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The 2000 Campaign

Bush's Conspiracy to Riot
Newly released documents show that George W. Bush's campaign paid for operatives who staged a riot in Miami that disrupted the counting of votes. August 5, 2002

So Bush Did Steal the White House
A  recently uncovered memo shows that the Florida judge in charge of last year's presidential recount was moving toward counting the "overvotes" that heavily favored Al Gore when George W. Bush got five Republicans on the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene to save the day. November 22, 2001.

Gore's Victory
A new study of the Florida ballots reveals that Al Gore was the choice of the voters regardless of which kinds of chads are counted. But the top news organizations have buried these findings to make George W. Bush look like a legitimate president. November 12, 2001.

Is Nader Right?
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader still insists he was right to run as a leftist alternative to Al Gore. But, given the electoral realities in the U.S., does his strategy hold any hope of succeeding? By Sam Parry. September 5, 2001

The Media Is the Mess
A newspaper's belated findings about how the Bush campaign applied disparate standards to the counting of Florida's overseas ballots is interesting history, but also exposes how distorted the press coverage of Election 2000 was. July 17, 2001

Gore's Lost Votes
A new study finds that the votes of blacks and lower-income Americans were undercounted across the country, suggesting that Al Gore's plurality might have been even larger than a half million votes. July 12, 2001

Democracy's Shame
The U.S. Civil Rights Commission sees racial bias in the Florida election results. June 6, 2001

W's Bogus 'Election'
The Washington Post has concluded that rules were bent to count the absentee votes of Bush supporters while ballots of African-Americans were suppressed. June 2, 2001

'Overvotes' for Gore
New unofficial tallies show Al Gore gaining 682 votes from an analysis of 'overvotes' in Florida, enough to erase Bush's official victory margin of 537. May 12, 2001

Protecting Americans from W's Illegitimacy
Additional votes are piling up for Al Gore in the unofficial Florida recounts, but the national news media seems determined to protect Americans from the growing evidence that George W. Bush stole the White House. April 8, 2001

So Gore Really Won?
In a stunning reversal, the Miami Herald now reports that its review of the Florida election reveals that Al Gore could have gained 2.022 net votes in Palm Beach and Broward counties and thus won the election. April 6, 2001

W's Latest Unjust Reward
A new analysis of Florida "undervotes" actually shows Al Gore the narrow winner statewide using "clear-intent-of-the-voter" standards, but two newspapers subtracted the results from 3 1/2 counties to declare George W. Bush the winner, again. April 5, 2001

Press Blows Florida -- Again
In one more rush to judgment, the national news media exaggerates a partial tally by the Miami Herald into another premature call of the 2000 election. February 27, 2001

GOP Opens Battle for W.'s Legitimacy
Republican leaders  are taking aim at the few remaining Democrats who question the legitimacy of George W. Bush's seizure of power. February 26, 2001

Rehnquist -- Political Puppeteer
By swearing in George W. Bush, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist completed a power grab by conservative federal jurists that began a decade ago. January 29, 2001.

A Stolen Presidency & the Seattle Coalition
Fractured by the Nader v. Gore conflict, the Seattle Coalition has pulled together -- at least for now -- to challenge the legitimacy of George W. Bush's presidency. By Nat Parry. January 19, 2001.

Lawyers Protest the U.S. Supreme Court
An outpouring of anger from 554 law professors representing 120 American law schools targets the U.S. Supreme Court's five conservatives as partisans for George W. Bush's campaign. By Mollie Dickenson. January 15, 2001.

Man With No Mandate
The pretense that George W. Bush was elected to carry out his agenda makes him look like the emperor with no clothes -- or the man with no mandate. By Sam Parry. January 10, 2001.

Supreme Ambitions
Vice President Al Gore misplaced his trust in U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who had her own reasons for voting to hand the presidency to George W. Bush. By Mollie Dickenson. January 7, 2001.

W's Coup d'Etat
The 5-4 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court blocking Florida recounts short-circuits democracy and reveals the nation's highest court to be the ultimate partisan weapon. December 13, 2000.

Supreme Court Intrigue
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, a supposed "swing vote" on the U.S. Supreme Court, may have a personal incentive to ensure the election of Texas Gov. George W. Bush. By Mollie Dickenson. December 11, 2000.

A Dark Cloud
The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the counting of ballots for president for the first time in history, a dangerous turn for democracy. December 10, 2000.

At War with the Ballots
Texas Gov. George W. Bush continues his trench warfare against counting Florida's votes. December 9, 2000.

Electoral 'Legitimacy'
The pundits seem to have forgotten that democratic legitimacy comes from the voters. December 6, 2000.

The Will of the People
Isn't it time for George W. Bush to face the basic fact that the American people -- and the voters of Florida -- wanted somebody else? An editorial. December 4, 2000.

