WATCH: ‘The Trial of Julian Assange: Implications for Press Freedom’

Watch CN Live!‘s simulcast on Sunday of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee’s production of Nils Melzer & Ray McGovern discussing the Julian Assange case and its impact on press freedom.

Watch the replay: 


Nils Melzer is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Professor of International Law at the University of Glasgow, and holds the Human Rights Chair at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Ray McGovern is a former, longtime CIA Russia analyst, presidential daily briefer, and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

Julian Assange’s extradition trial ended at the Old Bailey in September. More than 30 witnesses for the defense included Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky; the prosecutors declared standard journalistic practices to be crimes; and the judge cut the feed to all monitoring NGOs on the first day. Judge Vanessa Baraitser on Jan. 4 blocked Assange’s extradition to the U.S. but two days later denied him bail and sent the WikiLeaks‘ publisher to Belmarsh prison.
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7 comments for “WATCH: ‘The Trial of Julian Assange: Implications for Press Freedom’

  1. January 18, 2021 at 13:07

    Too bad the audio is sometimes poor. Otherwise, thanks for the important coverage.

      January 18, 2021 at 14:03

      Consortium News did not produce this content.

  2. January 18, 2021 at 11:16

    This is the sleazy UK/UK justice system by speaking Julian Assange FREE but keep him imprisoned = this is MENTHAL MURDER for which the UK has been known for for hundreds of years! We saw in WW II in Germany & Japan & before in India & S. Africa!

  3. anastasia
    January 18, 2021 at 10:47

    They lie, they say, for the good of the people and the good of the state.

    But this is what scripture says about the matter: ” For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?” or to put it in the vernacular

    “If my falsehood enhances God’s truthfulness and so increases his glory, why am I still condemned as a sinner?”

  4. Donald Duck
    January 18, 2021 at 05:32

    Please not the western media’s gushing enthusiasm for Navalny a NATO asset, and their downplaying of Assange.

  5. Afdal Shahanshah
    January 17, 2021 at 15:55

    A little sad but I guess I shouldn’t be at all surprised to hear McGovern quoting the anticommunist propagandist Solzelnitsyn. After the Soviet archives were opened in the ’90s, historians have come to a general agreement that Solzelnitsyn’s depiction of the gulag system was grossly inflated and exaggerated. America itself has a proud history of brutal forced labor by the way, chain gangs in the south were every bit as rotten and the practice still exists in Arizona.

  6. Robert Turcotte
    January 17, 2021 at 15:08

    Excellent comment from Nils Melzer comparing Assange’s treatment to Pinochet’s luxuries and ultimate release.

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