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Age of Obama


A Zoo of Our Own Making
In a barren landscape for politics and culture, Phil Rockstroh asks why Americans "will kill for empire and a parking space." December 31, 2010

The Coming War over the Constitution
The Tea Party claims to both revere the Constitution and want to rip it up, a new test for American sanity, says Robert Parry. December 30, 2010

The US Media Hit on Helen Thomas
After an off-hand blast at Israel, journalistic icon Helen Thomas became a pariah with her colleagues, notes Danny Schechter. December 29, 2010

Obama's Fear of the Reagan Narrative
President Obama says he's stymied by Ronald Reagan's three-decade-old anti-government narrative, writes Robert Parry. December 28, 2010

Trying More Carrots with Iran
The Obama administration's strategy of confrontation with Iran carries more risks than benefits, asserts Ivan Eland. December 28, 2010

America's Slide toward Totalitarianism
The erosion of American liberties from the "war on terror" continues to weaken the pillars of the Republic, warns Abby Martin. December 27, 2010

America's Dangerous Self-Deceptions
The United States has built a self-deluding narrative which the world increasingly rejects, observes Lawrence Davidson. December 27, 2010

An Echo of the 'War on Christmas'
The Right sees an affront to Christians at Christmas in a museum exhibit that opened at Halloween, says Michael Winship. December 23, 2010

WikiLeaks and the Fight for Privacy
US government officials protest violation of their privacy by WilkiLeaks, but don't mind spying on Americans, notes Nat Parry. December 23, 2010

Is Barack Obama the Problem?
Many on the Left see Barack Obama as a conciliator when they wanted a fighter, but is it all Obama's fault, asks Robert Parry. December 22, 2010

Replacing 'They Decade' with Can-Do
After a decade of the powers-that-be doing as they wished, it's time for Americans to revive democracy, says Mort Rosenblum. December 21, 2010

US Anti-War Resistance on the Rise
The WikiLeaks case and a White House protest mark the start of a new era of anti-war resistance, believes Kevin Zeese. December 21, 2010

Thoughts at the White House Fence
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern reflects on the moral demands that led him to protest the Afghan War at the White House fence. December 20, 2010

WikiLeaks and the Secrets that Deceive
The WikiLeaks case underscores how government secrecy can be used to trick the public into wars, writes Danny Schechter. December 20, 2010

Barack Obama's Lost Principles
President Obama is acting as if principles are a disqualification for leading the United States, observes Lawrence Davidson. December 18, 2010

Losing Afghan Hearts and Minds
Gen. Petraeus's strategy of blowing up Afghan homes to avoid IEDs is alienating the Pashtun region, reports Gareth Porter. December 18, 2010

Curiosities Abound in Assange Case
The legal case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has taken some strange turns, John Pilger tells Dennis Bernstein. December 18, 2010

Hitler's Shadow Reaches toward Today
New documents flesh out how US intelligence enabled Adolf Hitler's villainy to survive and spread, writes Robert Parry. December 17, 2010

Journalists Are All Julian Assange
A US government plan to indict WikiLeaks' Julian Assange for "conspiracy" threatens investigative journalism, says Robert Parry. December 16, 2010

'Giant' Holbrooke Failed on Afghan War
Eulogies are pouring in for US 'Afghan War' envoy Richard Holbrooke, but is all this praise warranted, asks Ray McGovern. December 14, 2010

Rabbis' Decree Reveals Anti-Arab Bias
Israel's drift toward an apartheid system was underscored by a housing decree from powerful rabbis, says Lawrence Davidson. December 14, 2010

The War to Silence WikiLeaks
The US assault on WikiLeaks raises doubts about the nation's commitment to freedom of the press, argues Elliot D. Cohen. December 13, 2010

WikiLeaks and the Power of Truth
The WikiLeaks' disclosures offer detail and context to government actions that strengthen democracy, writes Rory O'Connor. December 13, 2010

Bush v. Gore's Dark American Decade
Ten years ago, five Republican US Supreme Court justices put the country on a path toward disaster, recalls Robert Parry. December 12, 2010

How the Right Shapes US 'Reality'
From global warming to foreign wars, the Right shapes the "reality" of many Americans, observes Lawrence Davidson. December 11, 2010

Demanding American Exceptionalism
As Republican presidential hopefuls line up, they are reviving the concept of "American exceptionalism," notes Don Monkerud. December 10, 2010

Wall Streeters Line Up for Big Bonuses
The gravy is flowing on Wall Street even as millions of Americans face slim pickings for the holiday season, says Danny Schechter. December 9, 2010

What's Behind the War on WikiLeaks
The US government's coordinated assault on WikiLeaks is about who gets to control what the people hear, writes Ray McGovern. December 8, 2010

Who's Right? Obama or the 'Base'?
President Obama's anger with the Democratic base for attacking his tax deal has a troubling back story, notes Robert Parry. December 8, 2010

Obama Aids His Enemies on Tax Deal
By caving on tax cuts for the rich, President Obama has lost leverage for coming battles with Republicans, says Michael Winship. December 8, 2010

Getting Sensible about the Koreas
US foreign policy often ignores the self-interest of adversaries, a factor in today's crisis over North Korea, writes Ivan Eland. December 7, 2010

Killing the Goal of 'Open Diplomacy'
The US assault on WikiLeaks violates the old American priniciple favoring "open diplomacy," recalls Lawrence Davidson. December 6, 2010

CIA Dodges Guilt for Peru Tragedy
An internal CIA report blames a shootdown of a missionary's plane in Peru on a trigger-happy operation, says Melvin A. Goodman. December 4, 2010

The US Empire Targets Iran
The WikiLeaks documents underscore the intensity of Washington's global campaign to demonize Iran, observes William Blum. December 4, 2010

NYT Stokes Fear of Iran
By hyping claims about North Korean missiles in Iran, the New York Times continues its fear mongering, writes Ray McGovern. December 2, 2010

The Right's Power of Media Money
In recent decades as the Right poured money into media, the Left opted for other strategies that failed, reports Robert Parry. December 2, 2010

Flush Republicans Play Hardball
Backed by money and media, the Republicans flex their political muscle against weakened Democrats, notes Michael Winship. December 2, 2010

A Full-Body Scan for the US Empire
U.S. officials are furious about the WikiLeaks breach of secrecy, but the disclosures seem like fair turnabout to Phil Rockstroh. December 2, 2010

NYT Takes US Side in Iran Missile Flap
A key dispute over Iran's missile capability was distorted by the New York Times in its WikiLeaks report, says Gareth Porter. November 30, 2010

The Painful History of US-Iran Distrust
Both Iran and the United States have reasons to resent the other, but Danny Schechter looks for ways to ease tensions. November 30, 2010

Cables Hold Clues to US-Iran Mysteries
Secret US cables via WikiLeaks show President Obama trying his hand at the great Mideast power game, writes Robert Parry. November 29, 2010

Beck v. Assange, or Fiction over Fact
Americans prefer Glenn Beck's happy vision of US traditions to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange's hard truths, says Lawrence Davidson. November 29, 2010

Behind Benedict's Shift on Condoms
Pope Benedict's concession on condom use fits within the history of Catholic Church reform, notes Daniel C. Maguire. November 29, 2010

Young Christians Desert US Churches
Well-educated and idealistic young Christians are deserting established churches in droves, observes Rev. Howard Bess. November 28, 2010

Petraeus Duped by Afghan Imposter
Gen. David Petraeus got bamboozled by an Afghan posing as a Taliban leader interested in peace, writes Gareth Porter. November 25, 2010

On Korea, Here We Go Again!
The US press corps is back to the battlements, this time over North Korea, but is making the same mistakes, says Robert Parry. November 24, 2010

Is the Right Flipping on US Security?
The furors over security, from airport pat-downs to a nuclear treaty with Russia, have a partisan tinge, notes Michael Winship. November 24, 2010

Pat-Down Fury vs. Perfect Security
America's post-9/11 hysteria may finally be abating as over-the-top airport security outrages the public, says Ivan Eland. November 23, 2010

Iran-Nuke NIE Stopped Bush on War
A US intelligence estimate refuting claims about Iran's nuke plans killed George W. Bush's war option, reports Ray McGovern. November 22, 2010

A Dark Humor Pervades US Politics
Victorious Tea Party Republicans bring to Washington not just their ideas but their own curious reality, observes Don Monkerud. November 22, 2010

Obama's Frantic Mideast Peace Gamble
President Obama begs Israel's Likud government to return to peace talks, offering many incentives, notes Lawrence Davidson. November 22, 2010

America's 'Christian Nation' Myth
A new poll finds a majority of Americans believing the Founders created a "Christian nation," laments Rev. Howard Bess. November 22, 2010

Iranian Nuke Documents May Be Fake
Alleged Iranian nuclear documents contain discrepancies suggesting they may have been fabricated, reports Gareth Porter. November 21, 2010

US Consumers Urged to Splurge
Wall Street wants a big Christmas shopping season, but Americans may again get stuck with the bill, warns Danny Schechter. November 19, 2010

The World's Crisis in War Reporting
Honest war reporting is disappearing even as war becomes a never-ending feature of modern America, comments Don North. November 18, 2010

Did GOP's Cantor Cross Line on Israel?
House Republican leader Eric Cantor promised to protect Israel from President Obama's pressure, says Lawrence Davidson. November 18, 2010

US Military at Ease over Gay Soldiers
Despite Sen. John McCain's resistance, the US military accepts the idea of openly gay soldiers, writes Michael Winship. November 18, 2010

Obama's No-Win Afghan Quandary
Barack Obama's bid to salvage George W. Bush's bungled Afghan War is endangering his presidency, argues Bruce P. Cameron. November 17, 2010

The UN and the Hypocrisy of Power
Israel and its defenders in Washington have exposed the UN's impotence over the Palestinians' plight, says Lawrence Davidson. November 13, 2010

Dogmatism in an Age of Complexity
Amid crises fraught with complexity, many politicians thrive by offering a simplistic world view, notes Judy J. Johnson. November 13, 2010

WikiLeaks Ban or Global Secrecy Act?
A proposal to criminalize disclosure of CIA or US military contacts aims at WikiLeaks but could hit elsewhere, writes D.H. Kerby. November 11, 2010

Angry Voters of a Decaying Empire
Voters with no real stake in America's corporatist empire expressed pointless anger about their fate, says Phil Rockstroh. November 11, 2010

Yemeni Drone Strikes' Risky Fallout
The US military got a green light to use drones to attack Yemeni targets, but some raids have backfired, reports Gareth Porter. November 11, 2010

Hard Lessons from Election 2010
Corporatist Republicans won big because the powerful right-wing media controlled the political narrative, writes Robert Parry. November 10, 2010

GOP Victory Derails High-Speed Trains
Plans for high-speed rail and other infrastructure were dealt a blow with the Republican electoral win, notes Michael Winship. November 10, 2010

CIA Officers Duck Video-Torture Case
A special prosecutor lets off CIA officers who destroyed videos of "war on terror" torture sessions, reports Jason Leopold. November 10, 2010

Intrusive Airport Searches Miss Point
Instead of addressing Muslim anger over Mideast policies, US officials ramp up airport security -- again, notes Charles V. Peña. November 9, 2010

Krystallnacht and Christianity
On the anniversary of a Nazi rampage against Jews, Gary Kohls reflects on Christianity's failure to stand for Jesus's teachings. November 9, 2010

Jesus's Teachings and the Tea Party
The Tea Party's anti-government message conflicts with the Jesus agenda of helping the poor, observes the Rev. Howard Bess. November 8, 2010

Olbermann's Exile: The Back Story
MSNBC has reinstated Keith Olbermann but tensions with the independent newsman have a history, writes Danny Schechter. November 8, 2010

Bush Boasts of Waterboard Order
Without shame, ex-President Bush says he responded to CIA's request to waterboard with a "Damn right," notes Ray McGovern. November 7, 2010

Weak Left Led to Democratic Defeat
The American Left's lack of messaging to average Americans set the stage for the Republican comeback, says Lawrence Davidson. November 6, 2010

Can Dems Reenergize the Youth Vote?
The youth vote, which helped elect President Obama, was demoralized by Democratic spinelessness, observes William John Cox. November 6, 2010

Taking America Back to the Gilded Age
Republicans wax nostalgic about the economics of the early 20th Century, but William Loren Katz recalls that harsh reality. November 5, 2010

America, Losing Hearts and Minds
The long US war in Afghanistan is devolving into a death-squad campaign against ill-definded Bad Guys, warns Jada Thacker. November 5, 2010

The Radical Change in Conservatism
American conservatism once suggested sane practicality but now conveys a dangerous irrationality, notes Daniel C. Maguire. November 4, 2010

Why JFK Would Disdain Yemen Raid
President John Kennedy favored winning hearts and minds abroad, not dispatching killer teams to Yemen, says Lisa Pease. November 4, 2010

Petraeus Winked at Iraq War Abuses
Early in the Iraq War, Gen. David Petraeus unleashed Shiite and Kurdish commandos on Sunni suspects, reports Gareth Porter. November 4, 2010

US Voters Drink Reaganism's Kool-Aid
Election 2010 refills the vat with Ronald Reagan's poisonous "government is the problem" brew, writes Robert Parry. November 3, 2010

Darker Economic Days Likely Ahead
The US elections mean President Obama has little ability to respond to joblessness even inadequately, says Danny Schechter. November 3, 2010

Jon Stewart's Movement for Sanity
Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" drew a massive crowd but does it signify some lasting change, asks Michael Winship. November 2, 2010

Putting a Brake on Unwise US Wars
Is there a way to discourage foreign wars by making the decision more politically difficult for presidents, asks Ivan Eland. November 2, 2010

Taking a Stand for Sanity
Jon Stewart's rally drew a massive crowd in support of "sanity," but the US news media closed its eyes, reports Robert Parry. November 1, 2010

The Seduction of Ambassador Rice
Susan Rice was a free-thinker before becoming US ambassador to the UN and joining the team, writes Lawrence Davidson. November 1, 2010

Does Sanity Matter?
Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" poses a key but curious question: Should the US become sane, observes Robert Parry. October 29, 2010

Did Rove's Protégé Puff-up Resumé?
From the Archive: Arkansas GOP congressional candidate Tim Griffin attacks our past reporting about his lack of courtroom experience.

Explaining US Military's Cultural Divide
The US military's retreat from officer training at elite colleges added to a harmful cultural gap, says ex-CIA officer Paul R. Pillar. October 28, 2010

WPost's Blinders on Afghan War
As boosters for the Afghan War, Washington Post editors ignore the bad news that their own reporters find, notes Robert Parry. October 28, 2010

How Wall Street Plans to Party On
The scandal that took down N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer was a lucky break for Wall Street's own party boys, writes Michael Winship. October 27, 2010

WPost Downplays Iraq War Crimes
The Washington Post's editors try to wash blood from their hands by minimizing the WikiLeaks records, notes Robert Parry. October 26, 2010

Creating a Lawless Executive Branch
The US Supreme Court could set a bad precedent if it protects bogus "material witness" warrants, writes Lawrence Davidson. October 26, 2010

The US Empire's Halloween Frights
Like a scary Halloween movie, a dying American empire dispatches zombies to swell the ranks of the undead, says Phil Rockstroh. October 26, 2010

ADL Sidles Up to Anti-Muslim Bigots
The Anti-Defamation League has drifted from fighting all bigotry to fronting for Israeli government policies, writes Morgan Strong. October 25, 2010

Undercounting the Iraq War Dead
The U.S. news media has used low estimates of Iraq War dead, but new data points to a higher total, notes Nicolas J S Davies. October 25, 2010

Records Cast Doubt on Iraq 'Surge'
WikiLeaks' disclosures on the Iraq War suggest other factors -- besides the "surge" -- lowered the violence, says Robert Parry. October 24, 2010

A Perjurer on the US Supreme Court
An ex-girlfriend of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ends a long silence and exposes his perjury, notes Robert Parry. October 23, 2010

Mystery of American Political Madness
The crazy place where US politics now finds itself is the end of a long, winding and weird road, explains Bernard Weiner. October 23, 2010

Is Israel Poisoning the Peace Talks?
Israel's demand that Palestinians accept the "Jewish state" may be a new poison pill for peace talks, says Lawrence Davidson. October 21, 2010

Tea Party Thuggery as Election Nears
Tea Party extremism is spilling into thuggery as the goal of "taking our country back" is within reach, says Michael Winship. October 20, 2010

A Clash Over 'Lesser-Evil' Voting
Robert Parry responds to criticism of article asking if the Left's punishing of Democrats at the polls has ever worked. Octobert 20, 2010

Obama's Feckless Afghan Escalation
After three decades of US mistakes in Afghanistan, President Obama joins the parade into the swamp, writes Ivan Eland. October 19, 2010

Who Will Rescue Trapped Americans?
Danny Schechter cites parallels between the plight of the trapped Chilean miners and Americans drowning in economic misery. October 18, 2010

California Voters Take on the Drug War
Since Nixon denounced hippies, the drug war has targeted marijuana, but California might just say no, says Kevin Zeese. October 17, 2010

Lost Faith in CIA Intelligence Analysts
President Obama escalated the Afghan War without asking CIA analysts to prepare a formal assessment, says Melvin A. Goodman. October 16, 2010

The 'Teach-the-Dems-a-Lesson' Myth
As some lefties vow to "teach the Democrats a lesson," few ask if that strategy has ever worked, notes Robert Parry. October 15, 2010

Pentagon Releases Tally of Dead Iraqis
The Pentagon quietly reversed its longstanding refusal to disclose the U.S. tallies of Iraqi war dead, observes Rory O'Connor. October 15, 2010

Treating Detainees Like Guinea Pigs
The Bush administration's use of torture followed rule changes on human experimentation, write Jason Leopold and Jeffrey Kaye. October 14, 2010

Leakers, Beware the Corporate Media
The days of brave U.S. newspapers defying the government may be over, but the Internet offers new hope, says Ray McGovern. October 13, 2010

The Foreclosure Fraud's Outrage Gap
Given all the faux outrage these days, where's the fury over the banks' engaging in foreclosure fraud, asks Danny Schechter. October 12, 2010

Awe of Military vs. Free Speech
A tiny right-wing church's grotesque behavior pits free-speech principles against reverence of the US military, notes Ivan Eland. October 12, 2010

Obama's Mission Impossible
On taking office, President Obama opted for stabilizing the old economic order rather than shaking it up, notes Danny Schechter. October 8, 2010

What a GOP Majority Would Mean
Republican obstructionism may be rewarded, but the new political reality may prove costly, writes Don Monkerud. October 6, 2010

Petraeus's New Afghan War Ploy
Gen. David Petraeus suggests that his Afghan War "surge" is forcing the Taliban to the peace table, but is it so, asks Ivan Eland. October 5, 2010

An Inside Look at the Afghan Debacle
Bob Woodward's new book reveals President Obama's national security team adrift on the Afghan War, says Melvin A. Goodman. October 5, 2010

The Enduring Battle with Chaos
The chaos, now spreading in the modern world, has been a challenge to mankind for millennia, observes Rev. Howard Bess. October 4, 2010

The Bigot Whisperers of the Right
Billionaires funding the Right have mastered the art of manipulating millions of Americans, writes Phil Rockstroh. October 4, 2010

Guatemala: A Test Tube of Repression
Beyond VD experiments on Guatemalans, Washington treated the country like a test tube for counterinsurgency, says Robert Parry. October 3, 2010

A Gentle March for American Unity
The One Nation March stayed on message but fell short of sparking a populist movement for change, writes Danny Schechter. October 3, 2010

Obama's Hypocrisy on Torture
President Obama takes action against alleged Iranian torturers but shields Bush administration torturers, notes Jason Leopold. October 2, 2010

What a Burned Pentagon Book Reveals
After the uncensored first edition of a U.S. officer's book was burned, David Swanson explores the macho silliness that's left. October 1, 2010

Finally, Israel Lobby Gets Challenged
Israel's brinksmanship over settlements and peace talks prompts concerns about the Israel Lobby, writes Lawrence Davidson. October 1, 2010

CIA Analysts Shut Out on Afghan War
President Obama's chaotic Afghan War review ignored the protocol of a formal intelligence estimate, notes Ray McGovern. September 30, 2010

Fear Still Erodes American Liberties
Under the Obama administration, fear among American dissenters hasn't significantly abated, Danny Schechter discovers. September 30, 2010

Israeli Commandos Accused of Murder
A UN report on Israel's assault on a Turkish ship off Gaza says commandos murdered six passengers, Gareth Porter reports. September 29, 2010

Rove's Money Tramples Democracy
Republican operative Karl Rove flouts tax laws as he funnels secret cash into the mid-term elections, argues Kevin Zeese. September 28, 2010

The Neocons' 'Democracy' Fraud
The neoconservative scheme to spread "democracy" at gunpoint across the Middle East has backfired, writes Ivan Eland. September 28, 2010

How Bush Holdovers Trapped Obama
Defense Secretary Gates and other Bush holdovers sandbagged President Obama on the Afghan escalation, says Robert Parry. September 27, 2010

Must Christianity Dominate America?
Right-wing Christians demand a 'Christian America,' but Rev. Howard Bess asks how that fits with Jesus's gentle teachings. September 27, 2010

Big Media Won't Forgive Colbert
Comedian Stephen Colbert still riles up Washington media bigwigs four years after he mocked them, reports Jeff Cohen. September 26, 2010

New FBI Raids in 'War on Dissent'
Despite criticism of past "war on terror" investigations, the FBI mounts new raids on anti-war activists, notes Coleen Rowley. September 26, 2010

Obama's Anti-historical UN Speech
President Obama appealed for Mideast peace but still distorted the facts behind the conflict, argues Lawrence Davidson. September 25, 2010

Petraeus Cons Obama on Afghan War
Gen. David Petraeus continues to outmaneuver President Obama on the future of the Afghan War, writes Ray McGovern. September 24, 2010

Testing the Value of Truth
Political operatives of all stripes are tempted to twist the truth as a shortcut to achieve their goals, says Rory O'Connor. September 23, 2010

The No-Longer Endless Summers
Economic adviser Larry Summers's departure may help President Obama politically, but is it too late, asks Danny Schechter. September 23, 2010

Losing Ahmadinejad's Translation
Iran's President Ahmadinejad remains the US press corps' new villain, but there is more to the story, writes Lawrence Davidson. September 22, 2010

Colin Powell's Tolerance of Murder
Ex-Gen. Colin Powell, who excused the murder of Vietnamese, might have thoughts on a new Afghan case, says Robert Parry. September 21, 2010

How Gen. Petraeus Deceived Obama
Gen. David Petraeus bait-and-switched President Obama to get more U.S. troops for the Afghan War, writes Gareth Porter. September 20, 2010

TNR's Peretz Reveals Mideast Bigotry
Caught up in the anti-Islamic frenzy, The New Republic's Martin Peretz says 'Muslim life is cheap,' notes Lawrence Davidson. September 20, 2010

Lee Hamilton, the Un-Wise Man
Lee Hamilton is a "wise man" to Washington insiders but his investigative record is filled with cover-ups, writes Robert Parry. September 17, 2010

A Campaign to Free Bradley Manning
To the Army, Bradley Manning is a suspected leaker of Iraq and Afghan secrets, but he's a hero to retired Col. Ann Wright. September 17, 2010

Nixon's Vengeful War on Marijuana
When President Nixon launched the drug war, he wanted revenge on pot-smoking Vietnam protesters, notes William John Cox. September 16, 2010

The Great Muslim Scare
The furor over the Manhattan Islamic Center - like other Muslim-bashing - has a political intent, says Lawrence Davidson. September 16, 2010

America's Decoupling from Reality
The latest Kenya smear against President Obama reflects America's three-decade divorce from reality, argues Robert Parry. September 15, 2010

Rory Kennedy's "The Fence"
Rory Kennedy's HBO documentary, "The Fence," tells the tragic-comic tale of the US-Mexican border fence, writes Lisa Pease. September 14, 2010

GOP Leaders Embrace Ugly Intolerance
Newt Gingrich's praise for a story about President Obama channeling his Kenyan father is a new low, writes Michael Winship. September 14, 2010

Great Britain's Brave New World
The British austerity program is squeezing the middle class and pushing the newly poor toward class war, says Danny Schechter. September 14, 2010

Has US Empire Benefited the World?
For nearly a century -- since World War I -- the US has policed the globe but is the world better off for it, asks Ivan Eland. September 14, 2010

Marijuana 'Prohibition' on CA's Ballot
After a failed 37-year-long "drug war," California will vote on ending "prohibition" on marijuana, notes Kevin Zeese. September 13, 2010

US Hypocrisy Hobbles Human Rights
International law has become a practice in double standards, with only the weak held accountable, says Lawrence Davidson. September 12, 2010

NYT Pushes Confrontation with Iran
New York Times editorialists are driving the crisis with Iran into a box canyon of confrontation, warns Robert Parry. September 11, 2010

Would Jesus Hate Muslims?
By hating Muslims, some Christians are acting more like vengeful Crusaders than followers of Jesus, observes Rev. Howard Bess. September 11, 2010

America's Excessive Fear of the World
An American paradox is that even though life is the US is relatively safe, Americans wallow in fear, writes Jonathan Schwarz. September 11, 2010

After 9/11, Making Matters Worse
The U.S. government's response to 9/11 played into the enemy's hands by overreacting to the threat, says Melvin A. Goodman. September 11, 2010

Hillary's Imperial Dream Meets Reality
Secretary of State Clinton hailed "a new American moment" but it collided with new Afghan chaos, writes Danny Schechter. September 10, 2010

Islam Basher Claims to Unmask Cleric
Propagandist Steve Emerson's jihad against cleric Rauf fails to live up to the hype on right-wing radio, reports Robert Parry. September 10, 2010

Toning Down the 9/11 Tirades
Nine years after 9/11, the anniversary sadly has become an opportunity for political opportunists, laments Michael Winship. September 9, 2010

The Value of Real Journalism
US journalism has fallen short, but the profession of separating fact from fiction is vital to the future, says Mort Rosenblum. September 8, 2010

Iraq Pullout v. the Base Temptation
President Obama promises to complete the US withdrawal from Iraq, but pressure builds to keep some bases, writes Ivan Eland. September 8, 2010

Why the Israeli Boycott Is Growing
The Israeli Right's insistence that it can seize Palestinian land is fueling a growing boycott movement, says Lawrence Davidson. September 8, 2010

Petraeus Spins the Afghan War Mess
Gen. David Petraeus cites progress in Afghanistan, but an ex-U.S. official says that's spin, not reality, reports Barbara Koeppel. September 7, 2010

Banksters Steal Away with the Loot
Wall Street banksters and their accomplices get away scot-free while average citizens pay the price, says Danny Schechter. September 7, 2010

Blair Reveals Cheney's War Agenda
Ex-British PM Tony Blair describes Vice President Cheney's neocon dream of eliminating hostile regimes, writes Robert Parry. September 6, 2010

Must the Bible Remain 'Holy'?
As religious intolerance spreads, Rev. Howard Bess urges Christians to adopt a more critical approach toward Bible study. September 5, 2010

CIA's 'Red Cell' Hypocrisy on Terror
A secret CIA study on U.S.-born terrorists ignores the agency's long history of sponsoring acts of terror, says Robert Parry. September 4, 2010

Recession Snuffs Out New Media Hope
On this bleak Labor Day weekend, News Dissector Danny Schechter reflects on his own lost dream of a media start-up. September 3, 2010

Posturing on the PanAm 103 'Bomber'
US and UK officials still fume over the freed PanAm 103 "bomber" though the Libyan is clearly innocent, writes William Blum. September 2, 2010

WikiLeaks and Defining 'Journalism'
WikiLeaks has been attacked as not a real journalistic entity and thus not deserving of legal protection, but D.H. Kerby objects. September 2, 2010

Will US Really Prosecute WikiLeaks?
The US government's threat to prosecute WikiLeaks for publishing Afghan War documents is anti-democratic, says Ivan Eland. September 2, 2010

The Afghan Pincer Attack on Obama
Afghan War hawks have outmaneuvered President Obama by overrunning his political flanks, writes Melvin A. Goodman. September 2, 2010

How the Right Still Frames Iraq
The Right framed the debate over President Obama's Iraq War speech as the need to thank George W. Bush, says Robert Parry. September 1, 2010

Obama Sugarcoats Iraq War Realities
In "turning the page" on Iraq, President Obama spared those responsible for this war of aggression, writes David Swanson. September 1, 2010

Beck's Washington Monument Myth
Though often spouting US history, Glenn Beck gummed up the story of the Washington Monument, notes Jonathan Schwarz. September 1, 2010

Beck and American Know-Nothings
Fox News' Glenn Beck has become the pied piper of the American know-nothings, as his DC rally showed, says Michael Winship. August 31, 2010

What Obama Won't Say Tonight
In a mock draft of President Obama's Iraq War speech, Ray McGovern suggests a focus on the Afghan War quagmire instead. August 31, 2010

War on Terror: Greatest Covert Op
The "politics of terror" have enabled the US national security elite to gain ever more money and power, declares Douglas Valentine. August 31, 2010

Obama vs. the Generals
As President Obama declares an end to US "combat" in Iraq, a battle looms between him and the Pentagon, notes Rory O'Connor. August 30, 2010

The Christian Right Needs 'Enemies'
Christian fundamentalists have long obsessed on war with "enemies," now the world's Muslims, writes the Rev. Howard Bess. August 30, 2010

Why US Media Is Soft on Wall Street
Big US media is deeply interconnected with the same financial powers that dominate Wall Street, observes Danny Schechter. August 30, 2010

Don't Forget the Bush History
By quickly forgetting the history of George W. Bush, Americans are risking an ugly repeat, starting in November, warns Robert Parry. August 27, 2010

Hawks Box in Obama on Afghan War
President Obama tried to outmaneuver the Afghan War hawks, but now appears to be the one boxed in, says Ray McGovern. August 26, 2010

Karl Rove Exploits Corporate Money
Republican strategist Karl Rove is seizing on a Supreme Court ruling to funnel corporate cash into elections, says Kevin Zeese. August 26, 2010

At War with American Workers
Company demands for a cut in pay for Mott's Apple factory workers is a sign of the economic times, writes Michael Winship. August 25, 2010

Twisting Palestinian Arms for 'Peace'
New Israel-Palestine peace talks confront Palestinian leaders with some unpalatable choices, observes Lawrence Davidson. August 25, 2010

Christian Nationalism's War with Islam
The "Ground Zero Mosque" furor is another skirmish in the Christian fundamentalists' war with Islam, says Rev. Howard Bess. August 24, 2010

Making a 'Mosque' a 'Wedge' Issue
By blurring al-Qaeda's motivations, the Right has exploited an Islamic center to rile up the American people, writes Ivan Eland. August 24, 2010

Fiddling While the US Economy Burns
As the Right bashes President Obama for too much economic meddling, his real failure is in doing too little, says Danny Schechter. August 23, 2010

Turning Iraqi Cities into Slums
The US invasion of Iraq has caused a catastrophic decline in living standards for millions of Iraqis, writes Adil E. Shamoo. August 23, 2010

Spinning the US Failure in Iraq
The withdrawal of the last US combat battalions from Iraq marks a historic failure despite the spin in Washington, says Robert Parry. August 20, 2010

The Tea Partiers' Historical Fictions
Tea Party activists claim they represent America's founding values but they misunderstand the history, notes Jada Thacker. August 18, 2010

Mosque Furor Endangers US Troops
The Right is making political hay over a mosque near Ground Zero, but US troops may pay with their lives, writes Robert Parry. August 18, 2010

Do Religions Reject Gay Marriage?
The last line of defense for opponents of same-sex marriage is that religions forbid it, but Daniel C. Maguire questions that. August 18, 2010

Old-Time Bigotry Alive in America
The screaming over a mosque near 9/11's Ground Zero reflects America's deepseated nativism, observes Michael Winship. August 17, 2010

Making the US Look Small to the World
Right-wing operatives whipping up anger over a Lower Manhattan mosque make America look hypocritical, says Alvaro Vargas Llosa. August 17, 2010

Letting the Banksters 'Settle'
Instead of jail time, the banksters who tanked the global economy are settling for cash payouts, writes Danny Schechter. August 17, 2010

Behind a Lethal Israel-Lebanon Clash
A cross-border firing by Lebanese and Israeli troops reveals that regional tensions remain high, writes Lawrence Davidson. August 16, 2010

How Truth Can Save Lives
As the US government attacks WikiLeaks for risking lives, Ray McGovern notes that secrecy and lies can be far more dangerous. August 15, 2010

US Staggers Toward Dysfunction
The dysfunction of the US political/media system is spreading into the economy with terrible results, notes Danny Schechter. August 14, 2010

Gut-Check Time for Progressives
Progressives hoped President Obama's election would mean a new day in politics, but the Right has hit back, says Don Monkerud. August 13, 2010

A Neocon Preps US for War with Iran
Neocon writer Jeffrey Goldberg lays out Israel's case for why the US should join a new war with Iran, observes Ray McGovern. August 12, 2010

Why Israel Wants a US War with Iran
Neocons are beating new war drums, this time over Iran, to boost Israel's regional interests, write Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett. August 12, 2010

Don't Try These GOP Alibis at Home
When powerful Republicans are in a pinch, they can use crazy alibis that would make anyone else look guiltier, says Robert Parry. August 12, 2010

Manning, Khadr: Cases of Conscience
Two young men -- Bradley Manning and Omar Khadr -- are in jail for reacting to U.S. invasions, writes Lawrence Davidson. August 11, 2010

The Mosque, the Wall, and America
The bitter protests against an Islamic center near Ground Zero remind Michael Winship of the fight over the Vietnam Wall. August 10, 2010

Hard Choices in Iraq and Afghanistan
President Obama must resist pressures to leave behind more US troops in Iraq and to escalate in Afghanistan, writes Ivan Eland. August 10, 2010

The Dual Realities of Israel/Palestine
An ugly part of the Israel/Palestine conflict is the tendency to disparage the other side's grievances, says Lawrence Davidson. August 10, 2010

Is Anti-Tax Rage Fueled by Racism?
When average white Americans want tax cuts for the rich, the disconnect suggests that racism may be a factor, says Jay Diamond. August 9, 2010

Lack of Jobs Kills Hope of Recovery
The dysfunctions of American politics and business have merged in the failure to address joblessness, notes Danny Schechter. August 9, 2010

Pfc. Manning and the Value of Truth
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern speaks in defense of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the young soldier accused of giving secrets to WikiLeaks. August 8, 2010

Letting Torturers Go Free
A first-hand account by a Guantanamo Bay survivor suggests torture was widespread -- and unpunished -- writes Sherwood Ross. August 6, 2010

The Pleasantly Surprising 'Green Zone'
Matt Damon's Iraq War movie, "Green Zone," doesn't shy away from telling some hard truths about official lies, says David Swanson. August 5, 2010

Is Iran, like Iraq, 'Asking for War'?
A US media myth about invading Iraq is that it pretended to have WMD, a falsehood that could repeat in Iran, warns William Blum. August 4, 2010

Palin, Summers and the Crisis of Kitsch
Though intellectual opposites, Sarah Palin and Larry Summers are two pieces of a destructive puzzle, writes Phil Rockstroh. August 4, 2010

Obama Warned Israel May Bomb Iran
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity tell President Obama that he must instruct Israel to forgo any surprise attack on Iran. August 3, 2010

Wall Street's Collapse, 3 Years Later
On the third anniversary of the Wall Street meltdown, few lessons are learned and few crooks punished, notes Danny Schechter. August 3, 2010

GOP Eyes Big Gains Over the Economy
Republican strategy to sabotage President Obama's economic program appears close to political success, says Stephen Crockett. August 3, 2010

Can US Live with a Taliban Revival?
As leaked Afghan War documents underscore the war's futility, Ivan Eland asks whether a deal with the Taliban could work. August 3, 2010

Washington's Ethical Double Standard
Two standards of ethics apply in Washington, one for the well-connected and another for those less fortunate, says Robert Parry. August 2, 2010

WikiLeaks Filled a Journalistic Void
The failure of journalists to serve as the public's eyes and ears opened the door to the Afghan War leaks, writes Mort Rosenblum. August 2, 2010

Making an Example of Charlie Rangel
Amid Washington's corruption, it is Harlem's Rep. Charlie Rangel who is being dragged to the woodshed, notes Danny Schechter. August 1, 2010

Jesus's Unsettling Lessons for America
Many American Christians don't want to hear Jesus's disdain for his era's unfettered capitalism, observes Rev. Howard Bess. August 1, 2010

A Neocon Re-write of American History
Neocon Max Boot -- Gen. David Petraeus's BFF -- says the US military budget also should stay huge forever, notes Robert Parry. July 31, 2010

Neocons Still Angle for War with Iran
Despite resistance from senior US military commanders, neocons still want to provoke a major new war with Iran, writes Gareth Porter. July 31, 2010

To Publish Official Secrets -- or Not
The Pentagon says disclosing Afghan War secrets has risked lives, but the life-or-death issue is more complicated, writes Robert Parry. July 30, 2010

The Truth Behind the Tea Parties
The media hype around the Tea Parties hides the reality of a marginal movement fronting for deep pockets, says Don Monkerud. July 29, 2010

US Grows Isolated on Aggressive War
Outside the United States, a global consensus has formed recognizing the invasion of Iraq as a criminal act, writes Peter Dyer. July 28, 2010

LAPD Unit Breaks Up a Birthday Party
The L.A. police unit, infamous for the videotaped beating of Rodney King, is seen breaking up a birthday party, says Dennis Bernstein. July 27, 2010

Stumbling Toward a Bleak Horizon
As daunting challenges mount, the American political system has rarely looked this dysfunctional, observes Danny Schechter. July 27, 2010

Israel's Self-Defeating Gaza Embargo
Israel's harsh embargo of Gaza has inflicted harm on Israel's image while helping Hamas consolidate its power, says Ivan Eland. July 27, 2010

How Bush Botched the Afghan War
The leaked history of the Afghan War conveys an unspoken narrative of how President Bush bungled the conflict, says Robert Parry. July 26, 2010

Afghan War Leaks Expose Costly Folly
Wikileaks' release of 92,000 classified documents about the Afghan War reveals a bloody march of folly, writes Ray McGovern. July 26, 2010

BP Oil Spill Threatens Bayou Tribes
The BP oil spill, mixed with a possible hurricane, could end a way of life for struggling Louisiana Native tribes, writes Dennis Bernstein. July 25, 2010

The Other 'Top Secret America'
Official Washington's just noticed the risks for the CIA's "counter-terror" bureaucracy, but it's not new, says Douglas Valentine. July 24, 2010

Terror's Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone
The expensive "war on terror" is like a "self-licking ice cream cone" that doesn't do much but satisfy itself, writes Ray McGovern. July 23, 2010

'Loyal Bushies' Spared Prosecution
Senior aides to President George W. Bush dodged another bullet as a justice-tampering case is closed, reports Jason Leopold. July 22, 2010

New Fin-Reg Law Only a Half-Measure
President Obama scored a victory with the new financial regulations but big economic challenges remain, writes Danny Schechter. July 22, 2010

Pentagon's Robots Transform Warfare
As the US deploys more robots to kill Islamic militants, it looks more and more like the villain in a sci-fi movie, notes Sherwood Ross. July 22, 2010

The Fight to Protect Social Security
President Obama's "deficit hawk" fiscal commission is looking at ways to cut Social Security and Medicare, writes Kevin Zeese. July 22, 2010

The Right's Power of Infrastructure
The massive new "counter-terror" infrastructure moves the US further down the road to right-wing dominance, says Robert Parry. July 20, 2010

No One Wants to Admit Afghan Failure
Official Washington remains in denial about the slow-moving, bloody catastrophe in Afghanistan, writes Michael Winship. July 20, 2010

The Ever-Expanding 'War on Terror'
Pundits are demanding an expansion of the "war on terror" in Somalia as the cycle of escalation turns again, notes Ivan Eland. July 20, 2010

Does Christian Charity Reach 'Illegals'?
Arizona's crackdown on undocumented immigrants presents a special challenge to Christian churches, says Rev. Howard Bess. July 20, 2010

Another Police Killing in Oakland, CA
Oakland, California, on edge over a fatal police shooting case, experienced a second killing at the same spot, reports Dennis Bernstein. July 18, 2010

Iranian Scientist, a Different Curveball
CIA hoped Iranian scientist Amiri would expose Iran's nuclear secrets, but he proved to be a different "curveball," says Ray McGovern. July 17, 2010

Dying Sea Turtles Warn of Toxic Gulf
Sea turtles, struggling to survive in the oil-fouled Gulf of Mexico, are a warning of possible "dead zones," reports Dennis Bernstein. July 16, 2010

Some Hard Truths about America
Corporate America wants to shed workers but not consumers, the dilemma that is threatening to sink the economy, says Robert Parry. July 15, 2010

Bybee Faults CIA on Torture Excesses
Jay Bybee, the government lawyer who signed the "torture memos," says the CIA used unapproved methods, reports Jason Leopold. July 15, 2010

Obama Frees CIA from Its Watchdog
President Obama's failure to name a new inspector general for the CIA is a puzzling national security failure, notes Melvin A. Goodman. July 15, 2010

Oakland Reels after Killer-Cop Verdict
A soft verdict for a white policeman who killed an unarmed black man has put Oakland, California, on edge, reports Dennis Bernstein. July 14, 2010

How James Meredith Beat the Racists
A statue to James Meredith at Ole Miss, the school he integrated, downplays the ugliness of the fight, recalls Sherwood Ross. July 14, 2010

The Rich Work Around the Recession
From LeBron James to the Chamber of Commerce, some well-to-do do well despite the savage recession, reports Michael Winship. July 12, 2010

Who Goes to Jail? BP CEO or Shrimper
Shrimper Diane Wilson faces jail time for a Capitol Hill protest demanding BP CEO Tony Hayward go to jail, Dennis Bernstein reports. July 11, 2010

Nikola Tesla's Renewable Energy Vision
Nikola Tesla, one of history's great inventors who was born 154 years ago, envisioned a world without fossil fuels, recalls Lisa Pease. July 10, 2010

Speaking Up for the Expendables
Many Christians have forgotten a core teaching of Jesus, says Rev. Howard Bess, to identify with the "least of these." July 10, 2010

Speedy Justice for Spies, Not Wall St.
The wheels of justice spun quickly for the Russian "spies," but have ground slowly for Wall Street plunderers, writes Danny Schechter. July 10, 2010

BP Ruined a Mississippi Way of Life
A Mississippi tourist boat captain sees a three-generation business -- and way of life -- devastated by BP's oil, says Dennis Bernstein. July 9, 2010

The Second Coming of Petraeus
With Washington pundits gazing on in reverence, Gen. David Petraeus returns as the saviour of the Afghan War, notes Ivan Eland. July 9, 2010

Neocons, Likud Conquer DC, Again
Gen. David Petraeus wrote fawning e-mails to a key neocon and President Obama pandered to Israel's leader, reports Robert Parry. July 8, 2010

Obama's Bungled Military Strategies
President Obama staffed his national security bureaucracy more with an eye toward politics than reform, writes Melvin A. Goodman. July 8, 2010

Oil Firms May Fuel Burma's Nuke Plans
A new report alleges that Western oil giants in Burma are giving the junta the means to seek nuclear bombs, reports Dennis Bernstein. July 7, 2010

