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Consortium News has remote video access to the courtroom, one of about 30 news outlets. Read our live Tweets & check here often for updates throughout the day & a CN Live! video report within 30 minutes of adjournment. 

Consortium News is following every moment with remote video access to the courtroom, one of only about 30 news organizations with such access.  Follow our live Tweets and check back here often as , will provide updates throughout the day and a video report on CN Live! within 30 minutes of adjournment. 

The New York Times did not deem it fit to print an article on Tuesday about the resumption of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing after a seven-month delay because of the pandemic. It only ran a story online that could not be found by scrolling down the page. One had to put “Julian Assange” in the search engine to find it.

Instead the dispatch from London that appeared in print editions was about the city’s bridges “which are really falling down.” It is unlikely the Times will provide day two coverage, or any coverage at all until the verdict comes down on whether Assange will be extradited to the United States.

The Washington Post tucked a FAQ about Assange at the very bottom of its web page, and published a piece at the bottom of the last page of its World News section about Prof. Mark Feldstein testifying for Assange, because he is a local from the University of Maryland.  

Don’t expect the Times or Post or any mainstream media to give detailed, daily news, analysis and commentary on a trial at which democracy and a free press are at stake. Neither published anything on Wednesday. You can rely on  Consortium News for that with rare access to the daily proceedings.

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