Falling Short on Fall Fund Drive

From Editor Robert Parry: We are wrapping up our fall fund drive this week and have barely gotten 40 percent of the way toward our modest goal of $25,000. For this independent news site to survive, we must at least come close to our targets. If you can, please help. Donations of any size are appreciated.

You can use a credit card online (we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) or you can mail a check to Consortium for Independent Journalism (CIJ); 2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 102-231; Arlington VA 22201.

For readers wanting to use PayPal, you can address contributions to our account, which is named after our e-mail address: “consortnew @ aol.com”. We are also registered with PayPal’s Giving Fund under the name Consortium for Independent Journalism. (Since we are a 501-c-3 non-profit, donations by American taxpayers may be tax-deductible.)

We also are offering a choice of thank-you gifts for those who can give $125, $150 or more or if you set up a recurring monthly donation by credit card.

For donations of $125 or more, you can receive a signed copy of the new edition of my first book, Fooling America, which was originally published in 1992 and has been out of print for many years. Along with it, we’ll include a CD of a book talk that I gave in Los Angeles, explaining what was then a little understood phenomenon, the corruption of the mainstream media.

Or for donations of $150 or more, we can send you the DVD of the movie, “Kill the Messenger,” recalling the mainstream media’s betrayal of the late investigative reporter Gary Webb who was punished for his work exposing the Contra-cocaine scandal plus a CD of Webb and me discussing the topic before a crowd in Santa Monica, California, in 1996.

If you wish to get one of the thank-you gifts, just follow up your donation with an e-mail to us at [email protected] with instructions on where to mail it. We’ll pay the shipping charges.

To save you time, we’ll assume that any donations of $125 are for Fooling America and the related CD, and that if you donate $150, you want “Kill the Messenger” and that CD and we’ll send them to the address attached to your credit card. (Monthly donors can just ask for one of the gift packages.)

Another way to help Consortiumnews survive is to buy my three-book trilogy on the Bush dynasty Secrecy & Privilege, Neck Deep and America’s Stolen Narrative for the discount price of only $34, less than half the cover price. Given Jeb Bush’s presidential run, it contains important history that Americans should know.

To get the trilogy, just go to Consortiumnews.com’s “Donate” button and make a $34 “donation” using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. We will read a “donation” of that amount as an order for the trilogy. If your mailing address is the same as your credit card billing address, we will ship the books to that address. If your mailing address is different, just send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will make the adjustment.

You can also take advantage of this trilogy offer by mailing a check for $34 to The Media Consortium; 2200 Wilson Blvd.; Suite 102-231; Arlington VA 22201. Or you can use our PayPal account, “consortnew @ aol.com.” Just make sure you include your mailing address in the message. (A portion of each sale will go to support our investigative journalism.)

For U.S. orders of the trilogy, we will pay for the shipping. (If you are outside the United States, please add $20 for the additional postage that is a total of $54 and e-mail us the precise mailing address.)

Another contribution option is to donate stock or other equities, which can offer a tax advantage to you if the stock has appreciated in value. If this stock-donation option appeals to you, I suggest you discuss it with your broker and then contact me at [email protected] for specific instructions on how to transfer the stock.

Again, thanks for your support and for making our nearly two decades of honest journalism possible.

Robert Parry is a longtime investigative reporter who broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for the Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. He founded Consortiumnews.com in 1995 to create an outlet for well-reported journalism that was being squeezed out of an increasingly trivialized U.S. news media.

4 comments for “Falling Short on Fall Fund Drive

  1. mitchell
    October 8, 2015 at 07:25

    I posted a comment on a Daniel Lazare article that was scrubbed. The comment was in response to Daniels comment about peoples believing the CIA planted explosives in the trade towers, and dismissing those who believe the towers were exploded. There is peer reviewed forensic evidence that shows nano thermite residuals in the dust of the trade towers, albeit who did it will have to be found out by a court. There are leaked DEA documents presented in Rebecca Roth’s writings that could provide the answer to the question who did it. Christopher Bollyn has written in great detail about who appears to be culpable. The comment I presented contained no foul language, was fact based, and presented with respect. If this site is one of true journalism no respectfully presented opinion should be dismissed/scrubbed. I would support this site if censorship were not part of it.

  2. Joe Tedesky
    October 6, 2015 at 23:24

    I’m not trying to tell anyone how to run their business, but I have to suggest something that I have been thinking about for along time. What if consortiumnews were to have a book sales department. Even better, maybe a link to Amazon, whereas consortiumnews were to receive a commission based on sales coming from it’s site. Just an idea. I really rely on consortiumnews for it’s honest reporting. Oh, and I throughly enjoy the various commenters who contribute their view points.

    • Joe Tedesky
      October 6, 2015 at 23:26

      One more thing about the book sales, if this has a chance of flying….please offer e-books.

  3. Zachary Smith
    October 6, 2015 at 19:06

    Perhaps this is nitpicking, but it would be nice if there was a PayPal button for the donations. Yes, I know they’re a pain in the wazoo for the seller/retailer, and they’re chock full of inconveniences and fees. But it would ease the mind of us paranoid types who want to limit the number of places storing our credit card information.

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