Thanks to Our Recurring Donors

From Editor Robert Parry: We appreciate all our donors, who make this investigative Web site possible, but we are especially thankful to our recurring donors because we can count on their monthly donations to plan ahead.

To show that appreciation, we are offering a special thank-you gift to anyone who has signed up for a recurring donation. Either:

–A CD of the historic joint appearance of the late Gary Webb and me, speaking in December 1996 about the Contra-cocaine scandal at the Midnight Special bookstore in Santa Monica, California. Plus, an autographed copy of my book, Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press and Project Truth, which describes how the CIA’s inspector general finally acknowledged that the CIA did know about the Contra-cocaine smuggling and helped cover it up. (This information is featured in the movie, “Kill the Messenger.”)

–A DVD of the 1991 Frontline documentary, “Election Held Hostage,” which examines whether Ronald Reagan’s campaign exploited the 1980 Iran hostage crisis to win the presidency. Plus, a signed copy of my newest book, America’s Stolen Narrative, which provides the latest documentary evidence on that Republican skullduggery.

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Robert Parry