‘Sage’ Advice That’s Nuttier Than Trump

Mike Morell was twice “acting” CIA director but never got the job outright, which may be a blessing now that this Hillary Clinton supporter is publicly urging acts of war against Russia and Iran, notes ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson.

By Larry Johnson

There was a time that I believed that a U.S. president would only appoint knowledgeable, capable people to serve at the head of an important defense or a national intelligence organization, like the CIA. Mike Morell, the former Acting Director of the CIA, proves that belief naive and wrong.

Mike Morell’s performance as CIA Director and his subsequent efforts to portray himself as a sage voice in the foreign policy arena borders on criminal negligence and utter incompetence.

An intelligence professional, regardless of his or her personal political views, has a responsibility to tell the truth and offer unvarnished, bias-free analysis. By this standard Morell is an utter disgrace. My wrath is not just inspired by his reckless and vapid recent comments on the Charlie Rose Show. Even before this latest debacle, Morell demonstrated in his actions to help Hillary Clinton lie about Benghazi that he would shade the truth and hide the facts in service of a politician whose ass he desperately wanted to kiss.

During a Tuesday night appearance on Charlie Rose, Morell said the following: “What they need is to have the Russians and Iranians pay a little price. … When we were in Iraq, the Iranians were giving weapons to the Shia militia, who were killing American soldiers, right? The Iranians were making us pay a price. We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price . . . .[and] you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.”

This paragraph elevated my blood pressure into stroke region. I have taken some deep breaths and will try to address this stupidity in a calm, logical fashion.

First, with respect to our time in Iraq. After we invaded Iraq, the United States provided safe haven and support to the Mujahedin El Khalq aka MEK, who in turn carried out terrorist attacks inside Iran and killed Iranians. So, we did not have clean hands.

Second, 90 percent of U.S. casualties came from SUNNI groups with ties Saudi Arabia and other Sunni-led governments. Not, I REPEAT, not Iran. Iran did have an extensive intelligence network in place throughout Iraq but that existed to help the Iranian-backed leaders of Iraq (WHO WE INSTALLED, NOT IRAN) hang on to control. Iran was not trying to provoke a fight with us because we were doing their dirty work for them. Those who want to argue otherwise are either ignorant or intellectually dishonest.

Most of the Shia backed attacks against us came from groups loyal to Moqtada Al-Sadr and others like him. (I prefer to refer to him as MOOKIE.) Calling Mookie a stooge or puppet of Iran is akin to calling Donald Trump a stooge or puppet of the Republican National Committee. Anyone prepared to make that argument? Hell, no. Unlike Trump, however, Mookie had access to a militia and to weapons, some that he got from friends in Iran. But he was not easily controlled by Iran.

Syrian Intervention

With respect to Syria I will repeat a point I have made previously. Part of the blame for the bloody civil war there lies with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and has been made more deadly and bloody because Obama/Clinton helped provide weapons and training to radical Islamists. Come to think of it, Mike Morell was part of that process. Besides calling into question his judgment let me add to the bill of particulars that he also is a war criminal.

What, under other circumstances would be funny incident, is listening to Mike Morell desperately try to smear Donald Trump as dangerous, ignorant and reckless while he, Morell, is calling for killing Russians in Syria who are there at the express and legal invitation of recognized state. That, boys and girls, is called an act of war.

It is the kind of provocation that would fully entitle Russia to retaliate militarily against the United States. So let me get this straight, Morell wants us to think he is the voice of reason and moderation, like Hillary Clinton, and he wants to start a fight with a nuclear power? Yeah, that’s brilliant judgment.

Morell was not finished with his display as the King of all Cretins. Morell also proposed that U.S. forces begin bombing Syrian government installations, including government offices, aircraft and presidential guard positions. The former acting CIA director said that he wanted to “scare Assad.”

Let’s review the reality in Syria. Russia has helped Syria obtain air superiority. Russia has installed an anti-aircraft defense system capable of shooting down U.S. aircraft. And Morell’s prescription? Launch airstrikes on a sovereign nation (again, an act of war on our part) but with only one objective – “scare Assad.”

Let’s ignore for a moment his wildly reckless proposal to risk a military confrontation with the Russians. Focus instead on what he sees as the ultimate goal for using military force and having your sons put their lives on the line – he wants to “scare Assad.” …

I suppose there is one bit of good news with respect to Morell – he resigned from CBS as a talking head and we won’t have to listen to his bullshit as much (I hope). Let’s put the former Director of the CIA up against Trump and what Trump is saying. Morell favors actions that could provoke a war with a nuclear-armed Russia and Trump wants to have a better relationship with Russia. So you tell me: Who is the real reckless, dangerous moron?

Larry Johnson is a former CIA analyst and counterterrorism official at the State Department. [This article originally appeared at Larry Johnson’s blog No Quarter,  http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/79264/incompetence-ignorance-mike-morell/]