Trump’s Blatantly Racist Campaign

For half a century, Republicans – such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush – used the race card to win over Southern whites, but Donald Trump took the tactic to a new level, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

By Paul R. Pillar

Donald Trump is waging the most explicitly racist major U.S. presidential campaign since the third-party candidacy of segregationist George C. Wallace in 1968. The exploitation of bias based on ethnicity or religion has taken more subtle forms in other election campaigns over the past half century, with Southern strategies, dog whistles, and advertising techniques that have shied away from blatant appeals to prejudice.

By contrast, Trump, in going after his main targets of Muslims and Mexicans, has repeatedly made accusations and calls for discriminatory treatment that are direct and explicit. The racism has been a major and intrinsic part of the fear-mongering that is central to Trump’s campaign.

Presidents Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan photographed together in the Oval Office in 1991. (Cropped from a White House photo that also included Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.)

Presidents Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan photographed together in the Oval Office in 1991. (Cropped from a White House photo that also included Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.)

The racism has important implications domestically, of course, regarding threats to the inclusiveness, tolerance, and fairness of American society. But it also has implications that extend beyond U.S. borders while still affecting U.S. interests. Obviously the implications would be all the greater if Trump were to win the presidency.

Some effects, however, occur merely because the presumptive presidential nominee of one of the two major parties is saying such things. Everyone can see that saying such things has, despite the predictions of many pundits, helped to win the Republican nomination. Everyone can hear that Trump is not backing off from his favorite themes, despite the advice of political strategists that he needs to do so to “pivot” effectively to the general election campaign. And given how often Trump already has defied experts and strategists and kept on winning, one should be wary about dismissing what he is doing.

Probably the most important declaration of what is going on here is the statement by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that Trump’s attack on a federal judge on grounds of the judge’s Mexican heritage is “the textbook definition of a racist comment” — while Ryan continues to support Trump for the presidency. When the senior elected leader in the U.S. Congress and in Trump’s party combines that accurate observation about the racist nature of Trump’s comments with backing for Trump’s candidacy, this says that even explicit racism should not be considered inconsistent with respectability in America.

The reverberations overseas take several forms, one of which is in leading ever more people among the populations that are targets of Trump’s hostility to conclude that they are the targets of broader American hostility as well. There already had been a major problem, well before Trump came along, with much of the public in majority Muslim countries perceiving the United States to be anti-Muslim. That perception has been stimulated by assorted U.S. policies that unsurprisingly have been seen as hostile or threatening. The Trump campaign makes that pre-existing problem even worse.

Beliefs and attitudes among the public in foreign countries establish boundaries for elites and policy-makers in those same countries. A perception of American hostility makes it politically risky for foreign governments to cooperate with the United States and to support U.S. policies. And there are many different ways even governments that nominally are friends or allies of the United States can be uncooperative.

All of this is true even of moderates and reasonable people among foreign publics and elites. With extremists, the effects are even more clear-cut. Put simply, Trump’s message of hostility toward people of a particular religion or ethnicity plays right into the hands of violent extremists claiming to protect the interests of those people against a predatory United States. The anti-Muslim part of the message is a huge (as Trump might say) favor to ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other practitioners of anti-U.S. “Islamic terrorism” (as Trump wants all of us to say).

Exposing U.S. Hypocrisy

Another effect is damage to U.S. credibility whenever the United States attempts to exert influence in favor of civil and political rights abroad. An image of the United States practicing at home what it preaches abroad, and of being a shining city on the hill with regard to tolerance and fairness, is an important underpinning of any such influence. Trump’s message makes the city look much less shiny.

Billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Yet another effect concerns how Trump’s campaign can be seen as part of a larger recent pattern in the West of riding prejudice to political power. The pattern has especially been evident in the electoral success of xenophobic right-wing parties in Europe.

Future European elections will depend primarily on economic and social issues in each individual European country, but transnational influences are a factor as well. The sense of momentum that the Trump phenomenon, explicit racism and all, has exhibited will tend to impart confidence, credibility, and momentum to similar prejudice-riding movements in Europe.