Losing in Afghanistan
Spending more money and dispatching Gen.David Petraeus can't conceal how unwinnable the Afghan War is, says Marjorie Cohn. July 7, 2010

The Military-Industrial Complex's Win
Despite President Eisenhower's wise warning about the military-industrial complex, the complex won, writes Melvin A. Goodman. July 7, 2010

Cheery Fireworks, Depressing Reality
Fourth of July fireworks could not conceal the underlying reality that the US economy is teetering again, reports Danny Schechter. July 6, 2010

Mississippi Gov. Barbour Fronts for BP
As BP's oil fouls Mississippi's coast, Gov. Haley Barbour does little more than make excuses for the oil giant, Dennis Bernstein finds. July 6, 2010

What Eisenhower Could Teach Obama
President Obama could have learned from President Dwight Eisenhower's skepticism toward the Pentagon, writes Melvin A. Goodman. July 5, 2010

How Reagan Charted a Dismal Future
President Reagan used feel-good rhetoric to mask how his policies would create the painful future that is now here, says Gray Brechin. July 5, 2010

Thoughts on Patriotism on July Fourth
American patriotism has undermined the nation's principles by preventing a needed debate about US ideals, writes William Blum. July 5, 2010

Video Captures Another Border Killing
The U.S. official account of another Mexican border killing has been undermined by a cell-phone video, reports Dennis Bernstein. July 2, 2010

The Afghan 'No Exit' War
The Afghan War, the longest in US history, may drag on indefinitely, but is unlikely to end well, argues Ivan Eland. June 30, 2010

BP's Oil Spill Fouls Water, Land and Air
The BP oil disaster inflicts damage on the water, the land and even the air that coastal residents breathe, reports Dennis Bernstein. June 29, 2010

Bruce Fein and the Politics of Empire
Conservative thinker Bruce Fein dissects Official Washington's embrace of the politics of empire, observes David Swanson. June 29, 2010

Gen. Petraeus and the 'Surge' Myth
The Iraq War acclaim of Gen. David Petraeus, the new Afghan commander, is based on the myth of the "surge," writes Robert Parry. June 29, 2010

Losing Civilian Control of the Military
Gen. Stanley McChrystal's insubordination reflects a growing U.S. military contempt for civilian leadership, warns Melvin A. Goodman. June 28, 2010

Court's Dual Standards on Free Speech
The right-dominated U.S. Supreme Court insists on free speech for corporations but not for peacemakers, notes Nat Parry. June 28, 2010

The Heat Is On in Washington
As the summer heat comes early to Washington, the battles over needed reforms are warming up, too, writes Michael Winship. June 28, 2010

Finding the Financial-Reg Loopholes
Before the ink was dry on the compromise financial-regulatory bill, the big banks had judged they won, notes Danny Schechter. June 26, 2010

Obama Misses the Afghan Exit Ramp
President Obama got Gen. Stanley McChrystal out of Aghanistan but not the 100,000 U.S. troops stuck there, writes Ray McGovern. June 24, 2010

Is Financial 'Reform' a Charade?
Congress nears final passage of financial changes, but it's unclear if the loopholes will outsize the "reform," says Danny Schechter. June 25, 2010

Obama's Truman-MacArthur Moment
General Stanley McChrystal's latest insubordination toward President Obama opens a door on Afghanistan, says Ray McGovern. June 22, 2010

Propaganda and Iran's Election
Biased coverage of Iran's 2009 election is setting the stage for another conflict, write Edward S. Herman and David Peterson. June 22, 2010

Turkey Resists Showdown with Iran
Fearing another march toward war in the Middle East, Turkey seeks to engage Iran, not bully it into a corner, says Ivan Eland. June 21, 2010

Letting Corporate Criminals Rule
From Big Oil to the titans of Wall Street, the corporate plunderers call most of the shots in U.S. politics, writes Danny Schechter. June 21, 2010

Ray McGovern Assesses Afghan War
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains how President Barack Obama became a "captive" of the military in the Afghan War. June 20, 2010

US Soldier Alleges '360' Firing in Iraq
A former Army soldier claims his battalion had orders to respond to IEDs by firing at Iraqis visible in the street, reports Ralph Lopez. June 19, 2010

Christians and the Environment
Rev. Howard Bess calls on Christians to combat chaos in the environment as they're advised to do in their personal lives. June 19, 2010

Witness: US Agent Aimed at Mexican
A witness to the shooting of a Mexican teenager says a U.S. border agent took aim, report Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss. June 18, 2010

The Challenge of Being Miley
The confusions of teen-age years are made even more difficult for a talented child star like Miley Cyrus, writes Michael Winship. June 18, 2010

The Tricky October Surprise Report
A House task force deceived the American public in clearing Ronald Reagan of a treacherous scheme with Iran, reports Robert Parry. June 17, 2010

How US Media Botched Iran's Election
The U.S. news media is enflaming policy toward Iran with a bogus tale of a "stolen" election, say Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett. June 17, 2010

Zionism and a Dreamscape of Ghosts
Phil Rockstroh, whose mother escaped Nazi Germany, struggles with the moral contradictions that Zionism has brought to Judaism. June 16, 2010

Prudhoe Bay, BP's Other Ticking Bomb
BP's cost-cutting, a factor in the Gulf spill, is creating another risk of an oil disaster on Alaska's north shore, reports Jason Leopold. June 16, 2010

Cable News and the Real World
CNN and other cable outlets have fallen short in exposing the criminal side of the Wall Street financial crash, writes Danny Schechter. June 16, 2010

Wikileak Case Echoes Pentagon Papers
Army specialist Bradley Manning's arrest over Iraq War secrets recalls the Dan Ellsberg case, say Coleen Rowley and Robert Parry. June 15, 2010

Witnesses of Border Killing Dispersed
Witnesses of a U.S. border agent shooting a Mexican teenager were scattered, report Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss. June 15, 2010

The Gaza Ghetto
More than a year after an Israeli military offensive, the embargo has prevented Gaza from rebuilding, says Alvaro Vargas Llosa. June 15, 2010

WPost, NYT Show Tough-Guy Swagger
"Tough-guy-ism" on Mideast wars is back big-time with the Washington Post and New York Times editorialists, notes Robert Parry. June 14, 2010

Eyewitness Contests Israeli Account
A survivor of Israel's Gaza relief ship raid says video clips hid the worst of the massacre, report Jesse Strauss and Dennis Bernstein. June 13, 2010

El Paso 'Cat and Mouse' Turns Fatal
The fatal shooting of a Mexican teen by a U.S. Border Patrol agent has a tragic back story, say Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss. June 12, 2010

America's Covert Democracy
Propaganda has been the common thread that weaves through what's gone wrong in the United States, says Danny Schechter. June 11, 2010

Roberts' Court Sinks Campaign Reform
Chief Justice John Roberts vowed to be an impartial umpire but has gone to bat against campaign reform,writes Michael Winship. June 11, 2010

The Troubling Mystery of 'Revelation'
To understand why Christian fundamentalists embrace violence requires addressing the Book of Revelation, says Rev. Howard Bess. June 11, 2010

Obama Goes with Neocon Flow on Iran
In confronting Iran, President Obama is retracing many of George W. Bush's steps that led to war with Iraq, notes Robert Parry. June 10, 2010

Imagining Courage and Sanity
As hypocrisy and lies dominate U.S. debates, one has to turn to dreams for moments of courage and sanity, says William Blum. June 10, 2010

Obama Shies from Real Intel Reform
President Obama has picked another ex-military officer to be "intelligence czar," assuring no real change, writes Melvin A. Goodman. June 9, 2010

Standing Up for Helen Thomas
Iconic White House reporter Helen Thomas made a dumb remark on Israel, but her independence will be missed, says Robert Parry. June 8, 2010

Terrorism and Israel's Attack at Sea
Israel's harsh blockade of Gaza and its 1.5 million people may be pushing the line on what's considered terrorism, argues Ivan Eland. June 8, 2010

Israel's Attack and the Cycle of Blame
Israel's assault on a Gaza relief ship recalls the intractable debate over the ancient lands of Israel/Palestine, writes Michael Winship. June 7, 2010

Wall Street Reform Under Siege
Despite its devastating collapse, Wall Street wants to resume business as usual and is poised to get its way, warns Danny Schechter. June 7, 2010

Obama's 'Drone' Killings Criticized
President Obama's growing reliance on predator drones to kill "terrorists" is raising human rights concerns, says Sherwood Ross. June 6, 2010

Israeli Navy Seizes 'Rachel Corrie'
A ship named for slain activist Rachel Corrie sought to break Israel's blockade of Gaza, say Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss. June 5, 2010

How 'Power' Christians Ignore Jesus
When American Christians boast about military and political might, they are missing a key message of Jesus, argues Rev. Howard Bess. June 4, 2010

Gaza Boat Activists Deny Israeli Story
As Israel releases activists seized enroute to Gaza, a fuller story of the fatal raid emerges, say Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss. June 4, 2010

Israel Attacked a NATO Member's Ship
By assaulting a Turkish-flagged vessel in international waters, Israel raised NATO collective defense concerns, says Craig Murray. June 3, 2010

First-hand Account of Israeli Assault
Peace activist Huwaida Arraf describes how Israeli commandos seized six ships trying to get supplies into blockaded Gaza. June 3, 2010

Israel's Dangerous Turn
Except in Washington, foreign policy analysts are quietly asking if nuclear-armed Israel has lost its bearings, writes Robert Parry. June 2, 2010

UN Human Rights Adviser Blasts Israel
UN human rights adviser for Palestine Richard Falk decries Israel's high-seas raid, report Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss. June 2, 2010

Why US Intelligence Reform Failed
After 9/11 and Iraq's WMD, Congress misdiagnosed the intelligence problem and opted for more bureaucracy, says Ivan Eland. June 2, 2010

America's False Measure of Success
At a Bronx high school, a hedge fund "success story" gave a pep talk to kids who face a bleak future, observed Danny Schechter. June 1, 2010

Obama's Timidity and Deaths at Sea
Israel's killing of activists trying to run its blockade of Gaza can be traced to President Obama's failure to be firm, says Ray McGovern. June 1, 2010

How Israel Out-Foxed US Presidents
Over the past six decades, Israeli officials have mastered the art of out-maneuvering U.S. presidents, writes Morgan Strong. May 31, 2010

Time to Turn to Jeb?
With the U.S. media forgetting George W. Bush's role in today's messes, Robert Parry asks when the nation will turn to brother Jeb. May 29, 2010

Memorial Daze: Quandary of Empire
In honoring U.S. soldiers, should Americans distinguish between veterans of defensive and imperial wars, asks Philip A Ferruggio. May 29, 2010

Even Kissinger Finally 'Gets It'
After decades at the center of the American Empire, Henry Kissinger admits that war has its limits, observes Winslow Myers. May 29, 2010

Memorial Day's Troubling Message
A holiday to honor past American soldiers has a different, more troubling purpose in an era of endless war, writes Gary G. Kohls. May 27, 2010

Rep. Obey Ducks War Challenge
An Iraq War vet tried to talk to House Appropriations Chairman David Obey about war funding, with no success, notes Ray McGovern. May 27, 2010

NYT's Friedman Rejects Iran Nuke Deal
New York Times neocon pundit Thomas L. Friedman wants "regime change" in Iran, not a nuclear agreement, reports Robert Parry. May 27, 2010

Covert US Military Strategy on Iran
The Obama administration's hawks appear ascendant as the U.S. military approves covert operations inside Iran, writes Robert Parry. May 25, 2010

Why NATO Expansion Is a Mistake
Despite budget pressures, the U.S. foreign policy elite wants NATO to expand Washington's imperial umbrella, notes Ivan Eland. May 25, 2010

Un-gagging the Whistleblowers
The U.S. government's punishment of whistleblowers is making the nation less safe, argue Coleen Rowley and Tom Devine. May 23, 2010

Behind the Texas Textbook Massacre
The Texas schoolbook initiative to replace history with propaganda has a dark legacy from the 1950s, writes Rosemarie Jackowski. May 23, 2010

Rand Paul Exposes the Real Tea Party
Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul revealed the Tea Party's core agenda, protecting "owner rights," writes Robert Parry. May 22, 2010

Dirty Linen Gets Intel Chief Fired
The firing of U.S. intelligence chief Dennis Blair follows mistakes but also reflects White House intrigue, says Ray McGovern. May 22, 2010

Rand Paul's Owner Rights v. Race Bias
Tea Party favorite Rand Paul showed a callousness toward racial bias with his defense of owner rights, observes Lawrence S. Wittner. May 21, 2010

Politics Needing a Swift Kick
Even a non-controversial jobs bill fell victim to the Republican goal of making Democrats look bad, writes Michael Winship. May 21, 2010

Campaign 2010: Where to Put Blame
Campaign 2010 may turn on whether voters blame Reagan-Bush policies for U.S. troubles or Barack Obama, says Robert Parry. May 20, 2010

US/Israel Challenged on Iran
A Turkey-Brazil diplomatic initiative to defuse the Iran crisis caught the Obama administration off-guard, writes Ray McGovern. May 19, 2010

Resolving the Miranda Dilemma
Instead of throwing out the Miranda warning for terror suspects, ex-FBI agent Coleen Rowley says common-sense options exist. May 18, 2010

Is Obama Making Terror Risk Worse?
By escalating conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan, President Obama risks the spread of anti-Americanism, says Ivan Eland. May 18, 2010

Itching to Fight Another Muslim Enemy
The anti-Iran propaganda in the U.S. media suggests another Iraq-like confrontation and possible war, writes Robert Parry. May 17, 2010

Kagan's Dubious Stand on Civil Rights
U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan appears to have a tepid commitment to civil rights, observes Marjorie Cohn. May 15, 2010

Chevron's 'Crude' War on Free Speech
Chevron has won a court order to pry into a documentary critical of its damage to Ecuador, note Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. May 15, 2010

The Return of Madcap Capitalism
After the Right's three-decade war on government regulations, madcap capitalism is again wreaking havoc, writes Robert Parry. May 14, 2010

The Danger of Israel's Nuke Hypocrisy
Israel's insistence that U.S. officials keep playing dumb about Israeli nukes undermines non-proliferation policies, writes Robert Parry. May 12, 2010

Tea Party Crazy Has a History
The lunacy infusing today's Tea Party movement is similar to the right-wing extremism of the Cold War, recalls William Blum. May 12, 2010

Iraq's Divided Future
As U.S. troops edge toward the exits, Iraq's sectarian divisions may leave little choice but to partition the country, says Ivan Eland. May 11, 2010

Condi: The Queen of No Soul
In a reputation-cleansing move, Bush adviser Condoleezza Rice plans to play piano for Aretha Franklin, writes Sebastian Doggart. May 10, 2010

Diminishing Supreme Court Justice
President Obama's Supreme Court nod to Elena Kagan bolsters a cynicism against fighting too hard for justice, notes Marjorie Cohn. May 10, 2010

WPost's Ignatius Still Fawns Over CIA
The Washington Post's David Ignatius hails Leon Panetta for keeping the CIA on a Bush/Cheney course, writes Melvin A. Goodman. May 10, 2010

The Dangers of Madcap Capitalism
After the Dow's mysterious 1,000-point dive, madcap capitalism seems even less reliable than before, observes Danny Schechter. May 8, 2010

Kent State & the Left's Lack of Resolve
Since the days of Kent State, American progressives have failed to focus public outrage effectively, Michael Winship observes. May 8, 2010

Loose Lips on Iran Can Sink America
Loose talk on Iraq tricked the U.S into the disastrous war in Iraq; now the same loose lips are flapping about Iran, says Ray McGovern. May 5, 2010

BP Flouted US Safety Rules
Besides the oil spill fouling the Gulf of Mexico, BP has a history of cutting corners on safety regulations, reports Jason Leopold. May 5, 2010

The Tea Party's Blind Eye on Torture
Tea Partiers say they want liberty from Big Government, but didn't object to President Bush's "war on terror" abuses, notes Ivan Eland. May 4, 2010

Fraud: America's New Watchword
Every rock that is turned over regarding the 2008 financial crisis reveals a different species of systemic fraud, concludes Mark Ames. May 3, 2010

Explaining the Plunder and the Crime
Wall Street's financial meltdown inflicted terrible pain on Main Street, but few victims understand the crime, writes Danny Schechter. May 3, 2010

Does Obama Know the War He's In?
President Obama calls again for political civility in Washington, but there's no reason to think his appeal will work, says Robert Parry. May 2, 2010

Sniffing Out Tea Party Corporatism
Longtime populist Jim Hightower sees Tea Party "populism" as a case of corporate money sowing confusion, says Michael Winship. April 30, 2010

Arizona Law Recalls Past US Racism
Arizona has enacted a states-rights law that lets police round up brown people who can't show proper IDs, notes Marjorie Cohn. April 29, 2010

When Regulation Isn't Enough
The Wall Street-induced Great Recession reveals a sick system that Jay Diamond thinks demands a drastic restructuring. April 28, 2010

The Risks in Obama's Mideast Policy
By pushing for an Israeli-Palestinian peace, President Obama may expose U.S. impotence on the issue, warns Ivan Eland. April 27, 2010

Is Iran Really a Threat?
The Obama administration ratchets up the rhetoric about Iran, but Ray McGovern wonders if this is just another dangerous hype. April 26, 2010

Gaming Wall Street's Roulette Wheel
Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street giants thought they had the game rigged so they could never lose, says Michael Winship. April 24, 2010

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Movement
Today's Tea Party movement is less like the Boston variety than the Mad Hatter's Alice in Wonderland kind, writes William John Cox. April 22, 2010

Obama's Nuclear Spring Fell Back
Fearing right-wing national-security attacks, President Obama shied from revamping nuclear-use policies, says Melvin A. Goodman. April 20, 2010

Obama's Modest Shift on Nuke Policy
President Obama's revised nuclear policy doesn't repair the damage caused by President Bush's reckless actions, writes Ivan Eland. April 20, 2010

Pharma Invades Water Supplies
Toxicologists are finding small but troubling amounts of Prozac and other drugs entering the water supplies, warns Gary G. Kohls. April 20, 2010

Tea Partiers Protect Wall Street
The Tea Partiers take aim at Big Government when the real culprit is corporate power, write Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. April 17, 2010

Cyber-Warfare Chief's Deception
Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, in line to run the new Cyber-Warfare Command, misled Congress on Bush-era spying, reports Ray McGovern. April 16, 2010

How Greedy Deregulation Killed Miners
Mining CEO (and Tea Party backer) Don Blankenship hated government interference with his deadly mine, notes Kevin Zeese. April 16, 2010

PBS Shies from Single-Payer Debate
PBS Frontline examined how President Obama's health reform passed, but not why single-payer was ignored, says Margaret Flowers. April 15, 2010

Ghost of 'Total Information Awareness'
Americans may be surprised that the Orwellian post-9/11 scheme called "Total Information Awareness" lives, says Coleen Rowley. April 15, 2010

Israel, the US and Propaganda's Power
Israel and Republicans have long understood the value of propaganda in getting their way in the U.S., reports Robert Parry. April 14, 2010

Letting Coal Miners Die in West Virginia
Corporate greed is the backdrop for a devastating West Virginia coal mine explosion, killing more than two dozen, says Michael Winship. April 9, 2010

Murder Replaces Torture, Brilliant!
Frustrated by the legal problems of torture, the U.S. government has turned to assassinations instead, observes David Swanson. April 8, 2010

CIA Assigned to Kill US Citizen
The Obama administration has authorized the CIA to kill a radical Muslim cleric who was born in the USA, writes Jason Leopold. April 7, 2010

Obama, NYT Keep Israeli Nuke Secrets
President Obama and the New York Times differ on nuclear threats to Iran, but stay silent on Israeli nukes, notes Robert Parry. April 7, 2010

Obama Threatens Iran with Nukes
In revising U.S. nuclear war plans, President Obama promises not to nuke non-nuclear states, except Iran, reports Robert Parry. April 6, 2010

Making Aggressive War OK, for Some
The United States once led the world in condemning aggressive war, but not so much anymore, observes David Swanson. April 4, 2010

The Bomb-Bomb-Iran 'Parlor Game'
As Israel ponders bombing Iran, Washington obsesses over a new "parlor game" -- assessing the bloody outcome, notes Robert Parry. April 2, 2010

US Recants Zubaydah's Terror Charges
The Justice Department has retreated from Bush-era charges against Abu Zubaydah, the first waterboard victim, writes Jason Leopold. April 1, 2010

A Method to Republican 'Madness'
Republican resistance to President Obama follows a GOP playbook that dates back four-plus decades, reports Robert Parry. March 31, 2010

A Surprise Tea-Party Confrontation
Reporter Richard L. Fricker found himself surrounded by angry Tea Party protesters denouncing him as a "professor." March 28, 2010

Welcoming a CIA Official to Fordham
Senior CIA official Michael Sulick and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern got different receptions at Fordham, reports Debra Sweet. March 28, 2010

US-Israeli Relations at a Crossroads
President Obama and the Israeli government are at an impasse over what to do next for Mideast peace, says Melvin A. Goodman. March 28, 2010

Chalking Up a Win on Student Loans
Progressives, unhappy with President Obama's concessions on healthcare, find solace in a student-aid change, notes Jeff Cohen. March 28, 2010

The GOP's Double Standard on Anger
The Republicans, who despised anger against President George W. Bush, are loving it against President Obama, notes Nat Parry. March 27, 2010

Unbearable Lightness of Reform
The health-care law might fall short in many ways, but that it passed at all was surprising, observe Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. March 26, 2010

The Right Finds Virtue in Extremism
By whipping the Right into a frenzy over health care, Republicans risk a replay of past violent extremism, writes Lisa Pease. March 26, 2010

