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Hauling in the Abramoff Crowd
Prosecutors in a Florida murder case want to question Republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and two associates now that they've struck plea agreements on fraud cases, requiring cooperation with other government probes. The victim of the 2001 gangland-style murder had been in a dispute with an Abramoff business group at the time of his slaying. But lawyers for Abramoff insist he knows nothing about the killing. January 7, 2006

Holidays, Lobbyists & Murder
A murder case in Florida is dampening holiday spirits in Washington, as some associates of Republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff face the unpleasant prospect of testimony in messy fraud and murder trials surrounding the 2000 sale of the SunCruz casino line. The former owner, who was in a business dispute with an Abramoff group, was gunned down mob-style in 2001 -- and two alleged hit men had ties to Abramoff's partner. December 23, 2005

CIA 'Reform' -- or Just Sack 'Em All
A presidential commission has laid most of the blame for bogus Iraq intelligence on the CIA, but the critique misses the point that the rush to war in March 2003 was a broad failure of the Washington Establishment, both in government and in the news media. Instead of just some reforms at the CIA, the larger answer must be to demand accountability across the board. April 3, 2005

PanAm 103 Verdict: Justice or Politics?
The guilty verdict against a Libyan in the 1988 PanAm 103 bombing  was hailed as long-overdue justice by some, but left others wondering whether politics and the defendant's nationality might have motivated the judges' ruling. By William Blum. February 5, 2001.

Who Killed Martin Luther King?
Flawed civil trial chips away at official story. By Douglas Valentine. February 21, 2000

Waco: A Bipartisan Mess
Who’s at fault for the deaths of 76 in standoff? By Mollie Dickenson. December 14, 1999

Springtime for Appeasers
Patrick Buchanan’s benign neglect for fascism. By Robert Parry. December 2, 1999

Spy in the Cold
British spy threat in Iran. By Robert Parry. March 4, 1999

Mystery of JFK's 'Second Brain'
The release of secret files on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy surfaced a conclusion by one forensic expert that a “second brain” might have been used in crucial autopsy photos. This finding of tampered evidence suggests that a second assassin might have fired from Kennedy’s front -- and escaped. By Gary L. Aguilar. January 7, 1999

CIA at 50, Lost in the 'Politicization' Swamp
President Clinton has missed a golden opportunity to correct William Casey's 'politicization of intelligence.' (9/29/97)

Princess Diana's Death & the Media Monster
The paparazzi who chased Princess Diana on her fatal car ride in Paris are taking the brunt of world criticism. But 'serious' news outlets have played with other people's lives, too. Adm. Jeremy Boorda and White House aide Vincent Foster killed themselves when thrust into the harsh media glare. Only now, there are few times when these human tragedies are balanced against courageous journalism on truly important stories. (9/29/97)

At 50, CIA's Still Hiding its Nazi 'Original Sin'
Celebrating its golden anniversary, the CIA hopes the Cold War win will help everyone forget the dirty operations and some of the spy agency's earliest allies, Nazi war criminals. (9/8/97)

Return of Bolivia's Drug-Stained Dictator
The State Department is fretting over the political comeback of Hugo Banzer, one of South America's most notorious dictators. But Banzer got his start as a Cold War golden boy. (8/11/97)

PBS: Delcine & Fall of 'Public' Television
Trapped by the demands of corporate underwriters, PBS is retreating from its commitment to the broader public. (7/14/97)

1954: Behind the CIA Guatemala Coup
In 1954, the CIA instigated a coup in Guatemala that ousted President Jacobo Arbenz and strangled the country's nascent democracy. Despite CIA director Allen Dulles's claims to President Eisenhower, the coup was far from bloodless. (7/14/97)

CIA Death Lists & Guatemala's 'Killing Fields'
Since the CIA sponsored coup in 1954, the CIA pressed to make Guatemala a "killing field" for suspected communists. (7/14/97)

Indonesia: More Years of Living Dangerously
In phoney elections, dictator Suharto keeps power as U.S. policymakers care more about free trade than freedom. (6/30/97)

The New York Times Comes Clean, Sort of...
In a limited mea culpa, the nation's paper of record admits that its publisher helped the CIA pull off the Guatemalan coup. (6/30/97)

Firewall: Inside the Iran-contra Cover-up
Iran-contra prosecutor Lawrence Walsh tells a stunning tale about how the Reagan administration's deceit and weakness by Congress and the press ensured the Iran-contra cover-up. (6/16/97)

On the Trail of Turkey's Terrorist Grey Wolves
Long-buried secrets, including some about the 1981 attempted murder of Pope John Paul II, are being unearthed in Turkey. But Turkey's powers-that-be are battling to control the damage before it spreads to the top echelons -- and possibly to Western leaders in Europe and the United States. (6/16/97)

Peru Update: Raid Bolsters Fujimori's Polls
But brutal raid raises concerns about more atrocities. (6/2/97)

Long U.S. Dance with Mobutu Ends
A review of the troubling history between the U.S. and one of its oldest Cold War dance partners, Zairian dictator Mobutu. (6/2/97)

