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In Honor of My Mother
The death of a parent is a sad moment, yet also one that encourages us to remember the enormous debt that we owe those who helped shape who we are. In this essay, media critic (and friend) Norman Solomon reflects on the passing of his mother. January 23, 2008

The Meaning of (the War Over) Christmas
Despite ubiquitous Christmas displays across the U.S.  and piped-in Christmas carols nearly everywhere, the right-wing media is telling American Christians that liberals, secularists and non-Christians are waging a "war on Christmas." Now, when a store clerk wishes someone "Happy Holidays," conservative Christians are primed to spit back an angry "Merry Christmas" -- as the celebration of baby Jesus becomes the latest wedge issue. December 11, 2005

Bush's 'Nation of Enablers'
As George W. Bush presses ahead with plans to invade Iraq, the U.S. political system is acting like a "nation of enablers." Editorial. January 27, 2003

An Agnew-Nixon Solution?
George W. Bush's economic strategy is dragging down the stock markets and costing Americans trillions of dollars in lost stock value. Is it time to consider an Agnew-Nixon solution? Editorial. July 15, 2002

What Can Be Done?
The U.S. democratic system is quite clearly in trouble -- but the answers won't be easy. February 19, 2001

A Bush Family Book Burning
November 17, 1999

Like Father, Like Son.
The Bushes. October 18, 1999

Reagan & War Crimes.
June 4, 1999

Impeachment Aftermath: In Washinton, Little Seems To Have Been Learned.
February 26, 1999

'Clinton Impeached'
Right-wing Republicans got the headline they’ve coveted since President Clinton beat George Bush in 1992, but is it a victory for the GOP’s extremist fringe? December 29, 1998

A Media Disgrace
The CIA's contra-drug connection is ignored by the big media. October 25, 1998

The Clinton Coup
Examining Clinton's Options, Rep. Henry Hyde's hidden life and the strained morality of GOP extramarital affairs. Sept. 19, 1998

Seeing 'Private Ryan'
Private Ryan's question -- was he 'good' enough to honor the heroes of Normandy? -- should be asked in Washington. August 19, 1998 Private Ryan's question -- was he 'good' enough to honor the heroes of Normandy? -- should be asked in Washington. August 19, 1998

Punishing Saddam -- or the Iraqis?
War fever is hot in Washington as President Clinton threatens to resume bombing Iraq over Saddam Hussein's limits on weapons inspections. But whether or not more bombing budges Saddam, it's sure to cause more suffering for the Iraqi people. (3/2/98)

Post Cards from the Edge: Las Vegas Vacation
Gaudy Las Vegas is America's fastest-growing city. Its fancy fake facades also are sign posts for a nation speeding away from reality toward a more comfortable land of illusion. (4/21/97)

The Real Problem with Washington
Bill Clinton rents out the White House, but the whole city -- from Congress to the press -- has already been sold. (3/17/97)

Time for U.S. Truth Commission
Americans are now the ones with the bogus history. (2/17/97)

The Clinton Scandals: Where to Put Blame
The media frenzy stirred by partisan politics make the Clinton scandals hard to pin down. (12/9/96)

The Election: Bill Clinton's Final Days?
Will the right wing machine give President Clinton the chance to govern? (11/25/96)

The 'Stepford Wives' Convention (9-2-96)

Perot-Mania II
Voters looking for change in the political system seem inclined to vote for Perot again this election year. (8-5-96)

Dole & the Character Issue
Dole's coddling of big money special interests raises character questions of his own. (7-8-96)

Dole, Clinton & Whitewater
Whitewater and other Republican dirty tricks could be Bob Dole's only hope for a '96 presidential victory. (6-24-96)

GOP Chutzpah on Iran
GOP accusations about Clinton's Bosnian policy skirts the October Surprise mystery. (5-27-96)

To Catch a Falling Starr
Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr is paying $3,200 a week to a part time ethics adviser. Why? (5-12-96)

Another Whitewater Scandal
Let's state the obvious...Kenneth Starr is the wrong man to run the Whitewater investigation. (4-27-96)

Grand Old 'Oppo' Land
The threat of "Oppo" blurring American Democracy. (4-12-96)

The Presidency & Dirty Tricks
An essay on how the use of dirtytricks in presidential elections have become routine modus operandi. (3-28-96)

America's Elites & Their Castle Walls
Pat Buchanan's complaints about the American Elite are only half the story (3-14-96)

Pat Buchanan & the Free Marketeers
What the Buchanan phenomenon means not just to "free trade" but to the principles of a "free market."(2-29-96)

The Selling-Out of Democracy
Washington elites expertly manage the information Americans see and hear. (2-14-96)

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