The Politics of 'Corrections'
Who wields political clout in the United States can be gauged by how big news outlets hand out "corrections," says Robert Parry. March 25, 2010

The Politics of Media
NBC News and the Washington Post see Republican rejection of health reform as only a matter of principle, writes Robert Parry. March 24, 2010

Making Unneeded Enemies in Somalia
The ham-handed "war on terror" has led to unintended consequences by strengthening Islamists in Somalia, says Ivan Eland. March 23, 2010

Obama, Free at Last on Health Reform
President Barack Obama's victory on health reform frees him up to pursue Middle East peace, if he dares, reports Robert Parry. March 22, 2010

Calling Out Yoo on Presidential Power
Former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo wouldn't rule out a President's right to nuke a U.S. city, notes David Swanson. March 21, 2010

The GOP Learns to Love Dissent
Republicans who hated dissent to George W. Bush's Iraq War love protests against Barack Obama's health reform, notes Nat Parry. March 19, 2010

The Many Lies of Karl Rove
Karl Rove won't let go of the Big Lie about George W. Bush believing the bogus intel about Iraq's WMD, says Melvin A. Goodman. March 19, 2010

Protesting a Defiler of US Principles
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern protests John Yoo's torture-justifying appearance at the school that Thomas Jefferson built. March 19, 2010

Israel's Troubling Tilt Toward Apartheid
Israel's Housing Minister wants to exclude Arabs and secular Jews from ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, reports Robert Parry. March 19, 2010

Torture Lawyer Gets His Say at UVA
Ex-Justice Department lawyer John Yoo gets a prestigious platform while his critics are left in the street, notes David Swanson. March 18, 2010

WPost Blames Obama First, on Israel
The Washington Post is blaming President Obama for enflaming a dispute with Israel on settlement expansion, writes Robert Parry. March 16, 2010

Yoo Besmirches Jefferson's Legacy
Torture enabler John Yoo's speech at UVA will be juxtaposed against Thomas Jefferson's ideals of liberty, says Ray McGovern. March 15, 2010

How Big Business Dupes the Masses
The Chamber of Commerce is rallying Americans behind the interests of Big Business, writes Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. March 12, 2010

WH Chief Helped GOP Sink 9/11 Trial
White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel assisted Sen. Lindsey Graham in stopping the New York 9/11 trial, reports Jason Leopold. March 11, 2010

Taboo Inhibits Frank Iran/Israel Talk
A Capitol Hill conference on troubled U.S.-Iran relations tip-toed around the topic of Israeli interests, reports Ray McGovern. March 11, 2010

Health Insurers Push the Limit on Fees
As Tea Partiers battle health-care reform, major insurers are jacking up rates and slashing coverage, notes Don Monkerud. March 10, 2010

Remembering the Land of the Brave
Some Republicans are counting on the "soft on terror" card to work again against Democrats, but Lynne Gillooly has some doubts. March 10, 2010

Making Matters Worse in Afghanistan
Civilian deaths inflicted by American firepower are causing some Afghans to say the Russians were less violent, notes Charles Peña. March 9, 2010

Did US Coddle an Anti-Iran Terrorist?
Iranians welcomed the capture of a reputed Sunni terrorist, but suspicions remain about a US tie, say Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett. March 7, 2010

Tearing Down the Church-State Wall
A key goal of Christian fundamentalists is to eradicate the Founders' separation of church and state, says Rev. Howard Bess. March 7, 2010

Mullen Wary of Israeli Attack on Iran
Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen looks nervously at rising military tensions between Israel and Iran, reports Ray McGovern. March 6, 2010

Will Fear Again Be GOP's Trump Card?
Republicans are licking their chops over Democratic vulnerabilities in 2010, but fear may be the winning card, says Michael Winship. March 6, 2010

War Is a Drug in 'The Hurt Locker'
The Oscar-nominated movie, "The Hurt Locker," explores the addictive nature of warfare, observes Lisa Pease. March 5, 2010

Encountering a Tea Party Outrage
The Tea Partiers compare Obama to Hitler, but German Fabian Lieschke says the parallel is offensive on many levels. March 4, 2010

How 'Free Market' Snookers Americans
Corporate propaganda has sold many Americans on "big government" as the big threat to their freedom, notes Don Monkerud. March 4, 2010

Bush/Cheney Pulled Torture Strings
A Justice Department report shows how George W. Bush and Dick Cheney stage-managed the torture opinions, reports Robert Parry. March 4, 2010

Gates Replays His Cold War Message
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is back in the Cold War with his demand for more military commitments, says Melvin A. Goodman. March 3, 2010

Teaching Afghans False Iraqi Lessons
The Obama administration is applying lessons in Afghanistan that may come from a misreading of the Iraq War, says Ivan Eland. March 2, 2010

The NYT Veers Neocon
The New York Times has joined the ranks of U.S. newspapers carrying the neoconservative banner, observes Robert Parry. February 28, 2010

Vermonters Take on Nuclear Power
Distrusting safer nuclear energy, Vermont legislators moved toward ridding the state of nuclear power, reports Charlotte Dennett. February 28, 2010

Ahmadinejad Won, Get Over It!
US conventional wisdom insists Iran's President Ahmadinejad stole last year's election, but proof is lacking, says Robert Parry. February 27, 2010

Two Legal Foes Back Gay Marriage
Conservative Ted Olson and liberal David Boies have teamed up to fight bans on same-sex marriage, says Michael Winship. February 26, 2010

Iran Captures a 'Good' Terrorist
The leader of the violent Jundallah group has fallen into Iranian hands and claims links to U.S. intelligence, reports Ray McGovern. February 26, 2010

Parallels of Conquest, Past and Present
A millennium after the Norman conquest of England, there are parallels to Iraq and Afghanistan today, says Douglas Valentine. February 25, 2010

New Grist for Hype on Iran
The UN's new atomic energy chief has touched off a wave of speculation on Iran's nuke program, says Ray McGovern. February 21, 2010

Yoo Called Civilian Slaughter OK
Ex-Bush legal adviser John Yoo said President Bush could legally slaughter a village of civilians, reports Jason Leopold. February 20, 2010

Upping the Bid on American Justice
The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on campaign spending means more bought state judges, Bill Moyers and Michael Winship note. February 20, 2010

US Media Replays Iraq Fiasco on Iran
The major U.S. news media is acting like a propaganda vehicle on Iran much like it did on Iraq, observes Robert Parry. February 18, 2010

Duty to Warn: Lessons for Americans
Three young Germans who challenged Hitler's war machine still inspire those who oppose militarism, writes Gary G. Kohls. February 16, 2010

Free Speech v. Truth in Medals
In a show of "patriotism," Congress criminalized wearing fake medals, setting up a First Amendment fight, says Ivan Eland. February 16, 2010

On Health Care, Dems Lack GOP Grit
Unlike Democrats playing nice on health care, Republicans used hardball tactics to pass their priorities, Bruce P. Cameron says. February 15, 2010

Can a Jewish Tradition Help Christians?
Rev. Howard Bess says Christians might learn from the Jewish tradition of midrash, in applying Jesus's message to modern life. February 15, 2010

Cheney Exposes Torture Conspiracy
Ex-Vice President Cheney says government lawyers did "what we asked" in approving interrogation policies, notes Robert Parry. February 14, 2010

Joking About Climate Change
East Coast blizzards have prompted predictable jokes from science deniers about climate change, Michael Winship notes. February 12, 2010

Terror 'Death Lists' Target Americans
President Bush okayed a plan to murder American terror suspects, a policy continued by President Obama, says Sherwood Ross. February 11, 2010

US Ignores UK's Iraq War Evidence
The U.S. media and government are turning a blind eye to a formal UK inquiry revealing Iraq War crimes, notes David Swanson. February 10, 2010

Brits, Dutch Confront Illegal Iraq War
Unlike the United States, British and Dutch authorities have examined the illegality of the Iraq invasion in 2003, writes Peter Dyer. February 9, 2010

Palin, Psy-Ops & 'Condescending' Libs
The neocon Washington Post slams "condescending" liberals while Sarah Palin mocks them condescendingly, says Robert Parry. February 9, 2010

Lobbyists Ply GOP, Dem 'Retreats'
Big business lobbyists lurked on the sidelines of "retreats" by Republican and Democratic lawmakers, writes Michael Winship. February 5, 2010

Journalists Gopal, Parry with Peter B.
Anand Gopal talks about Afghanistan and Robert Parry analyzes America's political fix on Peter B. Colliins' Podcast #94. February 5, 2010

Why Obama Dodges CIA Reform
In recent years, politicians, including President Obama, have shied away from tough criticism of the CIA, says Melvin A. Goodman. February 4, 2010

The Right Gets Itself 'Wired'
For years, the Right's media infrastructure had only one weak spot, the Internet, but now that is changing, says Robert Parry. February 3, 2010

Obama's Budget Ducks Pentagon Cuts
By exempting the Pentagon from a "freeze," President Obama tries to shield Democrats from GOP attacks, says Ivan Eland. February 2, 2010

Vietnam Replay on Afghan 'Defectors'
A new plan for bribing Afghan Taliban fighters to defect has a dark precedent in the Vietnam War, recalls Douglas Valentine. February 1, 2010

Answering Obama on Health Care
President Obama says he is open to any health-care idea that works, except for "Medicare for All," notes Kevin Zeese. February 1, 2010

Yoo, Bybee Get Pass on Torture Memo
A revised Justice Department report lets John Yoo and Jay Bybee off the hook for their torture memo, writes Jason Leopold. January 31, 2010

Accountability Again Put on Hold
More than a year after George W. Bush's departure, his crimes have still drawn no formal U.S. inquiry, notes David Swanson. January 31, 2010

What's Wrong with US Intel Agencies
After decades of politicization, U.S. intelligence agencies need to rethink how they operate, argues Melvin A. Goodman. January 28, 2010

Obama Ignores Key Afghan Warning
In agreeing to escalate the Afghan War, President Obama rebuffed dire warnings from the U.S. Ambassador, says Ray McGovern. January 27, 2010

The Supreme Court's Partisanship
By opening the floodgates on corporate campaign money, the Supreme Court has advanced the GOP cause, says Robert Parry. January 27, 2010

First, Fire All the Financial Failures
If President Obama wants to show he's on the people's side, he should fire officials tied to the bank failures, writes Mark Ames. January 24, 2010

US Democracy's End of the Road
A Supreme Court ruling on corporate campaign cash and the Left's errors have put U.S. democracy in danger, says Robert Parry. January 23, 2010

What Should Progressives Do Now?
After a devastating week, the American Left needs to regroup and fight back, writes Michael Winship. January 22, 2010

Massachusetts' Message of Stupid
Whatever Massachusetts thought it was saying with Scott Brown's Senate election, it was a message of stupid, says Robert Parry. January 21, 2010

Hiding War Horrors from Americans
The strength of U.S. war propaganda at home was to use the mainstream media as a propaganda conveyor belt, a study finds. January 21, 2010

How Obama Lost His Way
In his first year, President Obama comforted a shaken Establishment but neglected the hard-hit public, writes Robert Parry. January 20, 2010

Obama Knows Better on Afghan War
President Obama's skepticism about "boots on the ground" in some Muslim countries was forgotten in Afghanistan, Ivan Eland says. January 19, 2010

'Hardball' & Dumbed-Down US Politics
"Hardball" host Chris Matthews was clueless in his comments on Haiti and the Massachusetts Senate race, writes Robert Parry. January 19, 2010

Global Cooling? The Jellyfish Answer
The Right's media twists complex scientific arguments to advance its global warming denial, writes Michael Winship. January 16, 2010

Lessons from America's Lost Decade
For the first time since the Great Depression, a decade -- George W. Bush's -- saw zero job growth, notes Robert Parry. January 15, 2010

Do Republicans Deserve a Reward?
Republican prospects are surging, even in Massachusetts where a special election could give the GOP a reward, says Robert Parry. January 11, 2010

Obama Picks CIA Insider for Inquiry
President Obama named CIA apologist John McLaughlin to probe Fort Hood and Christmas Day attacks, notes Melvin A. Goodman. January 11, 2010

Answering Helen Thomas on Why
Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas broke through the terrorism boilerplate by asking why, Ray McGovern says. January 8, 2010

California's Dysfunctional Future Shock
The Republican Party has made a dangerous calculation that obstruction works politically, as Michael Winship sees in California. January 8, 2010

The Botched 9/11 Intel 'Reforms'
The 9/11 Commission's intelligence "reforms" added bureaucratic layers that made matters worse, writes Melvin A. Goodman. January 7, 2010

Why Counter-Terrorism Is in Shambles
The debate over who's to blame for missing the Christmas Day bomb plot misses the point, say Ray McGovern and Coleen Rowley. January 5, 2010

How Government Worsens Terror Risk
Politicians who scramble to show they're doing something about terrorism often make matters worse, notes Ivan Eland. January 5, 2010

Afghan 'Dirty War' Escalates
A U.S. commando raid killing 10 Afghanis and a bomb attack on a CIA base camp mark a worsening dirty war, says Douglas Valentine. January 4, 2010

McGovern, Goodman on Terror Wars
Former CIA analysts Ray McGovern and Melvin Goodman discuss end-of-year terror developments on a Peter B. Collins podcast. January 4, 2010

A Ripple of Hope from the Past
Too often, President Obama is pressured by the likes of Dick Cheney, when Lisa Pease says he should listen to Robert Kennedy. December 31, 2009

The Danger of Defeatism
President Obama's victory for "hope" has given way to despair and defeatism among many backers, says David Swanson. December 31, 2009

Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA?
A document from Harry Truman's library sheds light on tensions between the White House and CIA, writes Ray McGovern. December 29, 2009

Obama's Unheralded Nuke Progress
With little fanfare, President Obama is closing in on a new reduction in the U.S.-Russian nuclear arsenals, notes Ivan Eland. December 29, 2009

What the New Year Demands
The political battle lines for 2010 already are clear -- and they suggest a comeback for the Right, writes Robert Parry. December 28, 2009

'Avatar': a Metaphor for the 'Long War'
"Avatar" evokes U.S. cheers even as a thinly disguised metaphor critical of U.S. wars in Iraq and elsewhere, says David Swanson. December 28, 2009

Legal Challenge to US Health Reform
The Senate's health bill raises a constitutional issue about forcing citizens to buy a profit-making product, says David Swanson. December 24, 2009

Break the CIA in Two
Forty-six years ago, ex-President Truman warned that CIA analysis must be protected against influence, Ray McGovern notes. December 22, 2009

'Gott Mit Uns': Christians Excusing War
A contradiction of the Christmas season is how a religion founded by a pacifist could so embrace war, says Gary G. Kohls. December 22, 2009

The Snows of Christmases Past
Sometimes recalling how things were reminds us what's been lost in the pursuit of progress, as Michael Winship notes. December 22, 2009

How Myths Can Kill
Myths -- whether ancient or modern -- have the capacity to get people killed for no good reason, writes Robert Parry. December 21, 2009

Winning Wars -- and Losing
The easy patriotism of cheering one's nation off to war can wreak disaster even for the winner, says Lawrence S. Wittner. December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas from America's Banks
Big U.S. banks have lots of reasons for holiday cheer as they count their bonuses and block reform, notes Michael Winship. December 19, 2009

Why Obama Is Failing
A year ago, Barack Obama made some fateful choices about his presidency that have led to a political crisis, says Robert Parry. December 19, 2009

Elliott Abrams and 'Neocon-ing' Obama
Elliott Abrams, an architect of President Bush's Mideast policies, is pushing Barack Obama to the neocon side, says Robert Parry. December 18, 2009

Time to End the Neocon Con Game
Despite a record of bloody miscalculations, neoconservatives remain influential in Washington, writes Bruce P. Cameron. December 17, 2009

How Banks Fleece the Unemployed
As states pay unemployment benefits with bank debit cards, the jobless are finding the fees adding up, says Barbara Koeppel. December 16, 2009

Opportunity Lost: Obama in Oslo
President Obama's misused "just war theory" to justify his own resort to excessive violence, writes ethicist Daniel C. Maguire. December 16, 2009

The Risky Supply Line to Afghanistan
Like the neocons, President Obama is ignoring hard realities of war such as Afghanistan's supply lines, says Melvin A. Goodman. December 16, 2009

Is Joe Lieberman Protecting Israel?
Sen. Joe Lieberman's latest threat against health reform is raising questions about his motives, reports Robert Parry. December 15, 2009

Getting Realistic about Afghanistan
Washington's foreign policy elite hopes it can turn Afghanistan around by replicating the Iraq surge, warns Ivan Eland. December 15, 2009

Vanunu and Israel's Undeclared Nukes
The plight of Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu underscores the hypocrisy on secret nukes, Eileen Fleming observes. December 14, 2009

Can Obama Face the 'Unspeakable'?
John F. Kennedy's battle with the "Unspeakable" is a history that President Obama needs to know, says Lisa Pease. December 14, 2009

Prosecuting Bush's Poodle
In Great Britain, ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair is under fire for the Iraq War, but in the U.S., no such furor, notes David Swanson. December 14, 2009

Obama's Dirty War
President Obama's escalation of counterinsurgency in Afghanistan means more Phoenix-style tactics, writes Douglas Valentine. December 13, 2009

ACLU Blasts Obama on Bush's Crimes
The ACLU sees hypocrisy between President Obama's rhetoric and inaction on George W. Bush's crimes, reports Jason Leopold. December 12, 2009

'Whatever Mistakes We Have Made'
In Oslo, President Obama whitewashed the modern history of U.S. warfare behind five words, as Nicolas J S Davies notes. December 11, 2009

The Land Mines Obama Won't Touch
Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama hasn't committed to the anti-land mine treaty, observe Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. December 11, 2009

The Propaganda Success of the 'Surge'
Washington's conventional wisdom about the "successful surge" in Iraq is more propaganda than reality, writes William Blum. December 10, 2009

Gates Dissembles on Afghan History
Defense Secretary Robert Gates misled reporters on what happened after the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989, says Robert Parry. December 8, 2009

Ray McGovern's Letter to Bob Parry
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern gives journalist Robert Parry some advice about life's lessons on discouragement vs. disgust. December 7, 2009

The Afghan Ambush
By escalating the Afghan War, President Obama is marching into both a military and political ambush, warns Michael Winship. December 5, 2009

'Up in the Air' and Down to Earth
George Clooney's new movie "Up in the Air" captures the angst and pathos of life in modern America, writes Lisa Pease. December 4, 2009

Obama Pleases the Neocons
Washington's neocons gloat at their success in goading President Obama into an Afghan War escalation, reports Robert Parry. December 3, 2009

Peter B. Collins Show Debates Afghanistan
Journalists Reese Erlich and Robert Parry discuss President Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan. Posted December 3, 2009

US 'No-Fly' List Keeps Growing
A frustrating holdover from the Bush administration's "war on terror" is the ever-growing "no-fly" list, notes Ivan Eland. December 3, 2009

Afghanistan: 'Roach Motel' for Empires
By escalating the Afghan War, the United States falls deeper into a trap laid by Osama bin Laden, writes Zoltan Grossman. December 2, 2009

Obama with Blood on His Hands
President Obama's Afghan War decision guarantees more civilian deaths and more war violations, says Nicolas J S Davies. December 2, 2009

Explaining the Drop in Iraqi War Dead
As President Obama escalates the Afghan War, a drop in Iraqi War deaths suggests an opposite strategy, says Robert Parry. December 1, 2009

Larry McGovern on Obama's Escalation
Larry McGovern -- Ray's brother -- tells a West Point vigil that President Obama is no Martin Luther King. December 1, 2009

The President Acting as a Caesar
By dispatching some 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, President Obama is acting like his predecessor, writes David Swanson. December 1, 2009

Why an Expanded Afghan War?
The pursuit of Osama bin Laden is becoming a forgotten goal of the expanding U.S. war in Afghanistan, writes Lisa Pease. November 30, 2009

Obama's Weak Report Card on the CIA
By "looking forward, not backward," President Obama failed to reform the CIA's dysfunctional culture, notes Melvin A. Goodman. November 30, 2009

How the War Hawks Caged Obama
President Obama's "team of rivals" -- especially Defense Secretary Gates -- ensured an Afghan escalation, says Robert Parry. November 30, 2009

Prepare for the Obama-GOP Alliance
On Afghanistan and health care, President Obama is "triangulating" against his base and toward Republicans, says Jeff Cohen. November 25, 2009

Obama's Profile in Courage Moment
Like JFK in 1963, President Obama is at a crossroads on a foreign war. Does he have the courage? asks Ray McGovern. November 24, 2009

KSM Trial Helps Restore US Principles
Putting confessed 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial is a step toward restoring the Constitution, says Ivan Eland. November 24, 2009

Why Afghans Dig Empire Graveyards
There's a long dark history of what Afghans do to foreign armies that overstay their welcome, recalls Nicolas J S Davies. November 23, 2009

California Tuition Hikes Spark Protest
California's tax-cutting has led to a budget crisis -- and now student protests over tuition hikes, reports Peter Phillips. November 23, 2009

The Madness Returns
The hoopla over Sarah Palin's memoir is the latest sign that right-wing irrationality is making a comeback, says Robert Parry. November 22, 2009

New Yorkers Resist 9/11 Scare Tactics
Republican fear-mongering about trying five 9/11 defendants in Manhattan doesn't shake New Yorkers, writes Michael Winship. November 21, 2009

Should Obama Fire Gen. McChrystal?
Facing military pressure to escalate in Afghanistan, President Obama may need an inner Harry Truman, says Ray McGovern. November 20, 2009

Learning the Wrong Vietnam Lessons
A Newsweek retrospective on Vietnam extracts the wrong lessons and applies them to Afghanistan, says Douglas Valentine. November 19, 2009