The phenomenon might have some effect on the vote later this month in the United Kingdom on whether to remain in the European Union. Anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant sentiment very similar to what Trump expresses has become a significant factor in the campaign leading up to that referendum.

Pro-Brexit forces point to possible E.U. membership for Turkey and argue that continued British membership in the E.U. will mean being inundated by hordes of Turkish Muslims. It certainly cannot help those campaigning in favor of Britain staying in the E.U. to have one of the major presidential candidates in the United States — Britain’s most important partner and ally — sounding more like Nigel Farage than like David Cameron.

How the U.S. election in November comes out will, of course, have much to do with each of these effects over the long term. It will be important not only whether Trump loses but by how much. Probably only a decisive defeat would undo most of the overseas damage that this racism-infused campaign already is causing.

Paul R. Pillar, in his 28 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, rose to be one of the agency’s top analysts. He is now a visiting professor at Georgetown University for security studies. (This article first appeared as a blog post at The National Interest’s Web site. Reprinted with author’s permission.)

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  1. Anonymous
    June 20, 2016 at 10:16

    There are Many American Social Democrats who think that Senator Sanders is the best hope among the Democrats to clean up much of the Abundantly Accumulated Corruption and Incompetence in what is the Undemocratic Party, and this is why they will Not vote for Hillary Clinton.

    They Know that if Senator Sanders cannot reform the Undemocratic Party, then he Cannot reform Washington, and so they will Vote for the Green Party or for the Libertarian Party and for Any Candidate other than Hillary Clinton, even a Republican, because American Social Democrats should Not judge other American Social Democrats on how to reform the Corrupt Democratic Party Establishment and their Bribed, Corrupt, or Blackmail Puppetized Fifth Columnist Journalists, who give themselves the Euphemism of Liberals or Progressives, but there is Nothing Liberal or Progressive with being Biased, and Lying, and Slandering, and being Propaganda Agents for the Clintonite Establishment Corruptocrats, and these Crooked Journalists have Cost Americans as much as the Self Serving Bribed and Corrupt or Blackmailed Puppetized Clintonite Corruptocrats and their Corrupt Puppet Government Officials at .

    These Fifth Columnist Journalists are Propaganda Agents for the Establishment Clintonite Corruptocrats, and where Facts and Impartial Reporting have no part in the narrative of their Articles, if the Facts are even slightly inconvenient to the Establishment Clintonite Corruptocrats, and where they Deliberately Lie and Slander and are Biased against the American Social Democrats including Senator Sanders, and the Republicans, and anyone who is Not a Clintonite Corruptocrat, and the Free Impartial Media is a Vital Fourth Estate in a Democracy, and there are People who think that these Puppet Propaganda Journalists are committing Treason against Americans.

    I think that Senator Sanders began as a Sincere Public Servant, and perhaps he may even be that to this day, and we will see what he says at the Contested Convention, but others who are on the Left think that he has been Bribed or Spied upon by the Clintons with Private Detectives, and that now he is Hillary Clinton’s Puppet, and should be referred to as Senator Sheepdog at , but we will see what he will say at the Contested Convention and at .

    Senator Sanders Won the Democratic Primaries with Pledged Delegates alone, and even without the need for Bribed Super Delegates, but it has Not shown up with the number of Pledged Delegates, because of Widespread and Systematic Election Fraud by the Clinton Campaign and the Clinton Controlled Democratic National Committee Partners in Crime, and Senator Sanders or Senator Sheepdog Knows these things, as does every Democratic Party Politician, and we will see what Senator Sanders commitment to the Rights of American Voters to have Free and Fair Elections in America, because if he cannot or will not stand up for his Rights to gain the nomination which he actually Won and which Rightfully and Legitimately belongs to him and his Voters, but which was Corruptly Usurped from him with the Clintons’ use of Widespread and Systematic Election Fraud, then he cannot and will Not stand up for the Rights of Americans to have a Constitutional Democracy and a Representative Government at .