The Courts & the Count
Reagan-Bush appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court seem ready to enforce legal technicalities to help Texas Gov. George W. Bush. December 3, 2000.

A Bush Family Slip-Up
The official story is that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has stayed out of his state's electoral fray. But his father thinks otherwise. December 1, 2000.

W's Triumph of the Will
'President-Elect' George W. Bush has demonstrated how hardball politics can take precedence over the will of the voters. By Robert Parry. November 27, 2000.

Mob Rule Wins for W
A mob assault on the Dade County election board intimidated the board into halting a crucial recount. November 24, 2000.

Bush & the Law
Texas Gov. George W. Bush rallied his angry troops in Florida with a speech suggesting that this would-be president doesn't understand how the American constitutional system works. November 23, 2000

Gore's Florida 'Victory'
A new analysis of the Florida vote indicates that Vice President Al Gore was the voters' choice. November 22, 2000

Gore Breaks 50 Million
Vice President Al Gore becomes only the second U.S. presidential candidate to surpass the 50-million-vote mark. November 21, 2000.

Bush Gained from Hand Recounts
Though battling hand recounts in three Democratic counties, Gov. George W. Bush benefited from hand recounts elsewhere in the close Florida race. By Mollie Dickenson. November 19, 2000.

Who Should Concede?
The Republican/media demands that Al Gore do "what's good for the country" and concede the election distort what really happened in recent U.S. political history. By Robert Parry. November 13, 2000

The GOP's Popular-Vote Hypocrisy
When the Republicans feared Al Gore might win the Electoral College but lose the popular vote, they planned to challenge the legitimacy of his victory. November 10, 2000

American Coup d'Etat?
What can be done? An editorial on the challenge to American democracy from George W. Bush's grab for power. November 9, 2000

One Voter Strikes Back
An American voter, fed up with the media's exaggerations about Al Gore's exaggerations, has made a federal case out of it.  By Mollie Dickenson. November 7, 2000

History on the Ballot
The presidential election could determine whether Americans gain access to Cold War history.  By Robert Parry. November 5, 2000

German Green Warns Against Nader Threat
A founder of the Green Party in southern Germany calls U.S. Green Party campaign 'immature' and 'alarming.' November 1, 2000

George W. Bush: Nowhere Man
The Republican presidential nominee is not a man of international travel, though he may soon become the leader of the world's last superpower. October 29, 2000

Bush's Mysterious $40 Trillion
George W. Bush uses some fuzzy math to justify his claim that Al Gore's Social Security plan will produce a $40 trillion debt by 2050? By Sam Parry. October 28, 2000

'Daisy' Ad Disinformation
A pro-Republican ad, picturing a girl with a daisy, seeks to confuse voters about who's to blame for losing nuclear secrets to communist China. By Robert Parry. October 27, 2000

Protecting Bush-Cheney
While bashing Al Gore at every turn, the national press corps has turned a blind eye to lying and hypocrisy by Gov. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. By Sam Parry. October 16, 2000

Bush, Coal & the Internet
Without attribution, George W. Bush cites dubious coal-industry data to justify his energy plan. By Sam Parry. October 9, 2000

Gore vs. Bush: Earth in the Balance?
Al Gore and George W. Bush offer sharply contrasting strategies for energy production and the environment. By Sam Parry. October 3, 2000

The Bush Family 'Oiligarchy'
Part One: The Early Years

George W. Bush's run for the White House highlights the intersection between his family's political fortunes and its ties to Big Oil. By Sam Parry. August 14, 2000

The Bush Family 'Oiligarchy'
Part Two: The Third Generation

George W. Bush follows in his father's footsteps, launching his own oil ventures in preparation for his political career. By Sam Parry. August 15, 2000

The Bush Family 'Oiligarchy'
Part Three: Politics & Oil -- A Sequel

George W. Bush finds oil and politics a lucrative two-way street in Texas. By Sam Parry. August 19, 2000

The Bush Family 'Oiligarchy'
Part Four: At the Candidate's Ear

George W. turns to trusted oil industry advisers as he marches on the White House. By Sam Parry. August 20, 2000

Al Gore v. the Press
The press mangles Gore's words and wins his apology. By Robert Parry. February 1, 2000

Bill Bradley: Mr. Liberal?
Democrat's slide to the left was well-timed. By Mollie Dickenson. January 29, 2000

John McCain: Straight Shooter?
A look at McCain's special-interest interests. By Mollie Dickenson. January 29, 2000

Editorial: Like Father, Like Son.
The Bushes. October 18, 1999

Bush Family Politics.
Gov. Bush is the GOP great hope, but his pedigree is the key. By Robert Parry. October 5, 1999

Bill Bradley: Pro-Contra Democrat
In the 1980s, Bradley gave President Reagan a key contra vote. By Robert Parry. July 28, 1999