WATCH: CN Live! — ‘A Turning Tide? Assange & Netanyahu’

Two rare occurrences this week raise questions about the effects of political pressure on the established order. 

On the same day this week that Julian Assange won a rare victory in a British court in his battle against extradition to the United States, an even rarer occurrence took place: the ICC’s chief prosecutor asked for an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Is a tide turning against supremely powerful interests? 

Also, Norway, Ireland and Spain recognize the state of Palestine, which the U.S. and Israel arrogantly deny exists. Guests: Former British diplomat Craig Murray, journalist Chris Hedges, legal and political analyst Alexander Mercouris and U.S. constitutional expert Chip Gibbons. 

Host: Joe Lauria. Producer: Cathy Vogan.  

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25 comments for “WATCH: CN Live! — ‘A Turning Tide? Assange & Netanyahu’

  1. Leslie Gillot
    May 25, 2024 at 08:15

    Interesting, Putin did did not attend the Brix conference in South Africa recently who were obliged to arrest him because of the ICC charge against him.

  2. hetro
    May 24, 2024 at 13:27

    Again, now on the Israel turning point, there’s valuable info here. Thanks for all of it. It’s interesting that ICC Prosecutor Khan is perceived as a reluctant tool of some sort, dragging his feet, besides his dubious charges and rhetoric re Hamas. Craig’s point particularly struck me that the democracies have abandoned liberal principles in favor of imperialism, and this is becoming clearer. So, as part of a widening of global resistance, along has come this ICC set of warrants, which as Alexander said, should be widened to include other individuals.

    We could add here from Irish MP’s Mick Wallace and Clare Daly in another excellent podcast (Glen Diesen The Duran), a couple of strong quotes: “There’s hope in the people, not the politicians.” And: “There is a huge gulf between what the people see and how the politicians act.”

  3. hetro
    May 24, 2024 at 12:21

    Seemed to me on the possibility of “the tide turning” re Julian that Craig Murray’s point on the UK judges “pushed by their ability to keep self-respect” was key to his intuitive optimism. Perhaps it was also in the WAY the judge stated, “Given the importance of what’s at stake here.” One always hopes that thieves will fall out and cross each other up–self-destructing in their over-zealotry and arrogance.

    What I mean is apparently internal problems (the all too human aspects of this monstrosity) now possibly afflict continuing this persecution toward CIA ends. Maybe there is some fucking up to do–or has been done–and in Julian’s favor. As Chip added in, possibly a factor for the UK judges now is they are at “unable to rubber-stamp or objectively horrified” regarding continuing the proceedings. If so, this is hopeful.

  4. Ghosts of Indians
    May 24, 2024 at 12:13

    The Democrats do not see Genocide in Gaza.
    Perhaps we should review the history of the Democratic Party and Genocide?

    The Democratic Party was the pro-slavery party in America. The South was ruled by Democrats. In the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, the pro-slavery politician was Douglas (D). The Democrats opposed the 13th Amendment making slavery illegal. In 1864, the Democrats ran against Lincoln promising to end the war immediately and thus never reaching Appomattox.

    The Democrats were pro-Manifest Destiny, and had no problem at any time with taking the land from the Indians and forcing them into reservations.

    World War II was not about Genocide. Before the war, President Roosevelt (D) turned away a refugee ship full of Jewish refugees from Germany (see SS St.Louis, IIRC)

    After the war, the Democrats fully adopted the pro-colonial position, with everything that comes with it. It fought two colonial wars, Korea and Vietnam, with accusations of mass civilian deaths associated with each. Since WW2, the Democrats have been pro-Imperial and pro-colonial.

    President Clinton (D), never saw nor acknowledged the Genocide in Rwanda.
    President Biden (D) now apparently has no problems at all with his UK buddies shipping their immigrants off to Rwanda.
    President Biden (D) just voted that Srebrenica was a genocide. Even using the BBC’s estimate of the dead there to the advantage of the (D)’s, there have already been at least 4 times as many dead in Gaza. Keep in mind of course, that Serbia is friendly to Russia, so apparently is under a completely different set of Rules in the Rules Based Order than any American ally, at least according to the morality of (D)’s.
    President Biden (D) says that Gaza does not rise to the level of Genocide.

    What to learn from this? Don’t listen to Democrats when the topic is Genocide. They are almost always wrong, and frequently have been on the wrong side.

  5. Afdal
    May 24, 2024 at 02:13

    Glad the audio was recovered, this was a great discussion :)

    I especially appreciate the point Joe has been making the last month or so that Palestine already fulfills the standard criteria for a state. Seems like nobody else in the media (corporate or independent) has really focused on this, and has thus allowed an especially sneaky propaganda narrative to pass unchallenged.

