Challenging the New Cold War

As NATO plans for a new Cold War, some Western dissidents are questioning the scare-mongering about Russia and the rationale for this expensive and dangerous revival, write Medea Benjamin and Alice Slater.

By Medea Benjamin and Alice Slater

Donald Trump angered the D.C. establishment when he said that NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance, may be obsolete and the U.S. should reassess its spending on the alliance. Hillary Clinton has used Trump’s comments as another example that he is a dangerous, loose cannon. But Trump has brought up an issue worth exploring and this month, amid NATO’s Annual Summit in Warsaw, Poland, is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Formed in the  early years of the Cold War, 1949, with the United States, Canada, Portugal, Italy, U.K., Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France, by 1952 this post-WWII alliance included Greece and Turkey, and had rejected the Soviet Union’s request to join.

A scene from "Dr. Strangelove," in which the bomber pilot (played by actor Slim Pickens) rides a nuclear bomb to its target in the Soviet Union.

A scene from “Dr. Strangelove,” in which the bomber pilot (played by actor Slim Pickens) rides a nuclear bomb to its target in the Soviet Union.

In 1956, when West Germany was admitted to NATO membership, the USSR formed the Warsaw Pact in response and the Cold War was then on, full-blown. Missiles and nuclear weapons from each side pointed menacingly at each other, with the United States parking nuclear weapons in five NATO countries (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Turkey), where they remain to this day. NATO doctrine provides that nuclear weapons will be used if necessary, at will, on behalf of all its members.

After the Berlin wall fell in 1989 and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev miraculously let go of all the Soviet-occupied Eastern European countries, dissolving the Warsaw Pact without a shot, the U.S. promised Gorbachev that if he didn’t object to East Germany’s inclusion in NATO, we would never expand NATO further eastward. Russia had lost 27 million people to the Nazi onslaught during World War II and had good cause to fear a military alliance on its borders.

Despite U.S. assurances to Gorbachev, today NATO has expanded to include 12 new countries in eastern and central Europe, including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Croatia. NATO now extends right up to Russia’s border, and has even been discussing membership with Georgia and the Ukraine.

One can only imagine what the response would be in the United States if Russia were to invite Canada and Mexico into its military alliance. Let us not forget how close we came to war when the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba. And part of the deal President Kennedy made with President Khrushchev for their removal was to take U.S. missiles out of Turkey.

Although NATO took no military action during the Cold War, during the first Gulf War it deployed forces for the first time, and then acted unlawfully when it bombed Yugoslavia without UN authorization. The UN Charter, devoted to preventing “the scourge of war,” allows nations to the use force only in self-defense when under threat of imminent attack, or when authorized by the Security Council, neither of which had occurred when NATO bombed Yugoslavia in the 1999 Kosovo war. Since then NATO has taken part in many military actions, including in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. But this year it has been particularly aggressive and provocative, conducting massive military maneuvers on Russia’s borders.

It is totally unacceptable to be taking these provocative measures when the U.S. and Russia have nearly 2,000 nuclear warheads on hair trigger alert, loaded on missiles, submarines and airplanes, poised and ready to fire in minutes. Next year, the Pentagon plans to quadruple military spending in Europe to $3.4 billion and begin rotating an armored brigade through Eastern Europe — in addition to extra NATO forces to be deployed to Poland and the Baltics. The U.S., the main force behind NATO, is already in a deadly proxy war in eastern Ukraine.

In June, NATO launched the largest war games since the Cold War, involving hundreds of tanks and jets, as well as 31,000 troops from 24 countries. The war games in Poland included air-ground assaults and electronic warfare scenarios. Airborne units, infantrymen, medics, military police and aviation units have operated jointly throughout the exercise, which culminated in a massive live-fire event led by the U.S. military. A naval exercise involving NATO forces has just begun in Finland. Meanwhile, there is an ongoing “Saber Strike” operation in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

One can only wonder how, 25 years after the end of the Cold War, we find ourselves rattling our sabers, nuclear and conventional, in this untenable dilemma. Surely President Eisenhower’s prescient warning way back in 1961 that “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex” is a potent warning for today, more than half a century later.

The time has come to spread the word about the dangerous mischief NATO is causing on Russia’s border. With the recent breakup of the old paradigm after the U.K. just voted to leave the European Union, there may be a new opening for change. It has been reported that Germany and France have been talking about ending the sanctions on Russia imposed after the Ukraine events and are now recommending a less aggressive posture for NATO.

America too, could do its share to make good on the U.N. promise to “end the scourge of war” by ratcheting down the hostilities towards Russia and working for the abolition of NATO.  You don’t have to be a Donald Trump supporter to recognize that it is time to rethink NATO

Medea Benjamin is the cofounder of the peace group CODEPINK. Alice Slater is the New York Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. [This article previously appeared in The Hill newspaper.]

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  1. Anonymous
    July 10, 2016 at 10:19

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  2. Bill Bodden
    July 9, 2016 at 16:01

    The Supreme Court did Gore in, not Raplh Nader.

    Actually, Gore did Gore in before the right wing of the supreme (?) court gave him the coup de grace. I was prepared to vote for Gore as the lesser evil based on what I perceived in the Bush/Cheney ticket, but I inevitably became disgusted with his blatant phoniness and switched to Ralph Nader. Apparently, others had similar reactions. The final blow as far as I was concerned with Gore came when he tried to sell little Elian Gonzales down the Miami River to get the Cuban/Bay of Pigs vote. As for not getting a war on Iraq such as Bush/Cheney gave us, that could not be ruled out with Gore pandering to the Israel Lobby and having Joe Lieberman (Dem. – Israel First and CT) as his VP.

    • Joe Tedesky
      July 9, 2016 at 16:11

      You won’t believe who I voted for. The only thing I can say that made sense at that time, was the Steel Workers also campaigned for George W. Bush. I throughly got caught up In the moment, with his compassionate conservative lie. It wasn’t long after W. took office, and he came to thank the Steel Workers, and shortly after he left the cookout, and he said his hands were tied towards imposing any tariffs against import steel. The rest is history. Clinton was bad for industrial businesses, and Gore felt the blowback from those Clinton policies.

  3. Bill Bodden
    July 9, 2016 at 13:37

    Want a woman to be our next president? One that we can be justifiably proud of? We have a choice of two exemplary citizens: Medea Benjamin and Jill Stein. Make them your write-ins in lieu of “none of the above” – One for president, the other for vice president.

    Unfortunately, America will most likely get what it deserves – Hillary Clinton and some pathetic lackey designated by the un-Democratic Party’s oligarchy on behalf of the ruling plutocracy.

    • Joe Tedesky
      July 9, 2016 at 14:02

      Bill, see the attachment I left here. It looks like Jill Stein formally invited Bernie over to be the Green Party presidential candidate. I sort of doubt he will accept, plus I think Jill should remain in the presidential slot, and Sanders as her VP, or in a practical way which I think would be better would be to have Bernie as Jill’s Chief of Staff. I just wish that Jill Stein could get some publicity, and get her candidacy known, because once known she would be a suitable rival to anyone she would run up against. Oh, I don’t want anyone to throw that Nader meme around, because it’s bogus. The Supreme Court did Gore in, not Raplh Nader.

  4. Bart
    July 9, 2016 at 13:32

    Last night the News Hour shocked me by interviewing Dimitri Simes who was allowed this quote:

    “If we would discover that there would be Russian troops in Mexico, I wonder how many American politicians and indeed American people would that think this is an acceptable situation.”

    This being the first time I have seen the MSM wade into “shoe on the other foot” waters with respect to NATO encroachment.

  5. Brad Owen
    July 9, 2016 at 12:44

    The time for big Paradigm-shifting changes is near at hand, and it’s stupid for us Americans to just drift along as if the Cold War, the USSR, and the Warsaw Pact never ended. NATO should be dissolved. The European Continental Countries should fully embrace the Russian Federation and become one Bloc. We should, in an effort to woo the U.K. away from a Chinese financial Alliance that might pursue reckless adventuring, seek permission to join the UK’s CommonWealth and renew our allegiance to the Crown (bow and “Kiss The Ring”), and, along with Canada, Australia, and NZ, form the CommonWealth Bloc. The Asian World is already coalescing into a Bloc. Ibero-America and Pan-Africa are the 4th and 5th Blocs. All Blocs should come under the U.N. umbrella. The U.N. Headquarters should be relocated to a Neutral District that encompasses the Middle East (Palestine, 1947 Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, in a Six Nations Confederation [a nod to one of our political tutors; the Iroquois] comprising the Neutral District) the five Blocs guaranteeing all of the aid and development necessary to remove all conflicting interests, fully developing and “greening” the Neutral District so as to become the richest and most-developed area of the World (THAT should make all concerned, want to bury the hatchet). Aid & Development in general, should become the #1 global economic activity, turning weapons and Defense over to the “Blue Helmets”. If failing to make the M.E. the UN Neutral District, then Antarctica should become the Neutral District (build several of R. Buckminster Fuller’s domed cities there, to house the U.N. Organization. Any resources found there to be dedicated to the U.N.’s Treasury, and invested in Global Aid & Development Projects). This basically summarizes the “A Better World Can Be Achieved” idea. It’s a nice dream anyway.

  6. Jonny James
    July 9, 2016 at 12:21

    In addition to vowing to obliterate Iran and confront Russia in Syria, HRC has likened Vladimir Putin to “The New Hitler (TM)” du jour.