Their Terrorists, Our Freedom Fighters
An analysis of the double standards that come into play depending on who's rebelling and who's keeping order. (5/19/97)

Peru's White Hat: Stained with Blood & Drugs
The U.S. media is hailing Peru's president, Alberto Fujimori, for crushing a rebel take-over of a diplomatic residence. But the picture of good vs. evil is not so clear. Peru's government has long been tainted by drugs and human rights abuses. (5/19/97)

Free Trade vs. the Golden Mountain
President Clinton is seeking voluntary commitments from shoe and clothing manufacturers to stamp out sweatshops abroad. But the problem is hitting closer to home, especially among poor Chinese immigrants in New York City. (5/5/97)

Empire Strikes Back: How CIA Got Its Man
When a CIA asset in Guatemala was implicated in two murders -- one of an American and the other of an American woman's Guatemalan husband -- the spy agency took some hits. CIA officers who helped in a cover-up were punished. But the CIA exacted revenge against the State Department official who had passed on word to a U.S. Congressman. (4/21/97)

Who's Watching the Police?: One Town's Tale
A quiet California town worries about a police force that is frightening residents, both black and white. (3/31/97)

Muddled on the Right: The Gingrich Revival
Newt Gingrich is rested and ready, but his grab bag of new ideas is leaving many conservative allies scratching their heads. (3/31/97)

Tupac & the Cops: Tale of Death & Distrust
Two years before his violent death, Tupac Shakur was ambushed in the heart of New York City, a case quickly closed by police who didn't care much, an investigation hampered, too, by Shakur's hatred of the 'coppers.' (3/3/97)

Tupac & the Cops: Death & Distrust, Part II
Tupac Shakur's courtship with death comes to a bad end. (3/17/97)

Media Mythology: Is the Press Liberal?
Survey of 'pro-Clinton' press undercounted conservatives. (2/17/97)

'Conspiracism': Who's at Fault for the Distrust?
With the government involved in national security cover-ups from Roswell to contra-cocaine, and the media failing to cover these stories accurately, is it any wonder Americans believe conspiracy theories? (1/20/97)

Iran's Ex-President Blows the Whistle
Iran's ex-president Abolhassan Bani-Sadr informs German court on international intelligence secrets and asserts knowledge of the 1980 October Surprise. (10-14-96)

James Earl Ray Seeks Day in Court
Convicted Martin Luther King assisin seeks first chance to present evidence of his innocence. (9-16-96)

Bob Dole: Grumpiest Old Man or Fixer?
Throughout his political career, Bob Dole has been known as a grouchy pragmatist. But, a closer look at his political record shows that he is also a corrupt political fixer whose cover-up work runs from the Watergate scandal to the Iran-contra affair. (8-5-96)

Update: Pastors End Cuban-Computer Fast
The Clinton administration has released 300 first-generation computers, bringing a 94 day fast for peace to a close. (6-24-96)

Info-War: Pentagon Invades Cyber-Space
New tactics allow U.S. authorities to hack into computer systems and plant false information. (6-10-96)

Clinton vs. Pastors:
Fasting for humanitarian aid. (5-27-96)

The Maxwell Mystery: Publisher or Spy?
Was British publisher Robert Maxwell involved in Soviet Intelligence? (5-12-96)

Bill Clinton's Secret Dealings with Iran
The first contacts between the new Clinton administration and the Iranian government was over the old October Surprise question. (5-12-96)

Germany Charges Iran Spy master in Murders
Bonn's surprise arrest warrant for Ali Fallahyan, the chief of Iranian intelligence, touches off an international war of words with Iran. (4-27-96)

Judge Walsh's Warning
Iran-contra special prosecutor warns that right wing elements have turned the special prosecutor's office into "a political weapon." (4-12-96)

Kenneth Starr's Ill-Starred Real Estate Deal
Whitewater special prosecutor Kenneth Starr's own mysterious land deal: "Lubbock AK Ltd." (3-28-96)

Britain's Iraq Accounting & the U.S. Dodge
Unlike British Prime Minister John Major's recent trouble with Iraqgate foul play, U.S. leaders successfully slipped away from similar allegations (3-14-96)

Jail Term Over JFK Records
A former New Orleans D.A. official is sentenced for not destroying JFK assassination documents (2-29-96)

CIA Electronic Cash Withdrawals
What the CIA does when it targets an enemy's bank account. (2-14-96)

Iraqgate 'Fall Guy' to Prison
A mid-level Teledyne salesman is landed in jail after acquitable evidence is withheld for political reasons. (1-31-96)

Andreotti & CIA
Italy's Andreotti-Mafia case might draw in ex-CIA officers, including former CIA director George Bush, as character witnesses. (1-31-96)

Clinton & BCCI Lawyer
How the Clinton administration pondered appointing a lead BCCI attorney as the nation's chief money-laundering cop.(1-15-96)

German Intelligence Snafu
What the German secret service is alleged to have done in planting a plutonium shipment. (1-15-96)

Iraqgate Cover-up
How Clinton prosecutors intimidate defense lawyers in an Iraqgate prosecution. (12-31-95)