ABC's 9/11 'Docu-Fraud' Must Go!

By Brent Budowsky
September 9, 2006

Editor's Note: Should ABC-TV air a docu-drama on a historical event as searing as the 9/11 attacks with dialogue and scenes invented by screenwriters with an apparent ideological bias against the people whose words are being made up? In this guest essay, political analyst Brent Budowsky says minor touch-ups are not enough, the whole project must go:

Nationally respected historians are lining up against ABC's 9-11 exploitation, a line-up of 9-11 Commission members are protesting with the list growing by the hour, grotesque distortions of historical truth are piling up, and it is time for Disney and ABC to flat out cancel this docu-fraud.

There are so many untruths, so many false representations, so many distortions that this has now become a docu-fraud fiasco that cannot be salvaged through urgent weekend edits.

It is a scandal that this program was leaked to right-wing personalities in advance and anyone at Disney or ABC who gave advance copies to right-wing ideologues should be publicly identified and immediately fired.

It is a scandal that a docu-fraud that originally claimed the credibility of tying itself to the report of the 9-11 Commission has humiliated the Commission’s Chairman, put him in a conflicting position while his son is running for the United States Senate as a Republican, and created outrage among members of the 9-11 Commission itself.

It is an outright fraud that any production that so aggressively claimed the Commission as a source, could so aggressively misstate and misrepresent what the Commission had actually said.

It is an insult to the children of America that those who produced this film even dared to think it should corrupt the education of our youth, before Scholastic properly backed out.

It is a sickening spectacle that an occasion so solemn and momentous that should have been used as an occasion for national unity, has been so trashed by a national television network that it is an abuse itself, further abused by partisans who exploit the occasion, then disowned by Commission members whose report it abused, now disowned by a growing list of the nation’s leading historians.

This project should be terminated. It should be withdrawn, cancelled and thrown out entirely.

It should not pollute or corrupt our national honoring of great American heroes who gave their lives that day, it should no longer pollute or corrupt an occasion that should bring our country together, it should no longer pollute or corrupt our national discussion for one minute longer than it must.

This project is in free-fall collapse, this project has lost all credibility and is nothing more than a devastation of credibility for all who are associated with it as historians, experts, 9-11 Commissioners and Americans of all persuasions and good faith line up to express outrage and disgust.

If Disney and ABC go through with this I renew the call for a national boycott, but it would be far better for Disney, for ABC, and for America if they just pulled this docu-fraud monstrosity entirely, and our country shared a national discussion of more noble things on so important and momentous an occasion.

Brent Budowsky was an aide to U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen on intelligence issues, and served as Legislative Director to Rep. Bill Alexander when he was Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Leadership. Budowsky can be reached at .

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