ai beaucoup apprécié l’intervention formidable de tous et toutes.
    Grand merci!

  3. Monique
    May 11, 2021 at 07:59

    Ce fut une rencontre mémorable avec des personnes de qualité.
    Belle représentation des défenseurs des droits humains.
    Félicitations aux organisateurs. Travail admirable!
    Je conserve ce document exceptionnel!

  4. Neil MacLeod
    May 11, 2021 at 00:58

    When you next encounter the poorest person you have ever met on the planet; ask yourself, “How will my next action help this person.” OK… go >>

  5. Penny
    May 10, 2021 at 20:13

    I’m watching from Australia. The Australian government is currently prosecuting 4 whistleblowers who face many years in prison for speaking out. One ex military lawyer is being prosecuted for revealing war crimes, another for revealing corruption in the tax department, the other 2 for revealing the Australian government’s illegal bugging of the East-Timor cabinet and prime minister’s rooms to give a multi-national the edge in negotiations over the border between poverty stricken East Timor and Australia in relation to who would get the oil resources

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