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Clinton Scandals

Bush Family's Whitewater Interest
Little noticed in the coverage of the final Whitewater report was the account of the political intrigue from the investigation's early days, as some members of George H.W. Bush's administration pushed for a federal probe that might have reversed the outcome of the 1992 election. March 22, 2002

Democrats' Bipartisan Folly
Eight years ago, after Bill Clinton's election, Democrats shelved ongoing investigations involving President George H.W. Bush -- and kept quiet about his Iran-contra pardons. The Republicans have had very different plans for President Clinton. February 19, 2001

Chinese Espionage Was a Reagan-Bush Scandal
Conservatives keep blaming Clinton-Gore for Chinese nuclear espionage, but the evidence keeps pointing at the Reagan-Bush years. February 16, 2001

Impeachment Plus One
Echoes from Lewinsky case resonate in U.S. politics. By Robert Parry. December 17, 1999

The Chase After 'Chinagate'
Politics of a scandal. December 17, 1999

Starr's Double Standard on Secrets
A mission to demand the release of a new 168 page Whitewater report on payoffs. September 17, 1999

Hillary's Presumption of Guilt
Ken Starr ends his pursuit of Hillary Clinton. By Mollie Dickenson. July 15, 1999

The Persecution of Ken Starr
Kenneth Starr says he was the real victim of the impeachment battles, that Attorney General Janet Reno should have protected him from President Clinton’s "attack dogs." But Starr’s lament came just after a jury in Little Rock slapped down his prosecution of Susan McDougal as an overreach -- and while his prosecutors were preparing to try another woman, Julie Hiatt Steele, for contradicting one of Starr’s prized witnesses. By Mollie Dickenson. April 19, 1999

Picking Prosecutors
Judge David Sentelle, the conservative jurist who selected Kenneth Starr as special prosecutor, admits that he sought out Republicans on the "other side of the political fence" to investigate President Clinton and prominent Democrats. Sentelle defends this process as fair. But when the Bush administration was accused of wrongdoing in 1992, Sentelle’s panel named a Republican partisan from the same side of the political fence who cleared his GOP colleagues. By Robert Parry. April 17, 1999

Impeachment Aftermath:

President Clinton’s impeachment ended in an anti-climactic Senate vote to acquit. Still, America’s political relationships have changed. Clinton’s personal misconduct was in the spotlight, but millions of Americans grew to distrust the Washington press corps and to fear the far right’s influence on the Republican Party.

Clinton 'Oppo' Wildfire
The origins of the conservative impeachment campaign can be traced back to Republican “opposition research” in the 1992 election. But the scorched-earth politics against President Clinton kept burning, in part, because Richard Mellon Scaife and other right-wing deep-pockets came to believe the propaganda. Eventually, the crazy rumors out of Arkansas merged with Kenneth Starr’s investigation. By Robert Parry. February 10, 1999

Starr's 'High Crime'
Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr has opened a new legal front in the friendlier terrain of Virginia. By indicting a woman who contradicted an anti-Clinton witness, Starr is raising the possibility that more obstruction-of-justice charges are ahead. By Robert Parry. January 20, 1999

Analysis: GOP's Endless 'End Game'
In the Senate, Republican leaders -- from Majority Leader Trent Lott to Rep. Henry Hyde -- are searching for an “end game” that might still remove President Clinton from office or at least destroy his legacy. January 20, 1999

Editorial: 'Clinton Impeached'
Right-wing Republicans got the headline they’ve coveted since President Clinton beat George Bush in 1992, but is it a victory for the GOP’s extremist fringe? December 29, 1998

'Politicized' Prosecutors
The former head of the panel that picks special prosecutors objected to Kenneth Starr because of potential bias. But Chief Justice William Rehnquist cleared the way for Starr by politicizing the selection process. By Robert Parry. December 5, 1998

Seldes on Clinton Scandals
George Seldes's biographer speculates how the legendary journalist would have handled the Lewinsky scandal. By Rick Goldsmith. December 5, 1998

Indict Ken Starr?
In making the impeachment case against President Clinton, Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr might have committed his own perjury and obstruction of justice. But he is not likely to be held to account. November 25, 1998

Henry Can't Hyde
Using his political clout, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde ducked blame for a savings-and-loan disaster that he helped cause. Now he insists that President Clinton must live by the principle: "No man is above the law." November 19, 1998

The Real Henry Hyde?
Judiciary Committee chairman Henry Hyde is hailed by the media as a pillar of bipartisanship. But his record includes protecting GOP flanks in scandals. November 6, 1998

Clinton vs. the Establishment
The election gave President Clinton a boost, but he still faces an impeachment threat. Clinton’s opposition is not only from special prosecutor Kenneth Starr and House Speaker Newt Gingrich, but from Washington’s insider community. November 6, 1998

The Impeachment Conspiracy
What's behind the Clinton impeachment hearings? October 25, 1998

The Clinton Coup Advances
President Clinton is reeling from the Republican push toward the final phase of what looks more and more like a post-modern coup. To corner the president, however, Kenneth Starr had to cut some corners. The special prosecutor reversed prosecutorial norms by granting immunity to witnesses who committed worse crimes than Clinton. Sept. 19, 1998