    There are some American Social Democrats who think that it would be appropriate for Senator Sanders to be referred to as Senator Sheepdog and as a Corruptocrat, if he does Not Demand the nomination confidentially at first and way before the Convention, or if he endorses Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s nominee, because he Knows that it is Unconscionable for Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s nominee, or if he stays with the Democratic Party if he is not the Presidential nominee, and No amount Corruptocrat Sheepdog Speech of Lies could alter that for them, because that would be the Basic Minimum for a Political Revolution, and Not the Sheepdog Deceptive Speech of Lies that the Clintonite Corruptocrats are the lesser of 2 Evils, which Of Course is Yet another Clinton Lie, and which has only given Americans the America they have today, and these People Could wear Badges which says that it is either Sanders or it is the Republicans, because a Political Revolution Cannot be built on the Rotten Foundations of Eloquent but Acquiescent Sheepdog Speech that bows to the Establishment Corruptocrats and on the Actions and Undemocratic Methods of the Clintonite Corruptocrats, but they will wait to see what Senator Sanders says at the Contested Convention.

    Hillary Clinton is Architect this Election Fraud in the Democratic Primaries, with the Large Scale and Widespread Election Fraud, and Many Dirty Tricks and this is why American Social Democrats want 50 % Public Funding of All American Elections, and to Only use Paper Ballots, and to Honest Independent Opinion Polls and Exit Polls, and possibly have Voter Identification Cards, because Many of the Polls that are announced are Entirely made up to manipulate Public Opinion, and where there was no Opinion Poll conducted, but it was made up, even as these Corrupt Journalists and Media Lie on Many other matters, because they have been Bribed, Corrupted, or Pupetized by the Clintons.

    There are Many American Social Democrats who want Hillary Clinton to find an excuse and retire from the Presidential race before the Democratic Convention.

    We can see that Hillary Clinton is the Most Corrupt Person in History to seek the Office of President, and if she became President, then she would continue her Corruption, along with her Gross Incompetence, which has Not served and will Not serve the Interests of the American People.

    This is why there are Many American Social Democrats who think that Hillary Clinton should retire from the Presidential race, because they think that the Only way for Hillary Clinton to become President is to commit Election Fraud, and we Cannot put that past the Clintons and the Partners in Crime to do.

    The Clintonite Corruptocrats and their Puppet Journalists have become Rich with their Corrupt Dealings that have come at the Expense of the American People.

    These are Not the type of Politicians and Journalists that the American Social Democrats think are good for America, and Gufficer the second, Proved that the Undemocratic National Committee Politburo Rigged the Primaries for Hillary Clinton long before the Primaries began, and if the American Social Democrats want a political revolution, then they will Need their own Political Party.

    The American Social Democrats who have Not been Corrupted or Deceived do Not want an Establishment Candidate for President, and they will Not listen to a Senator Sheepdog, and so Senator Sanders should Demand the nomination, because it is Rightfully his, or he should join the Green Party as the Vice Presidential Candidate of a Political Party that has a woman as it Leader, along with Elected Federal and State Democrats to join the Green Party and to Contest the upcoming Election as Green Party Congressional Members and as Green Party Senators, or some other option other than remaining in the Establishment Corruptocratic Party, and the Corruptocrats have shown their Great Contempt for Americans by wanting Hillary Clinton to be their Presidential nominee, because she commits Felonies and is the Epitome of Every type of Corruption, and the American Social Democrats do Not approve of Criminals with No conscience, and with the Utter Lack of ability to be honest to the American Voters.

    A Presidential Candidate of any Political Party can portray some level of confidence of victory by Not arguing too much with anyone, and by showing that they are willing at times, to consult and take advice from others, because American Voters do Not think that any Presidential Candidate is the font of all knowledge, experience, or wisdom, on all topics and matters, and a Presidential Candidate would reserve their name calling for Corrupt Public Officials, and for their Political Rivals, but the name calling should Not be sexist or racist, and it should Not insult what is a Person’s opinion of the appearance of another Person, and it should Not question their intelligence, because these Crooks are very intelligent, otherwise the Clintons would Not have Bribed, Corrupted, or Puppetized them.

