Month: January 2012


‘Extremely Loud’ Awakens 9/11 Thoughts

Child's drawing of Lower Manhattan before and after 9/11

Though a decade into history, the events of 9/11 still have a powerful tug on the emotions of Americans, especially New Yorkers whose lives were profoundly changed, as Michael Winship observed after a preview of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.”

Fleecing the Angry Whites

Rick Santorum

Exclusive: Subtly and not so subtly, Republican presidential contenders are playing the race card again, hoping to win over the votes of angry whites by implicitly blaming the shrinking of the middle-class on preferential treatment of blacks and other minorities,…

How Propaganda Targets Iran

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels

America’s Founders saw press freedom as a key check on government dishonesty, but today’s media has become a powerful ally of official lies by funneling sophisticated propaganda especially in support of war, as Lawrence Davidson notes about the hysteria over Iran.

Thank-you to Our Readers


From Editor Robert Parry: We did fall quite a bit short of our end-of-year target of $45,000 raising less than half that amount but a late surge of donations did put us in position to soldier on into this important…

Occupying Fears About Iran

Ousted Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh

In an election year, as many U.S. politicians compete to out-macho one another over fighting a new war with Iran, there is little self-reflection on whether the American side bears its own share of guilt in this troubled bilateral relationship, as…

US Political News Is a Fool’s Game

Former Sen. Rick Santorum with supporters

U.S. political journalists love to cover the horse race of presidential politics focused on polls and gaffes while usually obscuring the nation’s actual problems and how the candidates and their proposals relate to this real world, as Danny Schechter notes.

Keeping American Hands Off Iraq

On June 28, 2004, U.S. pro-consul Paul Bremer signed over limited sovereignty to Iraq

After years of American-led sanctions followed by a U.S. invasion and long occupation, Iraq is a shattered society with sectarian tensions again on the rise, but the Independent Institute’s Ivan Eland says the United States should resist the impulse to…

Paying the Costs of War

Scene from the Vietnam War

Neocons and their political allies are often called “chicken hawks” because few have fought in the wars that they’ve advocated, which means America’s chief war proponents have very little concept of the short- and long-term consequences for soldiers, what ex-CIA official Paul R.…

A Betrayal of the Founders

George Washington crossing the Delaware, in Emanuel Leutze's iconic (though historically inaccurate) painting

Exclusive: Though voicing “serious reservations” about encroachments on civil liberties in a military authorization bill, President Obama signed the law anyway to avoid a nasty veto fight with Congress. But ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern says courage, not timidity, is what’s…

Avoiding Another Long War

Sen. Joe Lieberman

Exaggerated coverage of a dubious report by the International Atomic Energy Agency about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program has spurred a rush toward a new war in the Middle East, but ex-U.S. intelligence officials urge President Obama to resist the pressures…