Editor’s Note: Jim Bouton, a former pitcher for the New York Yankees and the author of the book Ball Four, responds to Bill Moyers' s guest essay, "A Society on Steroids":

In Bill Moyers otherwise excellent piece about drugs in sports and society, he quotes me giving what appears to be an endorsement of steroids, as follows:

The other day, before Mitchell issued his report, the former pitcher Jim Bouton was holding forth on the importance of a level playing field in the sport at which he had long excelled.  Were he playing today, Bouton said, he wouldn’t want to lose his livelihood because his competitors had an unfair advantage.

Unfortunately the quote is out of context.  What I said above was followed by saying that the Players Association needs to reverse its stand against testing so as to protect the nonusers from the users.  In some interviews on this topic, I've added that were I playing today I would demand that my union cooperate with the owners to ban all known, and yet to be known, performance enhancing drugs. 

To confirm the above, view the Question of the Week on my website - www.jimbouton.com which I believe is the strongest plan that anyone has offered against drugs in sports.

Jim Bouton

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