    Donald Trump has always been an Employer who gives orders, and he is seeking to be a servant or an employee who is under orders by the Public, and the Clintons have Refined how to be Dictators while appearing to be Public Servants by means of their Lying and Deceptive smooth words which are spoken mildly and gently and politely and diplomatically most of the times in order to Deceive Voters, but it is only an Act with the Clintons, but People should Know what is proper speech.

    I did Not think that the comments made by the Republican Presidential nominee concerning a Judge had any racist intention, but if that Court trial needed to be referred to, and it did need to, because every American has a Right to give their side of the story, then it should have been said differently, and People cannot argue against the Fact that a Person has an impression or an opinion, but that does not necessarily make their impression or opinion incorrect or correct.

    These matters need to be worded carefully, because care should be exercised so as to Not give any impression of racism, and while there are probably better approaches than the one I mention, I think it is better than how it was said, and I mention this because there are American Social Democrats who do Not want Hillary Clinton to score easy political points over the Republican Presidential nominee, if she Usurps the Democratic Party’s nomination, because there are American Social Democrats who want Anyone But Clinton for President.

    There could be People who think that perhaps a team of 2 People working over several days could come up with the best or acceptable enough wording on how to word such matters so that it passes All of the necessary filters, so as Not to give any impressions of any inappropriateness, and one of them should be a Lawyer, while the other should understand political correctness and diplomacy, and where what needs to be said can be said, because People Cannot read the mind of that Judge, and say that if there is a secret motive, then what could be the secret motive of why they have this impression or opinion, and especially because allowance must be made by the Person who has an impression or opinion and other People that the Person could be unintentionally wrong regrading that impression or opinion.

    I think that it would have been better for the Republican Presidential nominee to say that he had the impression either wrongly or rightly that Judge Curiel was Biased against him, and that it is also his impression either wrongly or rightly that Judge Curiel was acting Unethically against him, and that perhaps Unbiased and Principled Journalists could examine whether it could possibly be because a Person or Persons have spoken to Judge Curiel and Influenced him with Carefully Crafted Deceptive arguments to Mislead the Judge for some as yet unknown reason or reasons to think that it is wise and proper and acceptable to do that which is unwise and improper and unacceptable for a Judge to do, and that is to be Biased and to act Unethically in a Court trial, or could it be that the Judge has done nothing wrong, but Only the Honest and Unbiased Journalists could be used to give their opinions.

    It could be mentioned that because these words have been spoken, that there are People who hope that there is no Bribery or Blackmail involved, because this would raise the Question of what is the Real Motives of those who would be doing the Bribing or Blackmailing, and these would most probably be the Clintonite Corruptocrats who People Know have their Secret Agendas, because that could be the reason to Bribe or Blackmail a Judge to be Biased and to act Unethically, and we Know that Unethically obtaining Power and Money to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3 are the Real Motives of the Clintons.

    We have heard that the Republican Presidential nominee wants to secure the border with Mexico, but some American Voters want a porous border with Mexico so that they may obtain weapons if a Dictatorship was ever established in America, and the Clintons Know this, and the Clintons want a Military Dictatorship in America.

    We Know that the FBI has said that they will Interview Hillary Clinton over her Clandestine Private Email Server, and over the Clinton Foundation and there could be some People in Orlando and other American Cities who think that Hillary Clinton would Not mind if the FBI would be discredited before she was to be Interviewed by the FBI regarding her Criminal Investigation, and even after she is Interviewed by the FBI regarding her Criminal Investigation.

    The Clintons have access to the Government Information, and they Know that Private Detectives work for Money, and if they find someone who has done something for which they think that they are better off doing things for the Clintons rather than going to jail, then the Clintons can use them, and in some instances will use them.

