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Readers React on Bush's Power

October 23, 2006

Editor's Note: Below are readers' comments about the expanding authority being claimed by George W. Bush and the continuing manipulation of intelligence in the "war on terror":

What "any person" means, as you've already figured out [See "Who Is 'Any Person' in Tribunal Law"], is that the sort of 'dirty war' fought by the Argentine junta against its own citizens, as well as countless other examples of bloody scapegoating and pathological nationalism run amok (calling it by its truer name would feature the word sadism), will for the most part be legal when perpetrated by the govt. of the United States of America, at least until the Supreme Court or other powerful interested parties intercede.

This most heinous of crimes, the persecution and murders of one's own fellow citizens, is what the shielding of our leaders from 'war crimes' may mostly be about. It's Condor come home, it's inevitable ultimate target all along.
The struggle now begins in earnest.

Larry Piltz
Austin, Texas


The Military Science Axiom-- "A Defensive Strategy Cannot Win A War",
ignored in Nam, is being  followed in Iraq-
just at Hitler followed it in Russia.  The American Direct approach cannot  defeat the Muslim Indirect approach, unless the  entire region is depopulated (via D.U. and Bunker Buster Nukes on Iran ). In March 2003 Shock& Awe spiked radiation levels in London!  If US nukes Iran, we will have commited mass murder: moral suicide.



This article [Carla Binion's "Bush's Absolute Power Grab"] was to the point and on target. I will be brief. We know the old saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely and that has happened with this idiot. He is now drunk on it and I am far from convinced he is a reformed anything. My next fear: Martial Law. Here. Before he is out of office. Keep up the great work for this site is a daily read.

Ron L. Harwell, Miami, FL


Do you really think that Bush thinks that Osama wants us to withdraw from Iraq?  ["Giving Osama What He Really Wants"] Or is that just one more excuse to keep us in Iraq and solidify America's control of that part of the world in her inexorable march toward a U.S.-dominated world empire (the ultimate Goal of Hitler and the Nazis)?

Bob Giffin  

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