Just Like Our Readers, Consortium News is Not Afraid to Challenge the Orthodoxy

Since it was founded by Robert Parry in 1995 Consortium News has been challenging the Washington and Western conventional wisdom for an audience just as bold about daring to think for themselves.

This website was born out of response to the suppression of news critical of the Washington consensus. From its earliest days it has been bucking the mainstream support for militarism and corporate dominance for an audience savvy to the wiles of political and economic elites.  Having served you for a quarter of a century, we are asking you to help us continue providing some of the best news and analysis to be found anywhere. 

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1 comment for “Just Like Our Readers, Consortium News is Not Afraid to Challenge the Orthodoxy

  1. Buffalo_Ken
    May 18, 2020 at 13:16

    A bit of rambling here, but I’m watching progress on the Fund Raising efforts closely. To me it is a sort of…..what is that word?……..can’t remember. Oh well, it is sort of a 3rd person perspective on the value of true journalism to folks in general. What does it take for motivation to find the truth – on an individual as well as collective level? Please, that was a rhetorical question, but I suppose it takes effort and not all are willing to offer that up when they are already so busy and/or tired or don’t really care.

    Whatever. I’m gonna send in at least one more “Grant” ($50), but at some point, the amount to be offered (and collected I suppose) might be in a different currency and from my perspective that would probably be a good thing. Can’t blame someone for having an opinion can you? (Yes, that is rhetorical as well…..because actually you can blame somebody for that or at least try to punish them for their sedition – know what I mean?).

    I hope more open their wallets and contribute to this site.


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