A Three-Step Afghan Strategy
Decades of U.S. misjudgments on Afghanistan have left President Obama some difficult choices, states Bruce P. Cameron. November 18, 2009

KSM and the MSM
U.S. mainstream media is averting its eyes from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's declared motive for 9/11, writes David Swanson. November 18, 2009

Afghan Lessons from the Iraq War
As President Obama ponders more troops for Afghanistan, he is drawing mistaken lessons from Iraq, says Ray McGovern. November 17, 2009

The Ugly Truth about Jobs
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke hints at how U.S. companies are learning to avoid hiring American workers, reports Robert Parry. November 17, 2009

War and Remembrance in London
Nearly a century after World War I, humanity seems to have learned little about the folly of war, notes Michael Winship. November 17, 2009

History's Bitter Guerrilla War Lessons
Even if President Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan, chances for success may not be good, writes Ivan Eland. November 17, 2009

Will the Gun Carnage Ever Stop?
America's love affair with firearms continues to exact a gruesome toll in death and shattered lives, writes Sherwood Ross. November 16, 2009

Shining Light on Roots of Terrorism
A taboo in talking about 9/11 is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's stated motive, Israel's abuse of Palestinians, notes Ray McGovern. November 15, 2009

On Bended Knee to Bob Gates
Washington pundits are on their knees before Pentagon chief Bob Gates, but ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman dissents. November 14, 2009

Leaving Afghanistan to US 'Experts'
Being wrong on Iraq has credentialed many U.S. "experts" to dominate the debate on Afghanistan, observes David Swanson. November 14, 2009

Another Option for the Public Option
There might be a way to set a trigger for a stronger health-insurance public option starting in 2013, says Robert Parry. November 12, 2009

Why the Blasé Attitude about Torture
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern confronted a personal crisis when his old agency signed up for Bush/Cheney torture policies. November 11, 2009

America's Debt to Italian Justice
In a victory for justice, an Italian court convicted U.S. intelligence agents for kidnapping a Muslim cleric, notes David Swanson. November 10, 2009

Why Lieberman Blocks a Public Option
With a shrunken "public option" no longer a threat to private insurers, why is Joe Lieberman vowing a filibuster, asks Robert Parry. November 10, 2009

US Punditry's Anti-Obama Lens
In interpreting last week's elections, U.S. media emphasized the Obama negatives, not the positives, notes Michael Winship. November 9, 2009

Blaming the 'Dithering' Obama
By not getting tougher with Washington, President Obama is earning a risky reputation for "dithering," says Robert Parry. November 9, 2009

Lost Commandment: Help Strangers
One of the most neglected biblical mandates is to show hospitality to strangers, writes the Rev. Howard Bess. November 8, 2009

The American War on Pot Rolls On
U.S. authorities continue to arrest hundreds of thousands of citizens for marijuana possession, notes Sherwood Ross. November 7, 2009

Dan Ellsberg on the Urgency of Truth
Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg explains why it's hard for officials to expose the truth, reports TheRealNews. November 7, 2009

Obama Fails to Reset Foreign Policy
Over the past year, Barack Obama has fallen far short of his promise to revamp U.S. foreign policy, writes Melvin A. Goodman. November 6, 2009

A 'Middle Way' on Afghanistan
Instead of escalation in Afghanistan or withdrawal, Bruce P. Cameron sees hope for a "middle way" toward a less violent future. November 5, 2009

Finding Vietnam War Positives
A clever Washington Post article says it would be really cool if Afghanistan turned into another Vietnam, notes William Blum. November 4, 2009

Heeding George Kennan's Sage Advice
Famed diplomat George Kennan's early warning about Vietnam applies as well to Afghanistan today, writes Ray McGovern. November 3, 2009

Will a 'Surge' Work in Afghanistan?
Washington insiders are pressing President Obama to order a "surge" in Afghanistan, but Ivan Eland questions that wisdom. November 3, 2009

Chomsky Doubts Change from Obama
Noam Chomsky says Barack Obama alone cannot change the course of U.S. foreign policy, Mamoon Alabbasi reports. November 3, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Public Option
Congressional concessions to the insurance industry have shrunk the public option to almost nothing, says Robert Parry. November 2, 2009

Pentagon's Gates Plays Ugly American
Defense Secretary Robert Gates showed off his annoyance with Japan by snubbing invitations, writes Melvin A. Goodman. November 2, 2009

Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War
As President Obama weighs escalation in Afghanistan, the imperialist poet Rudyard Kipling comes to Ray McGovern's mind. October 30, 2009

Today's Lessons of Daniel Ellsberg
By leaking the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg helped end the Vietnam War, but could that happen today, asks David Swanson. October 30, 2009

Letting States Opt-in for Single-Payer
Beyond the public option fight, Congress may scuttle a plan to let states opt for a single-payer system, says David Swanson. October 28, 2009

Afghanistan Tests Obama's 'Patriotism'
If President Obama balks at escalating in Afghanistan, his "patriotism" will surely be questioned, says Ivan Eland. October 27, 2009

On Public Option, MSM Gets It Wrong
The U.S. mainstream media was sure the public option on health insurance was dead, and is mad that it isn't, reports Robert Parry. October 27, 2009

Texas, Eyes of Justice Are Upon You
Texas has been a laggard in the cause of justice, but one judge tried to make a difference, say Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. October 24, 2009

Obama v. Military-Industrial Complex
President Obama has taken a few tentative steps toward downplaying war and elevating diplomacy, notes Melvin A. Goodman. October 23, 2009

US Health Insurers Up the Ante
America's private health insurers have won concession after concession in the health-reform battle, writes Robert Parry. October 21, 2009

Sorting Out the Facts of Afghanistan
As Washington elites press President Obama to escalate in Afghanistan, Ivan Eland suggests a review of five key facts. October 20, 2009

Pakistan's Double Game
After a 2 1/2-year study, foreign policy expert Bruce P. Cameron warns against a U.S. military escalation in Afghanistan. October 18, 2009

Riding Obama's Peace Prize on a Rail
The U.S. political commentariat has ridden President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize out of town on a rail, notes Michael Winship. October 17, 2009

The Politics of the Public Option
Enacting a health-reform bill without the public option could have dire political consequences for Democrats, says Robert Parry. October 16, 2009

Obama's Battle with US Power Centers
UN General Assembly president Miguel d'Escoto says President Obama faces strong internal resistance, reports TheRealNews. October 16, 2009

Unnecessary Death & US Health Care
The emergency room death of Edith Rodriguez explains why a single-payer health system makes sense, says Rosemarie Jackowski. October 15, 2009

Obama and the Left's Old Schism
The Obama presidency has reopened an old schism on the Left between the purists and the pragmatists, says Robert Parry. October 14, 2009

Saying 'No' to a Wider Afghan War
President Obama is under mounting pressure to send more troops to Afghanistan, but Ivan Eland urges a different course. October 13, 2009

Insurers Make Case for Public Option
By demanding harsher fines on Americans who don't buy health insurance, the industry revives a public option, says Robert Parry. October 12, 2009

Reasoning Behind Obama's Peace Prize
Barack Obama may have earned his Nobel Peace Prize by ousting a gang of White House warmongers, writes Robert Parry. October 12, 2009

Obama's Deserving Peace Prize
Despite all the ridicule of President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman thinks it was deserved. October 11, 2009

Regime Change v. Regime Modification
Facing a choice on Afghanistan, President Obama might reflect on U.S. experiences in other conflicts, says Bruce P. Cameron. October 11, 2009

Revolving Door Shuts on Public Option
The health insurance industry has an inside track because of its many insider-lobbyists, say Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. October 10, 2009

Health Insurers Threaten Rate Hikes
U.S. health insurers say they may hike rates on everyone if Congress doesn't make more concessions, reports Robert Parry. October 9, 2009

Can US Make Sound Decisions?
Lack of Bush-era accountability at the Washington Post and other elite outlets hampers today's decisions, writes Robert Parry. October 8, 2009

Ray McGovern on Iran Nuke Question
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern assesses the evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, via TheRealNews. October 8, 2009

Why Global Capitalism Crashed
Repeal of banking regulations a decade ago opened the gates for financial disaster, reports TheRealNews. October 7, 2009

Pragmatic Empathy for One's Enemies
Arrogance has often been the hallmark of U.S. foreign policy, but Ivan Eland argues that empathy makes more sense. October 6, 2009

Afghanistan: Eight Years and Counting
The war in Afghanistan reaches its eighth anniversary with more Americans doubting its rationale, notes Dennis Loo. October 6, 2009

Obama's Mideast Peace Dilemma
In pursuit of Mideast peace, President Obama's finds himself with unlikely allies and surprising adversaries, says Robert Parry. October 6, 2009

Democrats Ponder Health-Care Suicide
If Democrats enact an industry-friendly health-care bill, they may touch off a voter rebellion, writes Robert Parry. October 4, 2009

WPost Pushes Confrontation with Iran
The Washington Post's neocon editorial pages are at it again, showing tough-guy swagger toward Iran, says Melvin A. Goodman. October 3, 2009

Obama and the Afghan Quagmire
President Obama's skepticism about military solutions will be tested by pressure to escalate in Afghanistan, says Ivan Eland. October 1, 2009

US Press Corps Fails Again on Iran
Learning little from the Iraq debacle, the U.S. press corps is repeating its professional lapses on Iran, says Robert Parry. September 30, 2009

G-20 Protesters Faced New Weapons
While America's Right frets about facing repression, it was on display last week against G-20 protesters, says Mike Ferner. September 29, 2009

Intelligence Vets Back Torture Probe
A dozen U.S. intelligence veterans urge President Obama to reject a call from seven ex-CIA directors to stop a torture probe. September 28, 2009

An Insider's View of ACORN
Writer-activist David Swanson explains why the Right despises ACORN --for its aggressive defense of poor communities. September 26, 2009

The Mystique of 'Free Market' Obama
As the Left debates the "real" Barack Obama, media critic Jeff Cohen is troubled by the President's "free market" paeans. September 26, 2009

The Republican War on ACORN
The stampede trampling the poor people's group ACORN ignores the long GOP campaign of dirty tricks, says Jason Leopold. September 25, 2009

WPost Blasts Obama's Missile Reversal
Washington Post neocons are mad that President Obama scrapped a missile shield near Russia, writes Melvin A. Goodman. September 24, 2009

Why Obama Must Demand Openness
President Obama faces pressure to stop a CIA torture inquiry when he should broaden the probe, says Melvin A. Goodman. September 24, 2009

Neocon Judge's History of Cover-ups
Judge Laurence Silberman stopped a suit on U.S. torture in Iraq, reprising his cover-ups of the Reagan years, says Robert Parry. September 23, 2009

Why Not Look Backwards, with Clarity
The Justice Department may be narrowing its inquiry on torture, but Dennis Loo sees reason for a wider probe. September 21, 2009

CIA Torturers Running Scared
Seven ex-CIA directors are telling President Obama to shut down an investigation into torture, writes Ray McGovern. September 19, 2009

What Did Ahmadinejad Really Say?
Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is accused of calling the Holocaust "a lie," but what was the full quote? asks Robert Parry. September 19, 2009

Industries Battle Obama's Reforms
Energy and financial industries take aim at more of President Obama's reform agenda, writes Michael Winship. September 18, 2009

A Bad Vietnam Lesson for Afghanistan
A New York Times op-ed urges Vietnam-style paramilitaries for Afghanistan without the ugly context, says Douglas Valentine. September 17, 2009

Hate Radio Hollows Out America
Right-wing hate radio, now targeting the first black President, is a cancer on American democracy, says Jay Diamond. September 17, 2009

Monopoly Looms on Electronic Voting
The sale of Diebold's election unit to ES&S could leave one company counting 75% of American votes, notes Lisa Pease. September 16, 2009

Challenging Americans on Torture
Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern says Americans must educate themselves on torture and not be "Good Germans." September 15, 2009

Torture First, Justify Afterwards
CIA's former inspector general admits that harsh interrogations preceded written legal guidance, Jason Leopold reports. September 15, 2009

Protest of War Games Prompts Arrests
A weekend protest of war games for young Americans led to arrests of activists and a reporter, writes Linda Milazzo. September 15, 2009

Was the 'Lockerbie Bomber' Framed?
U.S. outrage over release of a Libyan convicted in the PanAm 103 bombing ignores signs he was railroaded, says Morgan Strong. September 14, 2009

Ray McGovern Warns of 'Two CIAs'
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern says President Obama may have reason to fear from CIA hardliners, writes Brad Friedman. September 13, 2009

Obama Faces Hard Afghan Choice
With the Afghan War nearly eight years old, President Obama must make a fateful choice on troop levels, says Michael Winship. September 12, 2009

Gaps in Obama's Health Proposal
President Obama signaled that significant health reform might be delayed for years, reports TheRealNews. September 11, 2009

Old Hands Picked for CIA Oversight
Congressional Republicans and the CIA opt for "trusted old hands" for intelligence oversight jobs, says Melvin A. Goodman. September 11, 2009

US Workers Get Short Shrift on Jobs
Since the 1970s, U.S. workers have seen little gain from surging productivity, reports TheRealNews. September 10, 2009

The Speech that Obama Should Give
President Obama hopes a speech to Congress will revive health reform, but Ray McGovern says some strong medicine is needed. September 8, 2009

Careerists Pull Obama to Afghan Mess
Media and political careerists want President Obama to plunge deeper into the Afghan morass, says Melvin A. Goodman. September 8, 2009

At Glenn Beck's Call
Fox News' Glenn Beck pressured the White House to oust Van Jones over a "9/11 truth" petition, David Swanson notes. September 7, 2009

Obama Must Respect Afghan Humanity
President Obama needs new thinking to reverse the poisonous violence of Afghanistan, argues Sherwood Ross. September 7, 2009

Anti-Hillary Movie Tests Legal Limits
A movie attacking Hillary Clinton may prompt a Supreme Court standard for corporate money in politics, writes Michael Winship. September 6, 2009

Mercenaries Hide Costs of War
Washington's use of mercenaries shields the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from their full political costs, writes Sherwood Ross. September 3, 2009

The War on CIA's Inspector General
Stung by the critical torture report, CIA brass undercuts an independent inspector general, writes Melvin A. Goodman. September 3, 2009

Ignoring the Truth about Lockerbie
The furor over the release of a Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing ignores evidence of his innocence, says William Blum. September 3, 2009

Afghanistan for Dummies
President Obama's envoy on Afghanistan is muddled in explaining how to measure the war's success, says Ray McGovern. September 2, 2009

WPost Misses Real Problem at CIA
Lamenting poor CIA morale, the Washington Post misses the years of mismanagement, writes Melvin A. Goodman. September 1, 2009

Cheney May Balk at Torture Probe by Jason Leopold, noting ex-Vice President Dick Cheney's resistance to an inquiry. August 31, 2009

WPost Helps CIA Defend Torture
The Washington Post is back rationalizing the Bush administration's anything-goes "war on terror," writes Ray McGovern. August 30, 2009

WPost Takes the Pro-Torture Side
Ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman says the Washington Post's distorted article on torture shows need for a truth commission. August 30, 2009

WPost Again Plays Torture Apologist
The Washington Post resumes its long defense of Bush administration abuses, writes ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman. August 26, 2009

Closing In on the Torturers by Ray McGovern, showing how the Bush administration's torturers have more reasons to worry. (August 26, 2009)

Why the Right's Propaganda Works
The Right's success in selling lies about President Obama's health reform derives from its media clout, writes Robert Parry. August 19, 2009

A Power Equal to a Thousand Words
Filmmaker David Kasper reflects on President Obama's troubling decision to conceal photographic evidence of war crimes. August 18, 2009

Fromme-Peltier: Inequality of Mercy by Dennis Bernstein and Miguel Gavilan Molina, assessing a double standard that keeps Indian activist Leonard Peltier behind bars. (August 18, 2009)

WTimes' Hypocritical Obama-Nazi Slur
The right-wing Washington Times linked Barack Obama to Hitler, but the Times' founder has the real Nazi ties, says Robert Parry. August 17, 2009

Cheney's New Gambit by Ray McGovern, describing ex-Vice President Cheney's self-interested outrage. (August 14, 2009)

The Truth Will Not Out, on Its Own
The hysterias over the Iraq War and now health-care reform suggest truth is a fragile U.S. commodity, writes Robert Parry. August 13, 2009

Palin's 'Death Panels' and GOP Lying by Robert Parry, examining the Republican reliance on made-up charges. (August 11, 2009)

Holder's Torture-Probe Plan Faulted by Jason Leopold, noting the inquiry's limited focus on lower-level operatives. (August 10, 2009)

Al Jazeera Dissects Health-Care Battle
Arab network Al Jazeera says special-interest money has put President Obama's health-care plan on the defensive. August 8, 2009

Al Jazeera Examines US Health Crisis
Arab network Al Jazeera looks at the human suffering behind the American health-care battle, via TheRealNews. (Part 1) August 7, 2009

Ex-CIA Analyst Criticizes State Secrets by Melvin A. Goodman, rejecting excessive claims of secrecy. (August 7, 2009)

Bashing Obama on Taxes
Washington pundits jump to a conclusion that President Obama is breaking his word on middle-class taxes, says Robert Parry. August 3, 2009

Why Obama's Health Plan Falters, by Jeff Cohen, assessing the weakness of the reform message. (August 2, 2009)

How Pay-to-Play Corrupts Washington, by Michael Winship, plumbing the depths of DC's institutional corruption. (August 2, 2009)

Panetta Pleads for No CIA Punishment
CIA Director Leon Panetta pens an op-ed that urges no "retribution" for Bush-era CIA crimes, notes Melvin A. Goodman. August 2, 2009

US Judge Orders Afghan Youth Freed
A federal judge ordered freedom for a young Afghani at Guantanamo, but his future remains in doubt, reports Jason Leopold. July 31, 2009

Incredible Shrinking Health Reform
Democratic disarray on health reform threatens President Obama's broader agenda, reports TheRealNews. July 30, 2009

Obama Faces Carter/Clinton Parallels
After six months in office, Barack Obama confronts dangers that damaged two previous Democratic presidents, writes Robert Parry. July 29, 2009

Holder Ponders Limited Torture Probe
Attorney General Eric Holder may investigate CIA interrogators who went beyond torture parameters, reports Jason Leopold. July 29, 2009

Wall St. Rally Masks Deeper Problems
Stocks are up, but so too are pressures on workers in higher-wage countries, reports TheRealNews. July 28, 2009

Obama, the Great Wealth Creator?
With stocks down in March, Barack Obama was a "great wealth destroyer," so what now with stocks rising, asks Robert Parry. July 27, 2009

US Has New Plan to Hold Afghan Youth
To avoid releasing a young Afghan 'combatant,' the Obama administration moves the case to criminal court, reports Jason Leopold. July 25, 2009

Obama's Health Care 'Waterloo'
Barack Obama's health-care reform faces a powerful array of enemies and some unreliable allies, say Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. July 25, 2009

The Censored Health-Care Option
To the U.S. news media, the health-care option that dare not speak its name is "single-payer," writes David Swanson. July 23, 2009

Can Taxing the Rich Save Health Care?
Conservative Democrats are fighting the idea of a surtax on the rich to help pay for health-care reform, reports TheRealNews. July 23, 2009

Obama Lawyers Shield Cheney on Leak
To shield Dick Cheney, President Obama's lawyers cite what a judge calls a Jon Stewart "Daily Show exemption," says Jason Leopold. July 22, 2009

Christ's Teachings v. US Health Care
One of Jesus Christ's priorities was healing the sick, not making illness a profit center, Rev. Howard Bess notes in this guest essay. July 21, 2009

To Save the Republic, Tax the Rich?
Taxes are a third rail of American politics, but raising taxes on the rich may be needed for the Republic's future, writes Robert Parry. July 20, 2009

Oysters (or Profits) for Health Care
The Surgeon General nominee took oysters for doctoring, but the medical industry wants profits, say Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. July 17, 2009

Pentagon 'Terrorist' List Questioned
The Pentagon's claim that one in seven released Guantanamo prisoners has returned to terrorism lacks details, reports TheRealNews. July 16, 2009

Bush's Hit Teams
George W. Bush may not have gotten a CIA assassination squad going, but he did create military hit teams, Robert Parry reports. July 15, 2009

Cheney Sweats Out the Summer
Despite mild temperatures in Washington, ex-Vice President Dick Cheney is sweating possible investigations, says Ray McGovern. July 14, 2009

Bush Spying Relied on Faulty Theories
Top U.S. government investigators found serious legal abuses in President Bush's electronic spying program, reports Jason Leopold. July 12, 2009

WPost's 'Select Few' Dine on Health Bill
A Washington Post money-making scheme offered health industry lobbyists special access, write Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. July 11, 2009

CIA's History of Lying to Congress
New allegations of the CIA misleading Congress are met by pundit disbelief, but there's a long historical record, notes Lisa Pease. July 10, 2009

Ancient Israeli Myths Deter Peace
Prime Minister Netanyahu's demand that Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state raises historical questions, says Robert Parry. July 9, 2009

Inviting George Bush to Talk Torture
Planning a Texas speech on torture, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern invites ex-President George W. Bush to attend. July 8, 2009

Is Texas Harboring Torture Decider?
On his way to give a talk in Texas, ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern had this op-ed spurned by two leading Texas newspapers. July 7, 2009

Confronting a Torture Judge
President Obama won't act, but U.S. citizens confront a legal architect of torture, say Cynthia Papermaster and Susan Harman. July 8, 2009

Obama's Iran Peace Talk Dilemma
Before the disputed election, Iran's leaders floated a Middle East peace idea that President Obama is pondering, reports Robert Parry. July 7, 2009

Republicans, a Threat to the Republic?
Last year, the Republican Party thought Sarah Palin was ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, notes Robert Parry. July 5, 2009

Wealth Inequality Destroys US Ideals
On its 233rd birthday, the American Republic and its ideals of equality are threatened by vast income inequality, writes Don Monkerud. July 4, 2009

Declaration of Indictment
For eight years, George W. Bush violated U.S. laws and trampled on the founding principles of the Republic, says David Swanson. July 4, 2009

Bush-Cheney Linked to CIA Leak Case
While shielding George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Justice Department lawyers let slip CIA leak case clues, reports Jason Leopold. July 3, 2009

A Buy-Democracy Independence Day
The brutal recession is not only tearing about lives and families, it is threatening the fabric of democracy, writes Graham Rankin. July 3, 2009

Coast-to-Coast Political Gridlock
New York and California are facing political crises driven by a GOP dogma regarding taxes on the wealthy, Michael Winship writes. July 2, 2009

The Bible's Odd Idea of Marriage
Critics of gay marriage say it offends God's "sacred institution," but the Bible is an odd source on the topic, says Rev. Howard Bess. July 2, 2009

Obama 'Bottles Up' Torture Probes
President Obama resists demands for transparency and accountability for George W. Bush's torture crimes, reports TheRealNews. July 2, 2009

Iraq: A Bitter Strategic Failure
Iraqi celebrations over the pullback of U.S. forces marks what looks like an end game to a strategic failure, says Robert Parry. July 1, 2009

Who Sits at the Health-Reform Table?
While single-payer advocates are excluded, pricy medical industry execs are welcome in the health-care debate, Tom Klammer notes. July 1, 2009

Key Bush Torture Lawyers Still at Work
Not all the lawyers implicated in George W. Bush's torture scandal are out of government; at least two remain, notes David Swanson. June 30, 2009

Obama's 'Realism' on Iran
The Iranian election dispute was a test of President Obama's commitment to foreign policy "realism," writes Ivan Eland. June 30, 2009

Giving Diplomacy a Chance
President Obama is under fire for advocating diplomacy, but ex-CIA Station Chief Haviland Smith says it deserves a chance. June 29, 2009

Obama's Troubling Caution on Torture
After releasing four torture memos, President Obama has shied away from pressing the fight, say Diana Gibson and Ray McGovern. June 29, 2009

Obama, They Want You to Fail
The Democrats again are reaching out to Republicans on health-care reform, missing the GOP's core agenda, says Robert Parry. June 29, 2009

Obama's Torture Hypocrisy
President Obama vows to "stand against torture wherever it takes place," but apparently not always, reports Jason Leopold. June 29, 2009 (This is a corrected version of an earlier story.)

