UN Says Assange Tortured: Watch the Webcast

Julian Assange was “psychologically tortured” by four nations ganging up on him, said the UN special rapporteur on torture. Watch the replay with Pentagon Papers whistle blower Dan Ellsberg, and other guests. 

The 32nd webcast vigil for Julian Assange was held on Friday with guests Daniel Ellsberg, Peter B. Collins, Oscar Grenfell, Sam Husseini and George Smazuely discussing the report of the UN rapporteur on torture on Julian Assange. The hosts were Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria. Watch the replay here:


Watch Assange Vigil Day After his Arrest

Among the guests were Daniel Ellsberg, Daniel McAdams, George Smazuely, Margaret Kimberely, Peter B. Collins and Michel Collon. Hosted by Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria.

Watch the 11th Online Vigil for Julian Assange

Consortium News broadcast the 11th Unity4J vigil for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange on Friday night.  You can watch it here.

Ecuador tries to find a legal way out of its commitment to Assange’s asylum in its London embassy, while Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says Assange should not be charged.

Watch the three-hour broadcast here: