Our All-Star Lineup of Columnists

Consortium News presents original columns from some of the sharpest and most independent minds in the nation. Help us help them to help you.

Consortium News has collected a group of columnists who represent some of the most independent-minded and experienced writers weighing in on the most crucial issues of our fraught time. Consortium News may seem marginalized because of the unusual analysis by our writers that stands outside and above the brutal arena of partisan viciousness, which today is ruling and ruining lives. 

We have some of the biggest names in independent media offering their unique perspectives exclusive to CN:

  • Ray McGovern. A former CIA officer specializing in the Soviet Union and Russia; a briefer of presidents, vice presidents and secretaries-of-state, Ray has drawn on nearly six decades of Washington-insider knowledge to help expose the Russiagate delusion and malfeseance in the intelligence agencies.
  • John Kiriakou, who went to jail after exposing the CIA’s torture regime, has established himself as one of the best-connected and principled critics of deep Washington. 
  • Pepe Escobar. Globe-trotting interpreter of local and geopolitics, as comfortable on an LA freeway, the Chao Phraya river ferry in Bangkok, or the Ak-Baital mountain pass in Tajikistan, Pepe offers CN readers an incisive and rare perspective. 
  • Patrick Lawrence. A reporter and editor for the International Herald Tribune, a contributor to The New Yorker and Salon, Patrick, based many years in Hong Kong, brings years of experience as a foreign correspondent spiced with a jaundiced view of America’s stated international intentions to the columns of Consortium News. 
  • As’ad AbuKhalil, a.k.a. “The Angry Arab,” is helping to keep alive, in the pages of Consortium News, the flame of progressive secularism in the Middle East, once a predominant feature, whose suppression by U.S-backed tyrants has thrust the region into chaos.
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