Waking Up Is Hard to Do
Five months into the Age of Obama, it looks like troubling business as usual in big media and big politics, writes Pablo Ouziel. June 28, 2009

Dissent as 'Low-Level Terrorism'
The U.S. government has begun conflating dissent with terrorism, much like repressive regimes do, writes Emily Spence. June 26, 2009

A Risky Rush to Judgment on Iran
The neocon Iraq War promoters are back, demanding tough action against Iran for its disputed election, notes Michael Winship. June 26, 2009

Who to Trust on a Truth Commission?
A fatal flaw for a George W. Bush truth commission may be the lack of a Washington "wise man" to tell the truth, says Robert Parry. June 26, 2009

Treading Softly with the CIA's Panetta
CIA Director Leon Panetta's defenders excuse his softness with agency hardliners as self-preservation, writes Melvin A. Goodman. June 25, 2009

False Health-Scare Ad on CNN
A right-wing group is twisting the choice argument on health insurance to deny the choice of a public option, says Robert Parry. June 25, 2009

Iran Divided & the 'October Surprise'
Today's divisions in Iran's leadership date back to secret decisions made to influence a U.S. election in 1980, reports Robert Parry. June 24, 2009

Serving the Medical-Industrial Complex
A new U.S. poll shows 72 percent want a public health insurance option, but Republicans and some Dems say no, says Robert Parry. June 22, 2009

Pushing Obama to Confront Iran
The neocons are back, joining the pundit chorus demanding that President Obama get tough with Iran, as Ivan Eland notes. June 22, 2009

Obama Opposes Plame-gate Release
Barack Obama's lawyers are protecting another Bush-era secret, Dick Cheney's Plame-gate interview, writes Jason Leopold. June 20, 2009

The Disappointing Leon Panetta
Instead of reform, CIA Director Leon Panetta has protected the spy agency's turf, says ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman. June 19, 2009

Ray McGovern on Illness and Health
A second bout with a serious illness gives ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern an insight on the need for universal health coverage. June 18, 2009

Taking Sides in Iran
The U.S. news media casts aside objectivity in covering Iran's election despite the real question of who won, says Robert Parry. June 18, 2009

CIA Secret File Tests Obama's Pledge
President Obama must decide on releasing an internal CIA report telling how three detainees died, reports Jason Leopold. June 18, 2009

Flawed Elections: US and Iran
It's easy to throw stones at Iran, but the United States has built a glass house when it comes to secure elections, Lisa Pease says. June 17, 2009

What If Ahmadinejad Really Won?
Many Western journalists assume Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stole reelection -- but maybe not, Robert Parry notes. June 15, 2009

Taking a Rational Look at Iran
U.S. policymakers often exaggerate foreign threats and demonize foreign leaders, a process that Ivan Eland sees again in Iran. June 15, 2009

Excusing Outrages of the Right
As the angry American Right ramps up its rhetoric, the U.S. news media mostly looks the other way, Robert Parry says. June 15, 2009

Extremism and Suffering Children
The further radicalizing of U.S. rightists and recent outbursts of violence recall other extremist excesses, writes William John Cox. June 15, 2009

The Silence About Guns
Murder at Washington's Holocaust museum and other attacks fail to stir gun control debate, say Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. June 13, 2009

'Emergent Church' v. Fundamentalism
The stirrings of an "emergent church" are challenging the clout of Christian fundamenalism, writes the Rev. Howard Bess. June 13, 2009

Two Key Health-Care Numbers
Insurance lobbyists want Washington to force 50 million Americans to sign up and stop 119 million from defecting, says Robert Parry. June 11, 2009

Obama Aids Bush's Torture Cover-up
By withholding proof of prisoner abuses, President Obama furthers George W. Bush's cover-up of torture, Jason Leopold writes. June 11, 2009

Tying Obama to Bush's Budget Mess
Republicans blame President Obama for an ocean of red ink, but a study shows most came from President Bush, says Robert Parry. June 10, 2009

GOP's Civil Liberties Hypocrisy
In April, Republicans blasted a Homeland Security report that correctly warned of a surge in right-wing violence, Nat Parry wrote. June 10, 2009

America's Toxic 'Innocence'
With corrupt elites and a self-indulgent culture, the big question is: Can the United States change in time? writes Phil Rockstroh. June 10, 2009

CIA Shifts Reasons for Torture Secrets
CIA Director Leon Panetta says torture documents must be concealed to deny al-Qaeda a propaganda boon, reports Jason Leopold. June 10, 2009

Obama's Era of Openness Is Closed
President Obama pledged an "era" of openness but now is shutting the door on proof of "war on terror" crimes, says Robert Parry. June 9, 2009

Bush/Cheney Pushed Torture on DOJ
E-mails show President Bush and Vice President Cheney leaning on the Justice Department to permit torture, reports Jason Leopold. June 8, 2009

Al Qaeda Adjusts to Obama
After eight years of playing George W. Bush, al Qaeda faces a trickier challenge with Barack Obama, says Ivan Eland. June 8, 2009

119 Million Americans Must Be Wrong
A curious argument against a U.S. public health insurance option is that 119 million Americans want to sign up, notes Robert Parry. June 5, 2009

Obama Fuzzed Up Reality in Speech
President Obama's uplifting speech in Cairo benefited from some gauzy depiction of reality, observes David Swanson. June 5, 2009

Privatizing 'Obama's War'
Mercenaries and other security contractors are expanding their role in Afghanistan, "Obama's War," writes Michael Winship. June 5, 2009

Baucus Still Shuns Single-Payer Option
Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus continues to exclude advocates of a single-payer health plan, reports David Swanson. June 4, 2009

Ronald Reagan: Worst President Ever?
Ronald Reagan is an icon of the Right and wins praise from Democrats, but his real record may be the worst ever, writes Robert Parry. June 3, 2009

Ed Schultz on Obama's Health Plan
Talk-show host Ed Schultz says President Obama would be hurt if he bails on a public health insurance option, reports TheRealNews. June 2, 2009

America's Political/Media Kabuki
Despite President Obama's vow of "change," the U.S. political/media system is stuck in a kabuki-style dance, says Robert Parry. June 1, 2009

The Cap-and-Trade Controversy
A Democratic plan to limit greenhouse gas emission with a cap-and-trade plan has some environmental critics, reports TheRealNews. June 1, 2009

Will Obama End 'War on Drugs'?
The Obama administration has jettisoned the phrase "war on drugs," but will the policy follow suit? asks writer Sherwood Ross. May 31, 2009

Taking a Troubling Measure of Torture
Official Washington, including the pundits, have been slow in coming to grips with torture, say Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. May 30, 2009

'Scaredy-Cat Nation' Risks US Security
The panic over bringing some Guantanamo prisoners to the United States is undercutting President Obama's global credibility and undermining U.S. security interests abroad, reports Robert Parry. May 29, 2009

Keeping Single-Payer Off the Table
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus says all health plans are on the table, except single-payer, reports TheRealNews. May 29, 2009

Fear Trumps Reason on Guantanamo
Bipartisan hysteria about moving Guantanamo inmates to U.S. prisons has spurred a retreat by President Obama, says Ivan Eland. May 28, 2009

Top Ten Ideas to Obama's Outreach
President Obama's outreach efforts are drawing less enthusiasm after he ignored previoius grassroots advice, notes David Swanson. May 28, 2009

Obama Caves to 'Scaredy-Cat Nation'
By advocating "prolonged detentions," President Obama panders to the excessive fears of some Americans, writes Robert Parry. May 27, 2009

The Audacity of Hopelessness
Americans have been taken on a wild and destructive ride by a corrupt financial and political elite, says poet Phil Rockstroh. May 27, 2009

America's 'Emerging Church'
The dominant right-wing voice of Evangelicalism is softening with the rise of an "emerging church," writes the Rev. Howard Bess. May 26, 2009

The War on the Public Health Option
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship assess the power and money imbalance in the war against a public health option, May 26, 2009

Obama's Odd Choice for Afghanistan
President Obama surprised some by pickingGen. Stanley McChrystal to command forces in Afghanistan, reports TheRealNews. May 26, 2009

Colin Powell Skates Free on Torture
Though on the panel that oversaw torture, Colin Powell claims he was out of the loop on much of the policy, writes Robert Parry. May 25, 2009

Think Who Might Be 45th President
Even Barack Obama fans should be alarmed that he may pass on powers that a future President may abuse, warns David Swanson. May 24, 2009

Obama/Cheney Oppose Accountability
In dueling speeches, Barack Obama and Dick Cheney clashed over torture but agreed on no accountability, reports TheRealNews. May 24, 2009

After the Parades and the Picnics
Memorial Day can be a moment of mixed reflections on sacrifice and unnecessary warfare, says pastor Johann Christoph Arnold. May 24, 2009

On Death Row: Murder and Innocence
Dennis Bernstein interviews death row inmate Kevin Cooper whose claims of innocence are shared by some federal judges. May 23, 2009

The CIA's History of Deception
The GOP assault on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists on the fiction that the CIA wouldn't deceive, notes Melvin A. Goodman. May 23, 2009

The Cheney Channel
Is Dick Cheney's angry defense of torture a clever attempt to fend off prosecution, David Swanson asks in this guest essay. May 23, 2009

The GOP's 'Era of Apologizing'
Republican chief Michael Steele says the GOP "era of apologizing" is over, but for Dick Cheney, it hasn't begun, says Robert Parry. May 22, 2009

Cheney Goofs on Israel
Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney let slip an inconvenient truth, how U.S. support for Israel fuels Islamic rage, notes Ray McGovern. May 22, 2009

NYT Helps the Bushies, Again
New York Times spreads Bush propaganda with a flawed story about ex-Guantanamo prisoners rejoining the fight, Robert Parry says. May 21, 2009

Organizing for a Public Health Option
Rather than wait for President Obama, some activists are taking the lead in fighting for a public health option, reports TheRealNews. May 21, 2009

Who to Trust -- Pelosi or the CIA?
Republicans are bashing Nancy Pelosi for "scapegoating" the CIA, but it has a dubious record for truth-telling, reports Jason Leopold. May 20, 2009

Obama May Slide High Court to Right
If President Obama taps safe moderates for the U.S. Supreme Court, the court might slip further to the Right, Jeff Cohen notes. May 20, 2009

Obama's Warfare State
Barack Obama is showing no sign of curtailing the American warfare state as the military budget keeps rising, notes Sherwood Ross. May 20, 2009

The Fight for a Public Health Option
The U.S. health insurance industry is determined to eliminate a public health option in a reform package, reports TheRealNews. May 19, 2009

Knowing 'What's Good for the Country'
Hiding facts for "the good of the country" -- as President Obama is doing with abuse photos -- can cause harm, says Robert Parry. May 17, 2009

A 'Psychic Thrill' for US Empire
Former Reagan administration official Bruce Fein warns against the dangerous allure of Empire, reports TheRealNews. May 17, 2009

Giving Some Love to the Inquisition
A new Republican defense of George W. Bush's torture is to cite how well it worked in the Spanish Inquisition, Robert Parry writes. May 16, 2009

Tortured Logic; Tortured Results
The evidence keeps building that the Bush administration used torture to get "proof" for invading Iraq, as William Loren Katz says. May 14, 2009

The Right Bullied Obama on Photos
Bush defenders pummeled President Obama before his reversal on releasing photos of prisoner abuse, writes Jason Leopold. May 14, 2009

Obama, Pakistan and the Rule of Law
President Obama's policy of firing missiles into Pakistan raises doubts about his commitment to the rule of law, writes Peter Dyer. May 13, 2009

Murtha's Caring Corruption
Rep. John Murtha has helped his family and his constituents by helping the military-industrial complex, says Michael Winship. May 13, 2009

Credit-Card Law Has Painful Impact
A credit-card bill, which would address abuses, is causing banks to rush ahead with interest-rate hikes, writes Brent Budowsky. May 12, 2009

Bloated Empire and the Financial Crash
America's overextended empire contributed to the financial crisis in ways not acknowledged by the U.S. press, says Ivan Eland. May 11, 2009

Hypocrisy Hurts Obama Nuke Goal
President Obama's vision of a world without nuclear weapons is undercut by double standards, reports TheRealNews. May 11, 2009

Republicans Play a New Fear Card
A new GOP scare tactic is to panic Americans into thinking U.S. "super-max" prisons can't hold terror suspects, says Sherwood Ross. May 9, 2009

'Central Front' in the Health-Care War
The health-insurance industry is determined to kill a public option in emerging health-care reform, warns Dr. Margaret Flowers. May 9, 2009

Obama, Autos and Health Care
President Obama's bid to save the U.S. auto industry may hinge on his success in reforming health care, reports TheRealNews. May 8, 2009

Torture? Rudman to the Rescue
Ex-Sen. Warren Rudman, a go-to guy for containing past scandals, is wading into the torture case, Ray McGovern writes. May 6, 2009

Demanding Accountability from Condi
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is under pressure at Stanford for her war-crime role, reports Marjorie Cohn. May 6, 2009

The Unions and the Economy
Pressure on auto unions to take wage cuts could have a rippling effect across the economy, reports TheRealNews. May 6, 2009

'One More Bubble!'
President Obama says America's "bubble" economy must end, but there are powerful forces that have profited enormously from speculative bubbles and don't want things to change, writes Robert Parry. May 4, 2009

Can the Neocons Jump to the Dems?
After damaging the Republican Party, the neoconservatives are eyeing the Democrats as a possible new home, observes Ivan Eland. May 4, 2009

The Iraq War's Other Contractors
The future of the Iraq War may rest on whether former Sunni insurgents continue getting paid, reports Carol Burke. May 4, 2009

Autos at a Dangerous Crossroads
The collapsing U.S. auto industry may drag the economy over the cliff without more dramatic action, reports TheRealNews. May 4, 2009

The Great Autoworkers' Gamble
Agreeing to plans for a streamlined U.S. auto industry, GM and Chrysler workers are gambling their futures, reports TheRealNews. May 3, 2009

Mortgaging the White House
Despite Wall Street's responsibility for the financial crisis, President Obama's key economic aides have close ties to the culprits, as Bill Moyers and Michael Winship note in this guest essay. May 1, 2009

Memo to President Obama on Torture
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity urges President Obama to back a blue-ribbon investigation into the Bush administration's torture policies to ascertain the full truth. April 29, 2009 (Updated May 1)

Obama's Shaky Ground on Torture
President Obama is under growing pressure to act after admitting the Bush administration committed torture, reports TheRealNews. May 1, 2009

Specter's JFK Specter
Sen. Arlen Specter's switch to the Democrats is widely viewed as political opportunism, a trait that has followed Specter's career since his famous role in probing the JFK assassination, notes Lisa Pease. April 29, 2009

Should Dem Voters Accept Specter?
Democratic leaders are happy to have Sen. Arlen Specter in the fold, but some Pennsylvania Democratic voters would prefer a candidate in 2010 who backs more of their positions, says Stephen Crockett. April 29, 2009

House Dems Seek Special Prosecutor
House Judiciary Committee Democrats urge Attorney General Eric Holder to name a special counsel to investigate whether the Bush administration broke anti-torture laws, Jason Leopold reports. April 29, 2009

Grading Obama's First 100 Days
The "first 100 days" is an artificial measure of a President's performance, but gives commentators a chance to measure Barack Obama against their policy preferences, as Ivan Eland does in this guest essay. April 29, 2009

What Should Obama Do?
President Obama would prefer to look past George W. Bush's torture scandal, but sometimes moral and legal imperatives overwhelm political expediency, says ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman. April 26, 2009

Torture and American Exceptionalism
By acknowledging torture but opposing punishments, President Obama is sanctioning American exceptionalism, reports TheRealNews. April 26, 2009

Democrats' 'Battered Wife Syndrome'
For four decades, Washington's political dynamic has been the Republicans acting like an abusive husband and the Democrats like a battered wife, a pattern now repeating itself, reports Robert Parry. April 25, 2009

Needed: Another Ferdinand Pecora
Seeking to understand the Wall Street financial crash, the United States needs someone like Ferdinand Pecora, who dug into the Wall Street abuses that caused the Great Depression, says Michael Winship. April 25, 2009

Real World Reasons Against Torture
Professional FBI interrogators were among those most horrified by George W. Bush's torture techniques for moral, legal and practical reasons, as former FBI agent Coleen Rowley writes in this guest essay. April 24, 2009

How Bush's Torture Helped al-Qaeda
Though George W. Bush's defenders say his torture policies worked, al-Qaeda captives told fake stories about Iraq and bought time for al-Qaeda to regroup in nuclear-armed Pakistan, reports Robert Parry. April 23, 2009

Bush Team Ignored Waterboard Cases
George W. Bush's lawyers found waterboarding to be legal, but Ronald Reagan's Justice Department prosectued a Texas sheriff and his deputies for the practice, notes Jason Leopold. April 23, 2009

On Torture, the Pressure Builds
With the flood of disclosures about the Bush administration's torture policies, President Obama and his legal advisers are under growing pressure to authorize a criminal investigation, says Ray McGovern. April 22, 2009

Connecting CIA Torture to Abu Ghraib
Bush administration memos suggest how the CIA's brutal interrogation methods spread to Iraq and contributed to the costly Abu Ghraib scandal, reports Robert Parry. April 21, 2009

Obama's Tortured Stance on Torture
President Obama's tricky middle course on torture -- stopping the policy but letting the Bush administration off the hook -- doesn't seem to be getting him anywhere, notes Ivan Eland. April 21, 2009

Greedy Bankers Fuel Public Outrage
After taking trillion-dollar federal bailouts, major banks are creating a political firestorm by raising credit-card interest rates and taking other anti-consumer actions, writes Brent Budowsky. April 21, 2009

GOP's Civil Liberties Hypocrisy
Republican lawmakers are furious about a Homeland Security report on the threat of right-wing terrorism, but they didn't complain when the Bush administration targeted left-wing groups, notes Nat Parry. April 20, 2009

Plight of the New World Order - Part 2
Economic dislocations from the worldwide financial crisis raise the chances for violent class warfare, reports TheRealNews. April 19, 2009

The Plight of the New World Order
President Obama may see glimmers of economic hope but the storm ahead could still create a "new world order," reports TheRealNews. April 18, 2009

Somali Pirates v Those of High Finance
The young Somali pirates preying on freighters in the Indian Ocean are pikers in the business of plunder, says Michael Winship. April 18, 2009

How Bush's Tortured Legal Logic Won
President George W. Bush cleared the way for torturing "war on terror" detainees by ensuring that compliant lawyers were in the right spots at the Justice Department, reports Robert Parry. April 17, 2009

Ducking America's Torture Disgrace
The release of four Justice Department "torture" memos offers more proof of Bush administration crimes, but President Obama shies away from prosecutions, as ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman says. April 17, 2009

Bush's Hypocrisy on War Crimes
In March 2003, when Iraqi TV videotaped some captured U.S. soldiers, President George W. Bush said those who abuse captives "will be treated as war criminals," but just not him, Jason Leopold notes. April 16, 2009

Exaggerating China's Military Threat
The Obama administration is doing little to reverse the expensive Cold War containment of China, says Ivan Eland in this guest essay. April 15, 2009

