Month: December 2011


Ignoring Complaints, Except on Muslims

One of the families featured on TLC's 2011 series, "All-American Muslim"

In the old days, companies responded to complaints with the saying “the customer is always right.” Not so much anymore, except it seems when a right-wing group gets angry that a TV show presents Muslims as real people, as Michael…

On Havel/Kim, Where’s the Objectivity?

Vaclav Havel

The Western news media reacted to the deaths of two international figures, Czech Vaclav Havel and North Korean Kim Jong-il, by presenting comic-book cut-outs of the two men, following simplistic story lines that missed the more nuanced reality, writes Danny Schechter.

You Are

Mug commemorating the first issue of, available in end-of-year auction (for details, see below)

From Editor Robert Parry: When I started this Web site in 1995 as the “Internet’s First Investigative ‘Zine” I thought our goal of building a home for independent journalism and a “consortium” to finance it would win support of wealthy…

The Bush/Obama War Against Truth

Vice President Dick Cheney

The harsh treatment of alleged leaker Bradley Manning is part of a broader campaign to silence government whistleblowers, a pattern that began with Vice President Dick Cheney’s outing of CIA officer Valerie Plame but has expanded under President Obama, says ex-CIA…

Braveheart, Edward I and Bush

Poster of Mel Gibson's movie, "Braveheart"

From the Archive: This week, House Republicans fancied themselves reliving Braveheart’s Battle of Stirling as they blocked a compromise to extend a tax cut for 160 million working Americans after having protected tax breaks for the rich a misguided metaphor from the Scottish patriot’s real…

Catholic Bishops vs. Women’s Rights

NOW President Terry O'Neill

Catholic bishops are pressuring the Obama administration to retreat on issues of women’s reproductive rights and with the election year looming, they appear to be making progress, as NOW President Terry O’Neill described in an interview with Dennis Bernstein.

Pvt. Manning and Imperative of Truth

A protester against Pvt. Bradley Manning's prosecution

Exclusive: The prosecution of Pvt. Bradley Manning for inconvenient truth-telling is more proof of how hypocritical Official Washington is, especially when Manning’s case is compared to how Bush administration officials walked despite clear evidence that they sanctioned torture and other war crimes, notes ex-CIA…

Meaning of the War Over Christmas

Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City

From the Archive: It’s Christmastime again, so just as families pull their tree ornaments and lawn decorations out of storage, Fox News and other right-wing media outlets dust off their annual outrage over the so-called “war on Christmas,” which is just as phony now as it…

Is Iraq War End a New Day?

President George W. Bush and members of his national security team in Iraq in 2007

Exclusive: The departure of the last 500 U.S. combat troops from Iraq in the predawn hours on Sunday marked an anti-climatic end to a near-nine-year war that began with “shock and awe” and “embedded” journalists joining the invasion force. But…

A Black/Indian Victory for Freedom

Cover of Book by William Loren Katz

History, as we receive it, is usually the narrative of the victors over the vanquished what those in power want us to think. But the truth can sometimes be ascertained, as William Loren Katz demonstrates in this story of resistance by…