    She is closely allied with some of the most sociopath, warmongering, and unhinged so-called neocons; she is funded by Wall St. and the Oligarchy; she is a puppet of the Military Security Surveillance Complex. (She says she takes her orders from the CFR) She is also a party to high crimes against the constitution and de-facto treason (willfully lying about war/peace and national security); war crimes (her role in the Destruction of Libya, Syria); and many other crimes. (see: prof. Francis Boyle)

    This puts her in the untouchable group of war criminals like her mentor Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr., and Dick Cheney. All of these war criminals and enemies of humanity have been lavishly rewarded for their crimes (as have their buddies, the Too Big To Fail Banksters)

    Since she will not be indicted, HRC will almost certainly be selected for the next Puppet Emperor. If history is any guide, we can expect things to worsen and conflict with Russia to escalate further. Not just the “neocons”, the so-called Liberal Interventionists are also on board for mass murder and war crimes – possibly leading to a nuclear confrontation with Russia. (In the unlikely event of a Trump presidency, I would expect very little to change, despite Trump’s cheap rhetoric)

    Since the Media Propaganda Cartel has brainwashed the vast majority of the population, it is important for us to speak out about this, spread a more rational, fact-based narrative and counter the massive misinformation to create more dissent.

    In addition to great articles like this one from Medea Benjamin, Robert Parry, RayMcGovern and others here on CN, here is another you might have seen a few weeks ago around the internet. Paul Craig Roberts, prof. Stephen Cohen and others as well endorse this. Nuclear confrontation is more likely than it has been in decades.

    • Joe Tedesky
      July 9, 2016 at 13:50

      Jonny James, I worry a lot about having Hillary as this country’s Commander and Chief, as well. Although I’m coming to the belief that we are starting to see the end of the U.S. as it’s being the only sole superpower on this planet we call earth.

      If you read the attached article to my comment here, this matrix explains battalions against divisions will come in handy.

      (Three to five battalions, approximately 1,500 to 4,000 soldiers, comprise a brigade. The size of a division varies from about 10,000 to 18,000 soldiers, and most divisions have three or more brigades of roughly equal size.)

      As, the article I linked you to will explain, everything we are doing against Russia is a bluff. European nations are already having a hard time explaining to their citizenry just what in the heck is going on with their relationship to Russia. Everyone knows that this saber rattling against Russia is not a good thing. To the very well informed it’s worst than not good, it’s insane and mean spirited, and that is not what this world wants, or needs at this curtain time in our history.

      Think of this; if the English and French needed America’s help to bomb Libya, then what does that say about our NATO might? Consider how long America has been struggling in Afghanistan, and against an enemy who has no air forces, so what’s that all about? If America thought that by using proxy warriors, well how’s that Syrian war going for the U.S.? So, what genius in D.C. truly believes we can defeat Russia with what we got? I might had, how I’m not looking forward to either the U.S. or Russia getting the chance to see which is the stronger of the two when it comes to their nuclear power.

      The only thing as you stated with your comment Jonny James, and then there’s our own homegrown Queen of Chaos!

      • Jonny James
        July 9, 2016 at 15:05

        You raise another good point, Joe. In addition to points in the article you posted, I think informed folks know that the NATO conventional forces are no match and invading Russia is absurd, as history clearly shows. It appears this, and wishes of bringing Ukraine into NATO, and excuses to install more missile systems on Russia’s border are also in play. The Military Security Surveillance Complex can sell more weapons and they use the Orwellian excuse of “Russian Aggression” to scare and intimidate EU/NATO. The Politics of Fear over and over.

        It seems that US foreign policy becomes less about apparent policy “success” and more about generating 100s of billions of revenue for the large weapons and surveillance industries. In short, a short-sighted and reckless policy simply to rob the Treasury of trillions.

        The presence of so-called “tactical nuclear weapons” or battlefield nukes and the policy of their possible use; unintended consequences, first strike nuclear doctrine, reckless lies and demonization of Russia makes for a dangerous cocktail.

        It appears that the recent overture to work with Russia in Syria is just hollow PR. Once the “elections” are over and the new Puppet Emperor is in place, we will see things go back into high-gear.

        • Joe Tedesky
          July 9, 2016 at 15:42

          Jonny James it also goes to show, how during it’s time as the world’s most powerful nation, how that same Miltary Industrial Complex stole the show, and America squandered it’s moment in the sun to be an effective leader. The history of empires show how they always evaporate inside their own steaming kettle, and this is how and where America has failed. If I had my way, America would peacefully merged among all the other nations, and what would be even greater, is if America were to be the one to shout the loudest and start a worldwide campaign to disarm just not nuclear, but conventional weapons as weapon. You see this in my opinion is the kind of leadership, that the world has been waiting for. Maybe it’s time to give the people what they really want, peace.

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