Clinton’s ‘Rope-a-Dope’ Disaster
With the Monica Lewinsky debacle, the Republicans are closing in on President Clinton’s ouster from office -- either through impeachment or his forced resignation. Clinton’s fate could be decided by how big a majority the Lott-Gingrich-DeLay team win in November. Sept. 9, 1998

Al Gore & the 25th Amendment
Vice President Gore could find himself in political hot water, too, as long as the GOP controls the special prosecutors. Sept. 9, 1998

Mysterious 'Talking Points'
The famed 'Talking Points' aren't all that they're cracked up to be. July 9, 1998

Tripped Up: Linda & Perjury?
Linda Tripp effuses confidence as she testifies before Kenneth Starr's grand jury, but will she go too far in making herself a victim? July 9, 1998

Starr Burst: Leaks & Lies
Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr is under fire for leaks about President Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky 'scandal.' But maybe a bigger issue is how two Clinton-haters, Lucianne Goldberg and Linda Tripp, manufactured large parts of the case and then manipulated the national press to jettison any skepticism. June 24, 1998

Real-Life Primary Colors (Part I)
The media pundits have judged President Clinton a lying rascal because of his equivocations about sex with Gennifer Flowers. His deceit there supposedly means he must be lying, too, about Monica Lewinsky. But the full story -- a kind of real-life "Primary Colors" -- is far more complicated. (5/18/98)

'Starr-gate': Cracks on the Right
Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr is drafting his impeachment report on President Clinton. But Starr and his conservative allies are coming under scrutiny themselves, for alleged witness payments and apparent fabrication of scandal stories. Many of the allegations revolve around right-wing billionare Richard Mellon Scaife. (5/4/98)

Lynching a President
A federal judge threw out the Paula Jones case. But President Clinton remains the politician the news media loves to bash. From Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard to Newsweek, journalists have delighted in the salacious anti-Clinton stories. Even John Travolta's Clinton character in 'Primary Colors' got caught seducing a teen-age baby-sitter. Ironically, Geraldo Rivera is one of the few TV hosts who shows any decorum. (4/20/98)

Big Media & the Slush Fund Mysteries
With President Clinton buffeted by renewed scandal, the major Washington media seems unwilling to examine allegations that money has been exchanged for anti-Clinton testimony. (3/30/98)

Paula's Onward-Marching Christian Soldiers
An investigative look at the man behind the Rutherford Institute: John Whitehead. (3/30/98)

Clinton Foes & the Truth
Clinton adversaries Kenneth Starr and Paula Jones are hurting themselves with new assertions and new complications. Their actions are giving the president some breathing space. (3/16/98)

The Clinton Coup d'Etat?
Whitewater special prosecutor Kenneth Starr is closing in on Bill Clinton with hopes that Clinton's alleged affair with 24-year-old Monica Lewinsky will be the president's undoing. But is this a reasonable pursuit of justice, a 'right-wing conspiracy,' or the final act in a political coup d'etat? (2/16/98)

The Clinton Coup d'Etat?: Part 2
President Clinton is ensnared in the Monica Lewinsky scandal in part because of two middle-aged women, Linda Tripp and Lucianne Goldberg. But are these Clinton antagonists just entrepreneurs out to make some money or are they part of a right-wing strategy to oust Clinton in a political coup? (3/2/98)

Clinton's 'Rope-a-Dope' Disaster
For five years, President Clinton has sought to finesse a barrage of "scandal" allegations with a political version of Muhammad Ali's "rope-a-dope" strategy. Clinton refused to expose Republican crimes from the Reagan-Bush era and instead absorbed constant body blows from his conservative enemies. Now, Clinton is facing a possible TKO as his enemies seem to have finally landed a powerful haymaker. (2/2/98)

Clinton Scandals: White House Conspiracies
White House sees evidence of right-wing conspiracy. (2/3/97)

Clinton Scandals: Nixon Returns
Amid campaign money complaints, Nixon tells it like it really is. (1/6/97)

Clinton Scandals: Whitewater Expectations
Washington is holding its breath as Kenneth Starr's Whitewater investigation moves into a decisive phase. (12/23/96)

Clinton Scandals: Bill Clinton vs. the Right-Wing Machine
The well funded Right-Wing Machine stands as President Clinton's biggest challenge. (11/25/96)

Clinton Scandals: Bill Clinton's 'Rope-a-Dope'
The Democrat's are borrowing Muhammad Ali's 'rope-a-dope' strategy in this year's presidential campaign. In his heavy weight title fight against George Foreman in 1974, Ali rested on the loose ropes in the middle rounds of the fight, letting Foreman flail away. But the Democrats might be misinterpreting Ali's strategy. Ali won by taking the offensive. (7-22-96)

'Silver Bullet' Series (in three parts)

'Silver Bullet' (Part 1): Bill Clinton's 'Treason'
A look at behind-the-scenes dirty tricks used by George Bush to question candidate Clinton's patriotism in the 1992 elections. (3-28-96)

'Silver Bullet' (Part 2): Whitewater's Long Haul
Is Whitewater a legitimate scandal that deserves our national attention, or just a slow-developing GOP dirty trick? (4-12-96)

'Silver Bullet' (Part 3): Czech-ing on Bill
With the electoral clock ticking down in 1992, Bush campaign headquarters sought derogatory information from Prague's secret police in an attempt to question Clinton's patriotism. (4-27-96)