    There are People who think that Hillary Clinton will make Senator Sanders the Attorney General and give him Money if he endorses her, and we Know that if Hillary Clinton has made this Secret deal with Senator Sanders, then Hillary Clinton would Lie and Deny this until after the Election.

    We have heard how Hillary Clinton made comments regarding the University owned by the Republican Presidential nominee, and it is Lying and Crooked if the Accuser does the same thing or worse, and even More if the Wrongly accused is Known to be Innocent by the Slanderer at the time of the Accusation.

    Those who Know the Clintons, Know that the Clintons Falsely Accuse others of what they themselves are Already Guilty of, and of what the Clintons are even more Guilty of, or of what the Clintons themselves are thinking of doing.

    I Noticed how People were commenting on Hillary Clinton’s Cackle, and she stopped doing it in Public because her Campaign advised her that she Needed to Cunningly keep her Character or Lack of Character a Secret, because it will Cost her Votes, but Hillary Clinton continues to Cackle in Private, and Hillary Clinton Knows that there is a Presidential Nuclear Bunker that has 50 years of supplies, and it is the Most Luxurious prison in America at , and there are People who think that the Clintons consider the Luxurious prison of the Presidential Nuclear Shelter as being a much better option than an American prison for the Criminal Clintons, because the Clintons have No conscience, and they are Liars, and they are Loyal Only to Themselves.

    There is a News Article that says that Bill Clinton Profits from World’s Largest For Profit University at , and we Know that it was Hillary Clinton as Senator Clinton, who Voted to make Student Loans Non Dischargeable if Students became Bankrupt.

    The use of Slander in an Election Campaign is Evidence of being Anti Democratic, and it is Evidence of Treason against the Citizens.

    This is because American Voters have the Human Right to Honest and Free and Fair Elections and to Vote for Non Slandered Candidates, and to give their Vote to a Candidate based on Facts and Not to be Manipulated by an Unprincipled Slanderer who is Not legitimately entitled to votes based on Slander and Dirty Tricks, and where Voters Unintentionally give their Vote to the Unprincipled Slanderer rather than to a Candidate that they wanted to Vote for, if that Candidate had Not been Slandered, and this Unprincipled Treasonous tactic is a Perversion of the Course of Justice, and Lawyer Clinton Knows that Perverting the Course of Justice is a Criminal Offence, and Lying and Criminality and Treason come easily to the Clintons, and this is why Many American Social Democrats want Anyone But Clinton for President of America.

  2. J'hon Doe II
    June 17, 2016 at 13:07

    Taking notes 42: state terrorism and racist violence in the age of disposability

    by Henry A. Giroux

    When fear and terror become the organizing principles of a society in which the tyranny of the state has been replaced by the despotism of an unaccountable market, violence becomes the only valid form of control. The system has not failed. As Jeffrey St. Clair has pointed out, it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, which is to punish those it considers dangerous or disposable – which increasingly includes more and more individuals and groups. Hannah Arendt was right in arguing that, “If lawfulness is the essence of non-tyrannical government and lawlessness is the essence of tyranny, then terror is the essence of totalitarian domination.”[1]

    In an age when the delete button and an utterly commodified and privatized culture erase all vestiges of memory and commitment, it is easy for a society to remove itself from those sordid memories that reveal the systemic injustices that belie the presence of state violence and terrorism. Not only do the dangerous memories of bodies being lynched, beaten, tortured and murdered disappear in the fog of celebrity culture and the 24/7 entertainment/news cycle, but the historical flashpoints that once revealed the horrors of unaccountable power and acts of systemic barbarism are both disconnected from any broader understanding of domination and vanish into a past that no longer has any connection to the present.[2]

    … and the recent killings of countless young black children and men and women, coupled with the ongoing and egregious incarceration of black men in this country are not isolated expressions of marginalized failures of a system. They are the system, a system of authoritarianism that has intensified without apology.