Anatomy of Bush's Torture 'Paradigm'
In explaining how America got on the road to torture, ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern traces the start of the sadistic journey to George W. Bush's tough-guy swagger after 9/11. April 14, 2009

US News Media Fails America, Again
The U.S. news media keeps repeating its old patterns, from the crazy right-wing rants of Glenn Beck and Fox News to the lazy conventional wisdom of John King and David Broder, writes Robert Parry. April 13, 2009

Israeli Scholar Disputes Founding Myth
Israeli historian Shlomo Sand says the Romans never expelled the Jews from ancient Israel and argues that Europe's Jewish populations derived from conversions, not the Diaspora, writes Morgan Strong. April 12, 2009

Re-Fueling the Terrorism Scare
With the "terror industry" now a lucrative business for government contractors, they must come up with new arguments to scare the public, as David Swanson notes in this guest essay. April 12, 2009

America, Torture and Hypocrisy
The newly disclosed Red Cross report on George W. Bush's torture policies represents a challenge to American democracy -- to finally face up to the dark side of recent U.S. history, writes Robert Parry. April 9, 2009

'Let the Railsplitter Awake!'
On Good Friday evening in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was fatally shot by John Wilkes Booth. Now 144 years later, Lincoln's legacy reaches back to the White House, Michael Winship notes. April 9, 2009

Gates's Budget Sleight of Hand
Pentagon chief Robert Gates succeeded in selling his military budget increase as a budget cut, reports TheRealNews. April 9, 2009

Easter Hope: Justice Against Torture
At Easter -- celebrating Jesus's triumph over torture and death -- Ray McGovern hopes Americans will demand that George W. Bush be brought to justice for disgracing the nation with torture and death. April 8, 2009

Bush's CIA Suspected of More Torture
The International Committee of the Red Cross complained that the Bush administration withheld information about what happened to many detainees at CIA secret prisons, Jason Leopold reports. April 8, 2009

Gates's Up-Is-Down Military Budget
The U.S. news media is pushing the notion that Defense Secretary Robert Gates is cutting the military budget, when he's actually seeking another increase in Pentagon spending, says David Swanson. April 8, 2009

The Gates Doctrine for More Wars
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is winning praise for slashing Cold War weapons, but his emphasis on guerrilla warfare may lead to unnecessary bloodshed, notes ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman. April 8, 2009

Fixing the Real Wall Street Blame
Despite the grave financial crisis, the U.S. government has ducked a serious inquiry, as Bill Moyers and Michael Winship note. April 7, 2009

Obama's Challenge in Afghanistan
President Obama must convince the Afghans that the US intends to help rebuild the nation, not just wage war, reports TheRealNews. April 7, 2009

Saving Mexico by Legalizing US Drugs
The "drug war" crisis in Mexico might be best resolved by letting American adults buy drugs legally, says Ivan Eland in this guest essay. April 7, 2009

Cowardice in the Time of Torture
By ignoring Vice President Dick Cheney's waterboarding admission, Attorney General Eric Holder is joining a "nation of cowards" who dare not confront torture, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. April 5, 2009

Conyers Again Seeks Bush Prosecutor
House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers says a criminal probe of alleged Bush administration crimes is needed despite political concerns about upsetting Republicans, writes Jason Leopold. April 5, 2009

WPost Sees Neocon Hope in Obama
The Washington Post's neocon editors chide Barack Obama for dropping George W. Bush's phrase "global war on terror," while supposedly keeping the substance of Bush's policies, notes Robert Parry. April 4, 2009

Miss Universe's Excellent Adventure
The cheery world of Miss Universe collided with the dark planet called Gitmo, as Michael Winship notes in this guest essay. April 3, 2009

'Torture Memo' May Finally Go Public
Despite protests from George W. Bush's last CIA director, the Justice Department appears headed toward releasing the infamous August 2002 "torture memo," reports Jason Leopold. April 3, 2009

Leahy Faults GOP Partisanship on Bush
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy says the insistence of Republican partisans to defend George W. Bush torpedoed plans for a nonpartisan "truth commission," reports Jason Leopold. April 2, 2009

Truth, Crimes, Commissions and Hope
The possible demise of a "truth commission" to examine George W. Bush's war crimes may not be all bad, says David Swanson. April 2, 2009

Leahy Bails on 'Truth Commission' Plan
In a meeting with Vermonters, Sen. Patrick Leahy admitted that his plan for a "truth commission" to examine Bush administration abuses was a non-starter, says Charlotte Dennett in this guest report. April 1, 2009

Bush Aides Changed Watchdog Report
Before leaving office, Attorney General Michael Mukasey and other Bush administration lawyers engineered changes in a watchdog report slamming legal opinions that allowed torture, reports Jason Leopold. April 1, 2009

To Bush's GWOT, RIP
In killing off the phrase "global war on terror," the Obama administration had put one more nail in the coffin of George W. Bush's grandiose imperial presidency, writes Robert Parry. March 31, 2009

Obama Faces Challenges at the G-20
Amid dire warnings, President Obama meets in London with the leaders of the biggest economies, reports TheRealNews. March 31, 2009

The President's Troublesome 'Friends'
In grappling with the worsening Afghan-Pakistani crisis, President Obama must confront Pakistan's shadowy intelligence service, ISI, which has a history of aiding Islamic militants, writes Ivan Eland. March 31, 2009

Democrats Duck Bush Torture Probe
As evidence of George W. Bush's torture crimes grows, national Democrats are shrinking from their demands last year for a special prosecutor to build a war-crimes case, notes Jason Leopold. March 30, 2009

Explaining Bernie Madoff
Was Bernie Madoff an evil world-class swindler, or was he just an extreme example of a greed-obsessed culture that had lost its way, as the Rev. Howard Bess argues in this guest essay? March 30, 2009

Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President
Barack Obama agreed to a military escalation in Afghanistan, accepting advice of military advisers in a move reminscent of earlier presidents being lured into Vietnam, says ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. March 28, 2009

No Angry Mob, But a Movement
Finally, the American people are challenging the elites who misled the nation into a string of disasters, notes Michael Winship. March 27, 2009

Lost History Hurts Obama's Iran Bid
The message exchange between President Barack Obama and Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was undercut by the lost -- or secret -- history between the two countries, writes Robert Parry. March 26, 2009

Laissez Unfair
For decades, Americans were sold on laissez-faire capitalism with few government regulations, but now they're discovering that it was laissez unfair, as Brent Budowsky notes in this guest essay. March 24, 2009

The Iraq War's Six Years of Mayhem
The Iraq War passes its sixth anniversary with too little attention paid to the real lessons learned, writes David Swanson. March 22, 2009

How to Really Hit Back at Wall Street
Brent Budowsky urges banning political donations from bailed-out banks and bringing back Eliot Spitzer. March 21, 2009

Framing Obama -- by the WPost
The neocon tilt of the Washington Post's opinion section has spread into the news columns where issues facing President Obama are often "framed" in the most negative way, writes Robert Parry. March 19, 2009

Torture Revealed Yet Again
The proof of George W. Bush's crimes continues to build, including new revelations about his administration's use of torture, but the will to act on the evidence is lacking, as David Swanson notes. March 19, 2009

Indentured Servants, Circa 2009
As the United States struggles through a severe recession, anger is building toward "illegal aliens" -- making a bad situation for immigrant workers even worse, writes Barbara Koeppel. March 18, 2009

CIA's Panetta Is Falling Short
Rather than challenging the CIA's culture of corruption, new director Leon Panetta appears to be joining the club and looking the other way, writes ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman in this guest essay. March 18, 2009

Gates Carries Over Iraq-WMD Lie
Defense Secretary Robert Gates, a holdover from the Bush administration, is continuing the old canard that faulty intelligence on Iraq's WMD caused the war, notes ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman. March 14, 2009

War Crimes & American Rejectionism
As the law of war evolved, U.S. leaders played key roles -- until recent years when American rejectionism became the rule, repudiating efforts to hold Washington accountable, writes Peter Dyer. March 13, 2009

Israel Lobby Knocks Out Freeman
The Israel Lobby laid down a marker on the limits of Washington's Middle East debate by forcing out Chas Freeman, a top U.S. intel appointee, notes ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman. March 12, 2009

Who's Pro-Life?
For decades, many Americans have considered Democrats "pro-abortion" and Republicans "pro-life," but in this guest essay, Lynne Gillooly argues that the truth is quite different. March 12, 2009

Can Obama's Change Find El Salvador?
A quarter century after Ronald Reagan made El Salvador a bloody frontline in the Cold War, Salvadoran leftist rebels-turned-politicians hope to finally gain the presidency, Don North reports. March 11, 2009

Oh, What a Lovely Class War!
Despite evidence that America's rich are winning the class war against everyone else, the Right trots out the "class warfare" lament when there's talk of rolling back tax cuts, Michael Winship says. March 11, 2009

Timidity Derails Obama Intel Choice
Faced with staunch opposition from the Israel Lobby, the Obama administration pulls Chas Freeman's appointment to a senior intelligence position, ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern writes. March 11, 2009

The Neocons Strike Back
The neoconservatives have flexed their continuing muscle in Washington by beating back the appointment of a veteran diplomat who criticized Israel's treatment of Palestinians, Robert Parry reports. March 11, 2009

Finally, Putting Country First
Despite America's grave financial crisis, many key players in Washington and on Wall Street remain stuck in their self-interests, unwilling to do what's best for the country, writes Brent Budowsky. March 10, 2009

Obama's DNI Urged to Back Freeman
A group of intelligence professionals urge Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair to resist the neocon war on Chas Freeman. March 10, 2009

The Threat to Obama's Presidency
The U.S. news media -- with its continued tilt to the Right -- has become the most dangerous threat to Barack Obama's presidency and its reformist goals, writes Robert Parry. March 9, 2009

Ray McGovern on Gov't Accountability
A video of former CIA analyst Ray McGovern explaining why there must be accountability for Bush-era crimes. March 9, 2009

Bush Boasted about Tortured Captive
In late 2002, as President George W. Bush boasted of capturing a Saudi national named al-Nashiri, the alleged USS Cole plotter was being waterboarded, a document reveals, reports Jason Leopold. March 8, 2009

Obama Avoids Foreign Base Cuts
President Barack Obama is showing no sign that he will take a budget knife to America's foreign military bases, reports TheRealNews. March 8, 2009

Neocons Wage War on a 'Realist'
President Obama's choice of former Ambassador Chas Freeman to oversee U.S. intelligence estimates has touched off a jihad by neocons against a person they decry as a "realist," writes Robert Parry. March 6, 2009

The Strategic Loss in Iraq
Despite an extension of the U.S. military occupation, the Iraq War is likely to end in an Iranian victory, reports TheRealNews. March 6, 2009

Iran in the Crosshairs
President Barack Obama's first major international crisis may be provoked by Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu's determination to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities, say Gareth Porter and Ray McGovern. March 4, 2009

Obama's Iraq War Commitment
President Obama's plan to end the Iraq War has troubling indications of a longer commitment, reports TheRealNews. March 3, 2009

CIA Destroyed More Torture Videos
The CIA admits to a much higher number of destroyed videotapes -- 92 -- that recorded waterboarding and other harsh interrogation of "war on terror" detainees, reports Jason Leopold. March 2, 2009

America's 'House of Credit Cards'
The decline in the American labor movement and other pressures led to a U.S. economy over-reliant on credit, reports TheRealNews. March 1, 2009

Obama's War with the Right (& Media)
U.S. news outlets twisted the 6.2 percent drop in GDP for the fourth quarter as a negative for Barack Obama, while forgetting to mention that George W. Bush was still President, notes Robert Parry. February 28, 2009

Good Lives in Bad Times
Michael Winship looks at the remarkable lives of three people who died in the crash of a commuter plane near Buffalo. February 28, 2009

What's Behind the Economic Mess
Economist Richard Wolff says the reason for the economic crisis is more than mistakes made, reports TheRealNews. February 28, 2009

Can You Trust the Republicans?
Republicans insist their opposition to Barack Obama's program is motivated by principle, not politics, but they have amassed a long record of lying to the American people, reports Robert Parry. February 27, 2009

Leahy, Pelosi Differ on Bush Probe
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agree on investigating Bush administration abuses but differ on granting immunity, reports Jason Leopold. February 26, 2009

Calls to Shut School of the Americas
Former Latin American political prisoners are urging President Obama to shut the School of the Americas, reports TheRealNews. February 26, 2009

The Two-Sided Afghan Trap
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern looks at the Afghan trap that now draws in President Obama. From TheRealNews. February 26, 2009

The GOP's Anti-Obama Propaganda
Facing broad public support for Barack Obama and his agenda, Republicans have turned to Newt Gingrich's old strategies of destruction to find a route back to power, writes Robert Parry. February 25, 2009

JFK, FDR and 'Seven Days in May'
Two of Barack Obama's presidential idols -- John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt -- faced challenges from powerful interests that inspired the novel, Seven Days in May, notes Lisa Pease. February 24, 2009

Obama Ponders Pakistani Puzzle
President Obama faces a complex challenge in addressing unrest and instability in Pakistan, reports TheRealNews. February 24, 2009

Obama Signals 'Bush-Lite' on Liberties
After a promising start rolling back George W. Bush's imperial presidency, Barack Obama gives mixed signals, says Ivan Eland. February 24, 2009

Yoo's Memos Gave Retroactive Cover
A draft Justice Department report criticizes former Bush lawyer John Yoo for taking legal shortcuts in coming up with memos that justified harsh interrogation of detainees, reports Jason Leopold. February 23, 2009

Russia Plays Iran Card with Obama
Russia delays a defensive missile sale to Iran in a diplomatic dance with the new Obama administration, reports TheRealNews. February 23, 2009

Anti-Gay Bias Should Anger Christians
Denunciation of gays has become a Christian Right core value, but Baptist minister Howard Bess says the bigotry must end. February 23, 2009

Capital Hypocrisy Rooted in Money
The U.S. financial meltdown is exposing some friends of the powerful in scams, notes Michael Winship in this guest essay. February 23, 2009

Obama's 'Seven Days in May' Moment
Just one month into his presidency, Barack Obama faces a growing array of very powerful enemies, much like the fictional President in "Seven Days in May," writes Robert Parry. February 20, 2009

Prosecution for Bush War Crimes
The collapse of George W. Bush's torture defense -- that the lawyers okayed it -- is confronting the Obama administration with a stark choice on the rule of law, writes Marjorie Cohn. February 20, 2009

Gunplay, a Chimp & the Presidency
A New York Post cartoon showing police who had just killed a chimp that had written the economic stimulus bill raises some historic worries about race and violence, writes William Loren Katz. February 19, 2009

The US Media & Democracy in Crisis
While some see the decline of U.S. newspapers as largely their own fault, the danger to American democracy is that this trend will increase the influence of the right-wing media, says Robert Parry. February 19, 2009

US Generals Oppose Obama on Iraq
President Obama is encountering resistance for top U.S. military commanders about leaving Iraq, reports TheRealNews. February 19, 2009

'Bitter' Gore; 'Principled' McCain
In another double standard, the U.S. news media treats John McCain's attacks on Barack Obama as principled, but Al Gore's criticism of George Bush was driven by bitterness, writes Robert Parry. February 18, 2009

Needed NBC Series: 'Catch a Cheney'
Instead of ambushing sex perverts and accused foreign leaders, NBC might want to use those surprise tactics against American war criminals like Cheney and Kissinger, says Jeff Cohen. February 17, 2009

Obama Seeks Deal on Bush Privilege
Barack Obama's Justice Department wants Congress and ex-Bush administration aides to work out a deal on the former President's broad executive privilege claims, reports Jason Leopold. February 17, 2009

The Price of America's Prison Gulags
For three decades, the United States has followed a path of tough criminal sentences leading to a brutal, costly and inefficient prison system, says the Independent Institute's Anthony Gregory. February 17, 2009

Obama & the Media Dilemma
Amid George W. Bush's power, the U.S. news media favored Republicans because they were in charge; now, GOP guests are favored because the Democrats are in charge, notes Robert Parry. February 16, 2009

Can Obama Make the Tough Choices?
Leading progressives worry that Barack Obama is too much the captive of his centrist economic advisers, reports TheRealNews. February 16, 2009

Republicans Bet on America's Failure
With their near-solid opposition to Barack Obama's stimulus bill, the Republicans are betting on the plan's failure to pull the U.S. out of a deep recession, writes Brent Budowsky. February 16, 2009

Torture Report Erodes Bush's Defense
A critical report by a Justice Department watchdog undercuts George W. Bush's claim that he is innocent of war crimes because he was relying on honest legal advice, writes Jason Leopold. February 15, 2009

Obscene Wealth Can Be a Deadly Sin
Disgusted by Wall Street excesses, Americans are beginning to readjust their concept of immorality to elevate greed over other deadly sins, writes Baptist minister Howard Bess. February 14, 2009

The Oligarchy's Bailout Ball
One of the obstacles to straightening out America's financial mess is the resistance among Wall Street oligarchs to any big dent in their extravagant lifestyles, notes Michael Winship. February 14, 2009

What About Military Spending?
The taboo topic on reining in federal spending often is the Pentagon's bloated budget, reports TheRealNews. February 14, 2009

The Ultra-Radical Republicans
TV talking heads treat the Republican over-use of the filibuster as the natural way of things, but it is really a radical deviation from the way American democracy has worked, writes Robert Parry. February 13, 2009

Conyers Subpoenas Rove, Again
House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has set a deadline of Feb. 23 for ex-White House aide Karl Rove to testify about the firing of nine federal prosecutors, Jason Leopold reports. February 13, 2009

New Details on Torture Deaths
The Pentagon released documents on how several prisoners in Afghanistan died under brutal interrogation as the Bush administration was toughening its methods in 2002, reports Jason Leopold. February 12, 2009

The Case for a G.W. Bush Memorial
David Swanson takes a satirical look at die-hard George W. Bush fans making the case for a monument to honor their hero. February 12, 2009

The Fallacies of a 'Truth Commission'
Democratic leaders favor a factfinding panel over a prosecutor to avoid a confrontation with Republicans over former President Bush's crimes -- a bad deal, argues David Swanson in this guest essay. February 11, 2009

The GOP's Jihad on Obama
With self-described Taliban tactics -- and a hand-me-down playbook from 1993 -- the Republicans are determined to crush the Obama presidency in its infancy, reports Robert Parry. February 10, 2009

A Government of Laws, Not of Men
Official Washington is shying away from holding George W. Bush accountable for his crimes, but Peter Dyer says this challenge must be embraced as a chance to restore the Republic. February 10, 2009

Leahy Calls for Truth Commission
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy urged a fact-finding commission to examine the Bush administration's abuses, as a substitute for prosecutions, reports Jason Leopold. February 9, 2009

The GOP's Filibuster Hypocrisy
Just three years ago, the Republicans decried filibusters as an unjust tool to frustrate President Bush's agenda; now in the minority, they find it a treasured American tradition, notes Robert Parry. February 9, 2009

Gambling at Revolving-Door Roulette
The revolving-door case of Tom Daschle shows how seductive the lure of K Street can be, says Michael Winship. February 7, 2009

How Grim the Economic Downturn
The U.S. financial crisis is dragging down Great Britain and other nations of Europe, reports TheRealNews. February 7, 2009

Panetta Is Deferential to Republicans
CIA director-nominee Leon Panetta tried not to ruffle any Republican feathers at his confirmation hearings, even nodding to some longtime GOP canards, writes Ray McGovern. February 6, 2009

Why Not Cut Military Spending?
The neocons are gearing up for a new fight to stop even modest cuts in U.S. military spending, but in this guest essay, David Swanson argues for major reductions in the bloated Pentagon budget. February 5, 2009

Is Peace No Longer an Option?
Given the momentum behind endless war, it is now an open question whether peace can ever be an option -- whatever President Barack Obama wants, Norman Solomon says in this guest essay. February 4, 2009

Gen. Keane's Iraq War Conflicts
Retired Gen. Jack Keane has conflicts in his work for arms contractors and his fight to extend the Iraq War, says TheRealNews. For the print story by Gareth Porter, click here. February 4, 2009

The Petraeus Plot Against Obama
Gen. David Petraeus and other military leaders are reportedly scheming to block President Obama's Iraq withdrawal plan, says TheRealNews. For the print story by Gareth Porter, click here. February 3, 2009

First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers
Attorney General Eric Holder might start fulfilling his pledge to "support and defend the Constitution" by squeezing George W. Bush's lawyers who justified torture and other crimes, writes Robert Parry. February 3, 2009

Accepting the End of the US Empire
The American imperial elite remains in denial about the reality of its declining power, but this group still has the influence to take the nation over the cliff, as Ivan Eland notes in this guest essay. February 3, 2009

Obama's Afghanistan Dilemma
Barack Obama faces some hard choices in handling the worsening conflict in Afghanistan, reports TheRealNews. February 3, 2009

More Pressure for Bush Torture Probe
The Obama administration is facing mounting demands from the public and Congress to conduct a serious investigation of torture and other abuses by the Bush administration, Jason Leopold reports. February 2, 2009

Internal Threats to Obama's Iran Policy
Barack Obama has promised a less threatening approach to Iran, but some top advisers don't agree, says TheRealNews analysis. February 2, 2009

'Superman' Obama on MS Mag's Cover
Feminist MS magazine took the unusual step of putting Barack Obama, in a "Superman" pose, on its cover, TheRealNews notes. February 2, 2009

How Unions Tried to Save US Autos
Years ago, labor unions urged the U.S. auto industry to go for smaller cars and national health insurance, TheRealNews reports. February 1, 2009

The Bad Bank v. Good Bank Option
A new scheme for bailing out U.S. banks is for taxpayers to accept all the bad mortgages in a "bad bank," but there is another option for the U.S. government to start a "good bank," says Brian Barger. January 30, 2009