    • Ghosts of Indians
      May 24, 2024 at 12:25

      After WW2, the human right of “self-determination” was recognized by the world.
      Under this, any people have the human right to determine who rules them, including to be ruled by themselves.

      The USA today completely rejects the right of self-determination, and instead insists that all borders and states must be approved by Washington DC. Crimea is Ukrainian, The White House has Decreed it. Gaza is Israeli. The White House has decreed it.

      “Self-determination” is the word that you will not find in any American plan for Israel. “Democracy” is another word that will always be missing from the White House proposals. They’ll bomb the world for “human rights”, but …

  6. LeoSun
    May 23, 2024 at 23:29

    “A Turning Tide?” Julian Assange’s draw, tie, win…..

    Concluding, on Monday, “we, the people,” GOT hit w/a bat or a crowbar? It’s NOT a ‘home run;” and, it’s NOT a knockout. Nevertheless, “BRING IT! GAME ON!”

    …….. It’s the bottom of the Ninth Inning. The Score: USG-0; Assange-0.

    Murray’s on Third. Hedges’ on Second; @ bat, is Mercouris; &, he nails a base hit! “Bases are loaded!” ..w/One (1) Out, Gibbons’ is up; &, he “Fly’s” out! “Unlucky, Lad!” It’s up to Lauria.

    ……. “Bring ‘em Home, JOE!!!…..AND; “C R A C K!!!” It’s outta here! That ball RIPPED past the infield, the outfield; &, way f/over the fence!!!” SCORE! ASSANGE:1 (WON)!!! – USG: 0 (ZERO)! Game On! * “The First Amendment is at the core of the unconstitutionality of the Espionage Act. The Assange case could lead to a constitutional challenge. The imprisoned publisher is also charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion.” JOE LAURIA @ hxxps://

    …… An “Appeal” aka “CHANCE,” to seek 1st Amendment Rights, IF, IF, IF, IF…Assange “Follows, Orders.” That’s the stick. Where’s the carrot?

    …. “The best favour is to rescue the one in most need, the innocent, Julian Assange!”

    QUESTION, per the numerous “welfare checks,” @ what f/point does the European Court of Human Rights intervene, executing their power, REMOVING Julian Assange from Belmarsh Prison, placing him under “house arrest,” serving his sentence, @ home, to rehab, heal, live!?!? Getting back his “life” that’s been squeezed outta him, 24/7 for 14+ years. ENOUGH! Where’s the f/assurance Julian Assange will be “SET FREE?” He’s INNOCENT!!!

    Regardless of the predetermined fate set forth by The Beast, i.e., “the extradition request is based on the contention that Julian is not a journalist and not protected under the First Amendment.” HENCE,

    ……. “Prolonged imprisonment, which the granting of this appeal perpetuates, is the point.” CHRIS HEDGES

    “& Netanyahu,”

    5.23.24: AFTER “a long Memorial holiday recess,” the Hors d’War aka the U$ Congress LEFT, The Hill, NOT knowing how to strike down the ICC”s warrants; but, vow to stand w/Israel’s killers in high places.

    NEEDED: 1) “Power!” & use it to crush The Beast! 2) Julian Assange to be protected. 3) Facts and truth to be relevant.

    TY, CN!!! “Onward & Upwards!” Ciao.

  7. cjonsson
    May 23, 2024 at 11:41

    This video displays that it is private. How do we watch it live, or recorded?

      May 23, 2024 at 11:45

      Because of audio problems with the live webcast we are restreaming the entire program at 1 pm EDT and 6 pm BST today. 

  8. Nancy
    May 23, 2024 at 11:34

    How can I watch this in its entirety. The sound went off early on and then I finally found it on YouTube and watched the last few minutes and now here and on YouTube it says it is private. I was here at 9am.

      May 23, 2024 at 11:45

      Because of audio problems with the live webcast we are restreaming the entire program at 1 pm EDT and 6 pm BST today. 

  9. Carrie
    May 23, 2024 at 11:00

    About this: “…the US says it is working with the UN and Israel to identify safe routes into the besieged enclave. ” The foot-dragging excuses are so obvious: Netanyahu wants to murder any living Palestinian, the US doesn’t want to be tagged with the results of his successful executions of men, women, children, and supporting journalists and aid workers, and so “the US says….” but does just the opposite, hoping that voters will not remember who is doing the foot dragging and lying. “Working with” Israel to achieve total genocide is what it looks like to this voter.

    • Fatoomsh
      May 24, 2024 at 03:40


  10. SH
    May 23, 2024 at 10:34

    Now internal sound feedback is gone, speech is clear ….
    I think you need to do some troubleshooting …
    Will your rebroadcast a “cleaned up” version?

      May 23, 2024 at 11:46

      Because of audio problems with the live webcast we are restreaming the entire program at 1 pm EDT and 6 pm BST today. 

