Robert Parry’s Secrecy & Privilege is primarily a book showing how the Bush family rose to the pinnacle of power, often by playing political dirty tricks outside the view of the American public.

But a sub-theme of Parry’s book is how Bill Clinton and other accommodating Democrats failed to hold George H.W. Bush accountable for his behind-the-scenes abuses of power and thus opened the door to the Bush restoration in 2000.

This history is important again today as Sen. Hillary Clinton emerges as the Democratic front-runner – and the question of George W. Bush’s accountability will be an issue facing whoever is the next President.

Parry’s remarkable book (rating five stars at can be purchased through the publisher (with $5 of each sale rebated to to help us meet a budget shortfall). To buy the book by credit card, just go to the publisher’s Web site or send a check for $22.95 plus $4 for postage to:

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