A Special Note on CN Live!’s Coverage of the Julian Assange Extradition Hearings Beginning on Monday

A special programming note on the upcoming extradition hearing of Julian Assange.

CN Live! has big plans to cover the extradition hearing of Julian Assange beginning Monday and running three to four weeks in London’s Old Bailey.

Everyday that court is in session, CN will live tweet news and commentary on the proceedings that we will be viewing via video link. At the conclusion of each day’s testimony, Consortium News Editor Joe Lauria will present a live recap and analysis of the day’s events on CN Live!‘s YouTube channel, beginning at noon Eastern Daylight time and 5 pm in London.  At its conclusion, the replay of each daily video report will be published on Consortium News.

Then, every weekend during the hearing, CN Live! will assemble a panel of experts to analyze the week’s developments.  Watch for our preview show later tonight, Sunday at 8 pm EDT. Prominent Australian journalists Mary Kostakidis and Andrew Fowler, plus British legal analyst and editor Alexander Mercouris and reporter Mohamed Elmaazi, will discuss what’s at stake beyond Assange’s fate; what the prosecution and defense strategies might be; the weakness of the prosecution case; the political nature of the proceedings and how the media has covered Assange.

Don’t expect the big three U.S. cable news channels (or the BBC or ABC) to provide much coverage of the Media Trial of the Century. Get the most comprehensive coverage anywhere on the pages of Consortium News and on our webcast, CN Live!

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