    Rather than being viewed or forgotten as isolated, but unfortunate expressions of extremism, these incidents are part of a growing systemic pattern of violence and terror that has unapologetically emerged at a time when the politics and logic of disposability, terror and expulsion has been normalized in US society and violence has become the default position for solving all social problems, especially as they pertain to poor minorities of class and color. If police brutality is one highly visible expression of the politics of disposability, mass incarceration is its invisible underside. How else to explain that “the United States incarcerates a higher proportion of blacks than apartheid South Africa did [and that in] America, the black-white wealth gap today is greater than it was in South Africa in 1970 at the peak of apartheid.”[3] Or that 77 percent of all inmates out of a population of 2.3 million are people of color.

    When ethics and any vestige of social responsibility and the public good are trampled beneath the hooves of the finance state, there is no space for democratic values or justice. We live in an age of disposability – an historical period of increasing barbarism ruled by financial monsters, who offer no political concessions and are driven by a death-drive.

  3. John
    June 16, 2016 at 19:57

    Trump is a maverick who isn’t anybody’s boy……not good for the blood thirsty neocons…..Obama is the ultimate boy of the neocons who visited Orlando today and shed a tear for the slaughtered ….But refuses to take any responsibility for the MILLIONS of civilians maimed and killed in the middle east….They are just collateral damage….The United States has been taken over. The agenda of the ones responsible is nothing short of death…..Who are we ?…who have we become ?

  4. Realist
    June 16, 2016 at 15:45

    Call it what you will: it’s an emotional bias based upon fear, same as the Russophobia cultivated by Clinton and the pseudo-left. I don’t think race per se is the key ingredient here, but moreso religion in the case of immigrant Muslims and economic competition in the case of Mexican illegals, and clearly any correlations with group identity and bad outcomes are exaggerated by the fear factor. Everyone is free to be a bigot in their own personal lives in America, and most are. The issue in the campaign is how far should the government insert itself into choosing up winners and losers based on group identity. It always has, and the policies have always been formulated to give someone a political advantage in the media and at the ballot box. Trump probably won’t be able to ban entry of individuals into this country based on their religion or ethnic origin because of a technicality known as the constitution. However, his party has already succeeded in limiting the right to vote by people caught in certain demographics that don’t correlate with someone’s idea of proper conservatism. Let the hypocrites angry that he has hijacked their party address that while crying “racism” with a straight face. I’d laugh, but both parties are equally out of touch with reality.

    • J'hon Doe II
      June 17, 2016 at 12:44

      Realist, what are the Conservatives fighting so hard all of these years to ‘conserve’ – or protect?

      Can you guess?

      hint; it’s a legacy, and, yes, it is “an emotional bias based upon fear.”

      • Realist
        June 17, 2016 at 16:35

        I call it “power,” the ability to control others. They call it “liberty,” or “freedom.” You’ll remember Dubya’s claim that they hate us for our “freeedom.”

  5. Abe
    June 16, 2016 at 13:52

    In terms of sheer numbers, [the 7 June 2016 California Primary Election] was the most biased election I have seen in the United States. Just cause of the shear number of people who were shafted out of their votes, probably in the area of 400,000 to 500,000 in a single state. Most states don’t even have that many voters! So in terms of just the monster size of the disappearing vote, it was the biggest I’ve seen. But that has to do with California’s size. It’s shameful because it’s a one party state. It’s the Democratic Party, there is no real other party. This was just the Democratic establishment beating the crap out of the new young voters.

    What we saw [on 7 June in California] is fascinating because for the first time, in a long time, we had upper-middle class white voters, the Bernie Sanders supporters, who were treated as if they’d turned black. This is obstacle course voting, where you have to bring in the envelope, and you have to change this, and you have to call that, and your registration is missing, and you’re sent to another precinct, and you’re given a provisional ballot. It’s called a black ballot, back of the bus ballots, because they were almost always given to voters of color. And suddenly you have hundreds of thousands of white folk getting a ballot that they’ve never seen, called the provisional ballot — that’s new!