  11. SH
    May 23, 2024 at 10:31

    Sound back but now there’s an echo – delayed sound is overplaying and heard at same time as original speech

  12. anon
    May 23, 2024 at 10:24

    Most of this broadcast was totally muted. No sound whatsoever. Almost all of it.

      May 23, 2024 at 11:46

      Because of audio problems with the live webcast we are restreaming the entire program at 1 pm EDT and 6 pm BST today. 

  13. migueljose
    May 23, 2024 at 09:35

    no sound

      May 23, 2024 at 12:44

      Because of audio problems with the live webcast we are restreaming the entire program at 1 pm EDT and 6 pm BST today.

  14. anon
    May 22, 2024 at 21:23

    It is amazing that Netanyahu and Co. were so blatant in what they said and did. Whatever you think of BN, he’s not stupid.
    But it was as if they were deliberately trying to manufacture a cast iron genocide case against themselves.
    “Kill every man, woman and child! Kill everybody! Annihilate Gaza! Flatten the whole area! Destroy everything! We’re doing a Second Nakba! Drop an atom bomb on Gaza!”

    Never before in legal history can a Defendant have made it so easy for a Prosecutor to prove his case.

    And just to make sure of a chromium plated, copper bottomed, cast iron watertight case in court, we have hundreds of atrocity videos posted on the internet by their proud, grinning Zionist perpetrators.
    A Zionist hero shooting a Palestinian woman in front of her 5 children, bragging about how he was “cleansing” the area.
    Another Zionist hero filming himself smashing up children’s toys in a damaged shop.
    More Zionist heroes filming themselves looting people’s homes, stealing valuables and women’s underwear, and defecating on the furniture.
    Another Zionist hero filming himself killing 7 Palestinian men placing dead bodies for burial on a horse drawn cart. “Pity about the horse,” he laughs after the explosion.
    Rabid settler thugs taking young children to rip open sacks of flour and rice from aid lorries and tip the contents on to the ground.
    More Zionist heroes filming themselves stealing medical anaesthetics from aid trucks as children are having limbs amputated without anaesthetics.
    And thousands more stars of the internet proudly recording their atrocities for posterity for all the world to see.

    I suppose you can attribute all this to arrogance blind resulting from years of complete immunity, with no accountability for what they do, no matter what they do and how many times they do it.

    But our Zionist chums murdered 130 journalists and banned Al Jazeera to try to prevent the truth getting out. And they smeared and banned UNWRA to try to cover things up.

    Maybe these psychos and sickos just need professional help.

  15. CaseyG
    May 22, 2024 at 20:52

    Thank you Ireland, Norway and Spain for supporting Palestine. And Joe Biden—shame on you. One would hope that Ireland would give you a look at what a real democracy looks like. Irish eyes are not smiling. Biden.

  16. anon
    May 22, 2024 at 20:43

    America and its EU satellites have been “hoist by their own petard.”

    A petard was a crude artillery weapon like a mortar used in sieges in the English Civil War in the 1640s. These contraptions fired a cannonball at a high angle on to the heads of the defenders. The trouble was they were notoriously dangerous and unreliable and often blew their operators sky high, who were said to have been “hoist by their own petard.”

    Biden, Blinken, Nuland and their EU cronies thought it was a wizard wheeze, an absolute hoot, to strong arm Khan and the ICC into issuing farcical arrest warrants against Putin and Russian officials for doing no more than evacuating children to safety from areas the Ukrainian Nazis were shelling. But the pressure to do something in the Gaza Genocide was simply too great to ignore, even for a western stooge like Khan. He sat on his hands as long as he could, but eventually even a hack factotum like him had to do something. He was caught between a rock and a hard place – angry demands for action by the rest of the planet, and the usual Mafia type threats from Washington, “We know where you live. Shame if anything happened to your kids, wouldn’t it?”

    They thought it was a great idea to weaponise the ICC. After all, the ICC is just for those Darkies in their African jungle and people we hate like Putin, isn’t it? Not for us white folks and our chums in Borrell’s beautiful garden.

    But the genie has been let out of the bottle. This cannot be undone. Netanyahu and Gallant will have arrest warrants hanging over their heads for years. Western countries will have to explain why they can’t enforce ICC warrants, all the while demanding that countries like South Africa arrest Putin. And the beauty of it all is that this is on the initiative of Global South countries like S. Africa and Ecuador.

    They have sown the wind. They will reap the whirlwind. This will run for years. Putin is breaking out the popcorn and enjoying the fun.

    • floyd gardner
      May 23, 2024 at 17:32

      Very good; thank you! [and thanks for the petard explanation = always wondered what that was about]

    • Valerie
      May 23, 2024 at 22:11

      Great analysis anon. Their arrogance and hubris has led to their downfall. And still they cannot realize the depths of hypocrisy in which they wallow. And because of this, they now consider sanctioning the ICC.

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