Month: January 2012


Ron Paul’s False Founding Narrative

Rep. Ron Paul speaking to a crowd of supporters

Exclusive: Rep. Ron Paul and other right-wingers have lured many average Americans into their camp by creating a false narrative about America’s Founding, claiming that the drafters of the Constitution wanted a weak central government. But that’s not the real…

America, a Land Made for the 1 Percent

Folk singer Woody Guthrie

Over the past three decades, right-wing policies have diverted the wealth of America into fewer and fewer hands, and a right-wing Supreme Court has let money dominate U.S. politics like never before, challenging Woody Guthrie’s idea that “this land was made…

Herding Americans to War with Iran

Cattle, mechanically immobilized before being stunned and slaughtered

Exclusive: The murder of a fifth Iranian scientist on the streets of Tehran had all the earmarks of an Israeli-sponsored assassination. The killing also worsened tensions at a moment when the momentum toward war with Iran seems unstoppable, reports Robert…

The Enduring Shame of Guantanamo

A mock Guantanamo prison cell set up by Amnesty International for a 2008 demonstration in Miami

On President Obama’s second full day in office, he promised to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, but then encountered fierce resistance from Congress, leading to a humiliating retreat underscored now by the prison’s tenth anniversary — and by renewed worldwide…

Hillary Revives Dubious Iran Charge

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

U.S. hardliners on Iran keep making their case, ratcheting up the pressure for sterner and sterner action against Iran’s nuclear program. But some of the claims though accepted by the major American news media have dubious origins, as Gareth Porter…

Sarkozy Pushes Tax on Stock Trading

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

As Wall Street bankers and hedge funds deploy powerful computers in “high-frequency trading” siphoning off capital meant for productive purposes one counter-measure would be a “financial transaction tax” to discourage the practice and raise needed revenue, a plan gaining traction in…

Neocons Dream Up Scary Iran Scenarios

The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

As American neocons continue to walk the United States toward another war in the Middle East, this time with Iran, they have been laboring to come up with rationales, including alarmist scenarios of what a nuclear-armed Iran might do geopolitically,…

NYT ‘Clarified’ Santorum’s ‘Black’ Quote

New York Times correspondent Katharine Q. Seelye

Exclusive: Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum is denying his slur about “black people” and “somebody else’s money” with absurd claims that the recordings of his quote aren’t accurate, now getting a sympathetic hearing from a New York Times reporter, writes…

Is Iran-Nuke Fear Realistic?

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas

As U.S.-Iran tensions gain a dangerous momentum with an Iranian court just giving a death sentence to an alleged CIA spy neocon-dominated Washington has jumped on the bandwagon toward war. But the Independent Institute’s Charles V. Peña says the underlying…

Genesis Myth: God Doing Good

Michelangelo's painting of the Creation of Adam

Many Christian fundamentalists impose a literal interpretation on Biblical myth, thus missing the larger moral messages and rejecting later scientific discoveries, a mistake most apparent in their reading of the Genesis creation story, as the Rev. Howard Bess explains.