Readers React to World War III

September 28, 2006

Editor's Note: Below are readers' comments about the prospect of following George W. Bush into World War III and other topics:

Thanks for Robert Parry's article, How to Avoid World War III.  If we follow Bush's lead it will be the blind following the blind and we will all follow into the ditch.  Thank you for responsible, intelligent journalism.
Loyd Cain
Las Cruces, NM


It all comes down to counting the votes in Nov
  I can feel the hot stinking breath of the voting hackers of the jesus freaks now.. just waiting to cheat anyway they can to keep us from voting & counting those votes ... anyway they can .. objecting to our votes as they are cast.. why?  why do they fear our votes so much ?
  because they can't bear us to take charge and end this illegal war on terror.. for us to find out the truth .. to stop this insane killing machine that will end our world so they can have their dream come true to find their JESUS..
  what a waste of human life  what a waste of time 
  O Bob when will it stop?
  I am so tired of it all ..
  I will vote here in KS but I doubt if my vote will make any difference ..


Here is all you need to know about the New Reality:

"They" are any who do not accept the God given destiny of our culture.
"They" will never be civilized until they are shown the error of their ways.
"They" are all who must be led out of infidel beliefs for the sake of their
eternal souls.
"They" are all who would violently oppose our values and threaten the fabric
of our society.

As to the reasons for this war and the purpose and goals ofthis great
Either side may subscribe to this statement.

That's how screwed up we have become.

Morton Kurzweil, Margate FL


Tell everyone in your database to watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann on
MSNBC at 8PM EST.He is the only progressive voice out there that is not afraid to
speak truth to power.If his ratings go up they will put more like minded
people on.The networks only care about $$$$and we need to get our message and
ideas out there NOW!!!!

Lynne Gillooly

ps on his website you can watch the special comment he made [Sept. 25] that
was awesome!!! He told the whole truth and called Bush a coward.MUST SEE

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