    The problem for Hillary here, frankly, is that all these tricks that were used [in the California Primary] — and I’m not accusing her of designing that, I don’t know what her role was — she should be standing up and saying, “That is not the democracy that we want to defend.” The Democratic Party is generally the victim, because most of the victims of these voter games, including the handing out provisional ballots, are directed at black folks, and in November Hillary will miss those votes that get flushed out of the system […]

    One of the things I’m really concerned with is within the last presidential race 2.1 million people were shunted to these placebo provisional ballots. You saw a massive number yesterday. I think it’s going to be a couple hundred thousand in just California. This is dangerous stuff. You just asked about procedure and custody of these provisional ballots, that’s what I’m hoping people will be asking now — not the day after the election, as we’re doing in California.

    What’s going to be the procedure for handling these ballots in states like Ohio? Swing states, where you have hostile, nasty, and frankly racist secretaries of state. Like Jon Husted of Ohio and Kris Kobach in Kansas, these are people whose names you don’t know, but they’re the people that are going to be counting the votes. They are ultra-right wing. They have a history of hostility to voters of color and setting up obstacles. It’s not looking very good as we go forward into November. And don’t count on the Democratic Party, which, as you just saw yesterday, gets its hand dirty in the same voter suppression tactics that the Republicans use. It’s a very bad thing when the Democratic Party pulls off these stunts, because they lose any moral right to complain about them when they’re used against them. So don’t count on the political parties, don’t count on the Democrats to save voters of color. It ain’t going to happen. They’ve never done it.

    California Primary: Returning to the Scene of Crime
    By Greg Palast with Dennis J Bernstein for Reader Supported News

    • Abe
      June 16, 2016 at 15:13

      The quadrennial duopoly sham is blatantly racist. The discriminatory treatment in vote counting is direct and explicit.

  6. Zachary Smith
    June 16, 2016 at 13:51

    Pro-Brexit forces point to possible E.U. membership for Turkey and argue that continued British membership in the E.U. will mean being inundated by hordes of Turkish Muslims. It certainly cannot help those campaigning in favor of Britain staying in the E.U. to have one of the major presidential candidates in the United States — Britain’s most important partner and ally — sounding more like Nigel Farage than like David Cameron.

    I found this to be a very strange remark. Why the implicit assumption that Great Britain’s choice in Brexit is a morality-based issue where the “stay” side is with the angels?

    The UK is overpopulated in terms of food and jobs. During both WW1 and WW2 the Germans tried to starve them out because Great Britain isn’t a bit food self-sufficient, and the population has gone from 40 million to 56 million since then. The job situation is even worse.

    Like with the US, the numbers aren’t a bit accurate because of the dishonest ways they’re tabulated. Neoliberalism has taken hold in the UK and the safety nets are being dismantled. Why shouldn’t the people there be madder than hell?

    Regarding the racism, it’s my opinion that the Muslim religion of the UK immigrants is irrelevant. Trump supporters in the US feel exactly the same way about the Christian Mexicans Big and Small Businesses use here to keep wages down.

    Trump is a loud-mouthed blowhard, and he’d have abused that judge given any sliver of opportunity. If the judge had been a Muslim that would have been best of all, of course.

  7. LondonBob
    June 16, 2016 at 13:46

    Funny how Trump has a lot of non white friends and often polls better amongst minorities than Romney.

    • Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen
      June 19, 2016 at 16:26

      That doesn’t mean he’ll be good for minorities, idiot!

      • Thomas
        June 20, 2016 at 10:18

        It could mean that your an idiot idiot!

  8. Gravedigger
    June 16, 2016 at 12:27

    You guys are really stuck between a rock and a hard place, Trump the Unknown or Hillary. I would not give the U.S a snowballs chance in Hell of moving forward under Hillary and as for Trump who knows. Many Politicians the world over appear morally bankrupt and corrupt, driving political agendas that seem at odds to the wishes of the majority. Welcome to the 21st century, are you confused? Because I sure am.

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