GOP Schools Obama on Partisanship
Barack Obama's post-partisanship ran head-long into united Republican opposition to his $819 billion stimulus bill, the latest indication that the GOP wants the new President to fail. January 29, 2009

New Bush/Rove Privilege Fight Looms
George W. Bush is signaling that he intends to extend his broad claims of executive privilege into his post-presidency by keeping political guru Karl Rove from testifying to Congress, writes Jason Leopold. January 27, 2009

The Republic Needs Bush's Prosecution
Despite Official Washington's eagerness to move on, the future of the American Republic requires that George W. Bush and others face the rule of law, argues Ivan Eland in this guest essay. January 27, 2009

Europe Hopes Obama Shifts on 'Terror'
European officials see a good chance for shrinking the Islamic terrorist threat if Barack Obama abandons George W. Bush's alarmist rhetoric and unrealistic strategy, reports Don Ediger. January 26, 2009

With Bush Gone, Time to Exhale
Barack Obama's Inauguration has lifted the spirits of many who have been gritting their teeth during George W. Bush's eight years, as Vincent Guarisco notes in this guest essay. January 26, 2009

Bush's Faith-Based Gravy Train
George W. Bush's legacy includes institutionalized subsidies for Christian Right groups working under the Faith-Based Initiative that Barack Obama has vowed to continue, notes Rev. Howard Bess. January 25, 2009

Civil Libertarians Praise Obama Moves
Barack Obama got generally high marks for his initial steps on Guanatanamo and torture, TheRealNews reports. January 25, 2009

George W. Bush's Sci-Fi Disaster
George W. Bush's presidency could be viewed as a science-fiction disaster movie -- aliens seizing control, plundering the planet and then forced out by celebrating humans, writes Robert Parry. January 24, 2009

A Different March on Washington
The millions who converged on Washington for Barack Obama's Inaugural marked a different kind of march on Washington than had been common since the Vietnam War, writes Michael Winship. January 24, 2009

Democrats Inch Toward Torture Probe
To the surprise of progressives and consternation of Republicans, top Democrats are backing the idea of investigating torture and other crimes under George W. Bush, reports Jason Leopold. January 23, 2009

Mitchell's Appointment Marks Change
Barack Obama's choice of former Sen. George Mitchell to spearhead a new Middle East peace initiative indicates a new seriousness about that goal, writes Brent Budowsky in this guest essay. January 23, 2009

US-Afghan Strategy Still Muddled
The Obama administration plans to bolster U.S. forces in Afghanistan but the strategy remains murky, TheRealNews reports. January 23, 2009

Obama Unwinds the 'War on Terror'
In his first days, President Obama is rolling back George W. Bush's "war on terror" policies, TheRealNews reports. January 23, 2009

Obama Frees Bush Historical Records
On his first full day in office, President Barack Obama revoked the Bush Family's authority to control documents relating to 20 years of American history, writes Robert Parry. January 22, 2009

Jimmy Carter's Wise Counsel
The odd man out among living ex-Presidents is Jimmy Carter, but he may be the one with the best foreign and domestic advice for President Barack Obama, says Ivan Eland in this guest essay. January 21, 2009

Historical Mystery of Bush's Presidency
As Americans rejoice at the arrival of Barack Obama -- and the departure of George W. Bush -- there remains the troubling question of how Bush's presidency happened at all, Robert Parry notes. January 20, 2009

Dangerous Words: 'War on Terror'
A simple phrase, "War on Terror," was at the heart of George W. Bush's wrongdoing, Christiane Brown says in a guest essay. January 19, 2009

Bush's Only Gift to America
George W. Bush leaves behind a much weaker America than he inherited, but that painful reality contains an important lesson on the need for truth and accountability, writes Robert Parry. January 17, 2009

Bush's Deficit May Doom America
The fiscal mess that George W. Bush is leaving behind may complete America's transformation from a great republic to a banana republic, as Robert Higgs notes in this guest essay. January 15, 2009

An Empire That America Can't Afford
Though the unipolar moment has passed for the American Empire, Barack Obama is having trouble coming to grips with this new reality, Ivan Eland observes in this guest essay. January 13, 2009

Obama Waffles on Torture Prosecution
Barack Obama indicates he will repudiate many of George W. Bush's "war on terror" policies but probably will not pursue prosecutions for torture and other crimes, Jason Leopold writes. January 12, 2009

WPost Again Flacks for Bush's Crimes
In a remarkably one-sided "news" article, the Washington Post warns Barack Obama to tread softly in seeking any accountability for the Bush administration's torture policies, Robert Parry writes. January 10, 2009

How the CIA Handles the WPost
CIA insiders have demonstrated again how they can manipulate the Washington Post to push an agenda, like opposing Leon Panetta to run the spy agency, Melvin A. Goodman writes. January 9, 2009

Obama Picks a Conscience for the CIA
Barack Obama put traits of personal integrity and political courage over hands-on intelligence experience in picking Leon Panetta to head the CIA, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern writes. January 8, 2009

Making 'Duck Soup' Out of Today
The Marx Brothers classic "Duck Soup" expressed the madness of an earlier time that has striking parallels to today, says Bill Moyers and Michael Winship in this guest essay. January 2, 2009

Two Dangerous Bush-Cheney Myths
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are trying to keep some shine on their eight-year reign by pushing two key myths: that torture saved lives and the "surge" saved Iraq, writes Robert Parry. December 26, 2008

Washington Needs a Makeover
Despite Barack Obama's election and a broad Democratic victory, there is slim chance for real change unless Washington gets a much bigger makeover, says Robert Parry. December 24, 2008

Democrats Need Their Own Cheney
Vice President Dick Cheney stands proudly behind his role in prisoner abuse and warrantless wiretaps, but top Democrats don't seem to stand up for much of anything, notes Brent Budowsky. December 23, 2008

Deterring Torture Through the Law
Bush administration defenders say no one should be held to account for torture because criminal intent was lacking, but former FBI agent Coleen Rowley and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern disagree. December 20, 2008

Obama Triangulates His 'Base'
Washington pundits are hailing Barack Obama's outreach to the center and right as clever politics, but Brent Budowsky sees troubling signs of Clinton-style "triangulation." December 20, 2008

Bush's Blind Eye to Afghan Corruption

George W. Bush has assured the Afghan government that Barack Obama will continue strong U.S. support, but the guarantee misses the point of Afghan's crippling corruption, Michael Winship notes. December 20, 2008

Ray McGovern on US-Russia Relations
Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern discusses how Barack Obama should approach Russia. Watch's video. December 19, 2008

Obama v. Washington Mythmaking
Barack Obama is facing an early challenge whether to confront Washington's culture of deception or succumb to it, with a first test over Iraq troop levels, writes Robert Parry. December 18, 2008

Secrecy Worsens Wall Street Mess
While throwing trillions of dollars at the Wall Street crisis, the Fed and the White House are providing few details, continuing the secrecy that has caused so much trouble, Brent Budowsky writes. December 17, 2008

Iraqi Elites Fight for Power
Provincial elections in late January 2009 may be the next big test for Iraq. Watch's video. December 17, 2008

Obama and US-Russia Tensions
President-elect Barack Obama's choices of Robert Gates at Defense and Hillary Clinton at State suggest continuation of policies that have strained U.S.-Russian relations. December 14, 2008

Ray McGovern on Obama's Risky Path
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern warns of dangers ahead for Barack Obama's War Cabinet. Watch's video. December 14, 2008

The Bigger Pay-to-Play Picture
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich may have been crass, but his pay-to-play corruption is nothing new to Washington or Wall Street, observes Brent Budowsky in this guest essay. December 13, 2008

Will Obama Buy Torture-Lite?
Barack Obama is getting advice from a senior Democrat to retain George W. Bush's intelligence chiefs and to accept some alternative interrogation methods, notes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. December 11, 2008

Ray McGovern Discusses Gates
Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern reflects on his ambitious former colleague Robert Gates. Watch's video. December 6, 2008

Obama's Familiar Orbit of Advisers
Though millions of American voters cast ballots for "change" one month ago, the c-word that they now are facing is "continuity," as Michael Winship observes in the guest essay. December 4, 2008

Saving US Autos the American Way
Is there a way to save the U.S. auto industry, protect the environment and make money for the taxpayers? In this guest essay, Brent Budowsky argues that there is. December 4, 2008

Obama v. King, on War and Peace
Barack Obama often cites Martin Luther King's line about "the fierce urgency of now," but ignores the context -- King's warning that the United States must turn away from war, notes Peter Dyer. December 3, 2008

Obama's Empire Lite
Barack Obama's foreign policy team indicates more continuity than change. Watch's video. December 3, 2008

Thinking Bigger on US Autos
As U.S. auto executives return to Washington with their hands out, this guest essay by William John Cox suggests that more drastic steps be considered to save the industry. December 2, 2008

Obama's 'Centrist' Security Team
Barack Obama has named a national security team that suggests only modest changes. Watch's video. December 2, 2008

Holder Must Balance Security, Rights
Attorney General-designate Eric Holder must readjust the balance between security and rights -- and restore confidence in the Justice Department, says Jason Leopold. December 2, 2008

Obama's Risky 'Team of Rivals'
Barack Obama reportedly seeks to emulate Abraham Lincoln in appointing "a team of rivals" to key positions, but Lisa Pease notes that the same strategy caused John F. Kennedy major trouble. December 1, 2008

Obama's Fateful Choice of Gates
Showing little gratitude, Defense Secretary Robert Gates acted as if he was the one doing a favor for Barack Obama by agreeing to stay on in the top Pentagon job, writes Robert Parry. December 1, 2008

The Establishment's Thanksgiving
In Barack Obama's transition, the Washington Establishment has found a lot to be thankful for, expecting to get Robert Gates and other favorites into key foreign policy jobs, writes Robert Parry. November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Check on America's Food
America's food supply was not a big part of this year's political debate, but perhaps it should have been, according to writer Michael Pollan as cited in this guest essay by Michael Winship. November 27, 2008

Obama Can End Iraq War 'Responsibly'
If Barack Obama meant what he said about ending the Iraq War "responsibly," he would demand that George W. Bush and other war architects take responsibility, writes Peter Dyer. November 26, 2008

Washington Old Guard Wins on Gates
In the campaign, Barack Obama vowed to "end the mindset" behind the Iraq War, but now having that mindset -- as with Robert Gates -- seems a prerequisite for a job, notes Brent Budowsky. November 26, 2008

Seeking Integrity at the CIA
Underlying many of the national security crises facing the United States has been the loss of integrity in the intelligence community, where politics has trumped sound analysis, writes Ray McGovern. November 26, 2008

Obama, Ask the Kremlin about Gates
Before retaining Robert Gates at the Pentagon, Barack Obama might want to ask the Kremlin exactly what it claims to have in its intelligence files about Gates and a 1980 scandal, notes Robert Parry. November 25, 2008

Does Obamanomics Equal Change?
Barack Obama is turning to Clinton-era experts to fix a banking mess they helped create. Watch's video. November 25, 2008

Iraq War Foes Get Short Shrift
In the three weeks since Barack Obama's election, hawkish Democrats and some pro-war Republicans have fared better in the job hunt than people who opposed the Iraq War early, says Robert Parry. November 24, 2008

Gates and the Urge to Surge
Maneuvering to keep his job, Defense Secretary Robert Gates is applying the politically popular word "surge" to Barack Obama's position on Afghanistan, notes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. November 23, 2008

Obama's Threat to al-Qaeda
Al-Qaeda's lashing out at Barack Obama as a "house slave" suggests a real concern. Watch's video. November 21, 2008

What Must Be Done Now!
America's media asymmetry -- tilted from vacuous mainstream to ideological right -- contributed to today's crises and must be addressed for real change to be possible, writes Robert Parry. November 20, 2008

Obama Team Tilts Toward Gates
Despite protests from rank-and-file Democrats, Washington insiders surrounding Barack Obama are pushing him to keep pro-Iraq War Robert Gates on at Defense, reports Jason Leopold. November 20, 2008

Robert Gates: As Bad as Rumsfeld?
Some Democrats are urging President-elect Obama to retain Defense Secretary Robert Gates, but ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern asks whether Gates is really better than his reviled predecessor. November 19, 2008

Detroit-Washington Shotgun Wedding
If GM and other struggling U.S. automakers are to get a federal bailout, they finally may have to accept limits on their irresponsible behavior, notes Brian Barger. November 18, 2008

A View of Obama from Middle Earth
All over the world -- including exotic New Zealand -- there's excitement about Barack Obama's election, says Michael Winship. November 18, 2008

An FDR War Cabinet
Facing unprecedented crises, Barack Obama needs an extraordinarily talented war Cabinet like the one Franklin Delano Roosevelt assembled, writes Brent Budowsky in this guest essay. November 18, 2008

Obama Risks Clinton-Era Mistakes
The rumored appointments of Hillary Clinton at State and Robert Gates at Defense suggest Barack Obama is making the same missteps that tripped up Bill Clinton in his first year, writes Robert Parry. November 17, 2008

Winners and Losers at the G-20
Amid the U.S.-provoked financial crisis, new world economic leaders are emerging. Watch's video. November 18, 2008

World Leaders Punt on Economic Crisis
The G-20 debated the economic crisis, but left action to next year and President Obama. Watch's video. November 17, 2008

A Lame-Duck Economic Summit
World leaders head to Washington for an economic summit with lame-duck George W. Bush. Watch's video. November 14, 2008

Lieberman's Weak Record on Oversight
Sen. Joe Lieberman is under fire for disloyalty to Democrats, but another problem is his committee's failure to provide strong oversight of the Bush administration, reports Jason Leopold. November 13, 2008

The Danger of Keeping Robert Gates
According to press reports, President-elect Obama is considering keeping on Defense Secretary Robert Gates, but Obama first might want to examine Gates's record, writes Robert Parry. November 13, 2008

Obama: Beware the Lessons of '93
President-elect Obama is being told to forego investigations of George W. Bush's war crimes, but he should recall how the last Democratic President got burned with similar advice, writes Robert Parry. November 11, 2008

Obama's Hard Part: Real Change
Barack Obama must decide how much change he will seek -- safe centrist or more dramatic. Watch's video. November 10, 2008

Can the Republicans Change?
Despite hope for more bipartisanship after Barack Obama's victory, the hard truth may be that Republicans are so wedded to slash-and-burn politics that they can't change, writes Robert Parry. November 9, 2008

President-elect's Queries to Briefers
Normally, U.S. intelligence briefers alert top officials to what's most pressing in the world. But former CIA briefer Ray McGovern suggests that President-elect Obama ask a few questions of his own. November 7, 2008

Obama Shows the Future, the Past
Barack Obama's election shed light on a hopeful future but also on a dark past, writes Michael Winship in this guest essay. November 7, 2008

Obama Demands Iraq War Changes
In one of his first acts as President-elect, Barack Obama is demanding input into the proposed "status-of-forces agreement" that will govern future U.S. troop levels in Iraq, reports Jason Leopold. November 7, 2008

Who Is Rahm Emanuel?
Barack Obama has named Rahm Emanuel the White House chief of staff. Watch's video. November 7, 2008

Party Chairmen Differ on Election
The heads of the Democratic and Republican parties have different takes on Election 2008. Watch's video. November 6, 2008

At the White House, an Obama Party
Young Americans poured into the streets near the White House, celebrating both the victory of Barack Obama and the repudiation of George W. Bush, reports Robert Parry. November 5, 2008

Fear and Racism on the Campaign Trail
A top aide to John McCain called southern Virginia the "real Virginia," but it has become a target of Barack Obama's campaign, confronting generations of racism and distrust, reports Brian Barger. November 3, 2008

The American Republic in the Balance
Beyond the silliness of Campaign 2008, there rests a momentous issue: whether George W. Bush's neocon vision for world conflict and for an imperial presidency will be ratified or rejected. November 3, 2008

Health Care and the Candidates
America's health care is wildly cost-ineffective. But would the candidates' plans make it better? Watch's video. October 31, 2008

Two Troubling Election Arguments
Eight years ago, many on the American Left rejected the idea of voting for "lesser-evil" Al Gore and contributed to the "election" of George W. Bush. Some of the same arguments are back today. October 29, 2008

The A-Word Intrudes on Campaign '08
The angry rhetoric of the McCain-Palin campaign and the arrest of two "white power" advocates have injected concerns about assassination into Campaign 2008, writes William Loren Katz. October 28, 2008

Military Voices Like Colin Powell's
Like Gen. Colin Powell, other Republican military voters are breaking with John McCain over his rashness to commit U.S. troops to dubious conflicts, as film producer Julie Bergman Sender recounts. October 25, 2008

Why Listen to Colin Powell, or Brokaw?
A danger of this era is that many American opinion leaders are implicated in some of the nation's worst mistakes, yet still are listened to, like Colin Powell and Tom Brokaw, observes Robert Parry. October 20, 2008

Is John McCain Losing It?
John McCain's flailing debate performances often have raised more doubts about his own fitness to be President than about Barack Obama's, observes Robert Parry. October 16, 2008

Last Debate Turns to Theatre
John McCain got angry, but neither candidate confronted the financial crisis. Watch's video. October 16, 2008

Are You Palling Around with Terrorists?
The McCain-Palin campaign's linking of Barack Obama to Vietnam War-era radical Bill Ayers is a warning to all Americans -- watch out who you associate with, writes Nat Parry. October 15, 2008

Why Are McCain Backers So Angry?
As Americans grapple with the disasters of the Bush years, one might think they have more reason to be angry about Republicans than Republicans do to be angry about Barack Obama, writes Robert Parry. October 12, 2008

McCain/Obama on a New Cold War
John McCain and Barack Obama are taking similar hard lines toward Russia. Watch's video. October 10, 2008

Should Palin Forgive Bill Ayers?
Sarah Palin is attacking Barack Obama over guilt by association with ex-radical Bill Ayers, but Sherwood Ross asks in this guest essay why Ayers doesn't deserve some Christian forgiveness? October 10, 2008

McCain-Palin Put 'Country Last'
With their ugly rhetoric about Barack Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin are stirring up the angry Right in a way that creates new dangers and puts "country last," writes Robert Parry. October 9, 2008

McCain Detours to the Low Road
John McCain and his top advisers decided that their only hope to win was to divert attention from the desperate economy onto questions about Barack Obama's associates, Michael Winship says. October 9, 2008

McCain Shows Disdain for Obama
Falling behind in the polls, John McCain gets nastier toward Barack Obama. Watch's video. October 8, 2008

Election '08: Here Comes the Sludge
Sarah Palin's new guilt-by-association attacks on Barack Obama's patriotism mark Campaign 2008's long-expected descent into the sewers, reports Robert Parry. October 6, 2008

Debate Evades Dark Realities
Barack Obama and John McCain weren't even asked possibly the biggest foreign policy question, whether they would continue the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war, notes Robert Parry. September 27, 2008

Obama-McCain Debate Disappointment
The first debate between Barack Obama and John McCain left a lot on the sidelines. Watch's video. September 27, 2008

Obama, McCain Spar over Bailout
The proposed $700 billion Wall Street bailout could shape the next administration. Watch's video. September 23, 2008

Mocking Constitutional Rights
Sarah Palin's derision toward Barack Obama for wanting to read terrorism suspects "their rights" underscored the growing contempt in the GOP for the U.S. Constitution, notes Nat Parry. September 10, 2008

The Anti-Obama Hate-Fest
The overwhelmingly white Republican National Convention is letting loose on Barack Obama with ridicule and contempt, but many of the GOP claims aren't true, Robert Parry reports. September 4, 2008

Obama v McCain on Iran
Barack Obama and John McCain offer different approaches toward confronting Iran. Watch's video. September 1, 2008

What to Expect from Obama-Biden
Could an Obama-Biden administration really change the course of U.S. foreign policy?Watch's video. August 31, 2008

How the Republicans Win
Barack Obama emerged victorious from the Democratic convention, but he now enters the phase of the campaign when Republicans show their mastery of the dark political arts, reports Robert Parry. August 29, 2008

The Obama-Biden View of the World
Would Barack Obama and Joe Biden really make substantive changes in U.S. foreign policy? Watch's video. August 28, 2008

The Obama Challenge to the Left
The American Left is faced with a quandary over Barack Obama's ground-breaking candidacy. Watch's video. August 26, 2008

Obama, McCain on Global Warming
Barack Obama and John McCain favor action on global warming, but will it be enough? Watch's video. August 25, 2008

Obama Joins in Criticism of Russia
Facing attacks on his patriotism, Barack Obama slams Russia over the Georgian conflict. Watch's video. August 20, 2008

A Book Written to Defeat Obama
Soaring to the top of the New York Times bestseller list is a new book by right-wing author Jerome Corsi, whose stated goal is to deny Barack Obama the presidency, reports Beverly Bandler. August 19, 2008

The Lies About Obama
John McCain has settled on a campaign strategy of sustained personal attack on Barack Obama. In this guest essay, Brent Budowsky asks the press for some fact-checking on the lies. August 12, 2008

WPost Admits Bungling Obama Quote
The Washington Post's ombudsman admits that two reporters failed to check out the context of a quote from Barack Obama before using it to portray him as a megalomaniac, reports Robert Parry. August 10, 2008

Tax-Factless Wall Street Journal-omics
A long op-ed in Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal trashes Barack Obama's tax plan -- and does so in a highly misleading way, observes Baltimore Chronicle managing editor Alice Cherbonnier. August 2, 2008

WPost Calls Out 'Uppity' Obama
The Washington Post distorted a quote by Barack Obama to promote a theme that he is -- in the words of one Post editorial writer -- an "uppity" black man, who has gotten too big for his britches. July 31, 2008

McCain Lies about Obama on Troops
John McCain is lying about Barack Obama's canceled visit to see wounded troops, writes Brent Budowsky in this guest essay. July 30, 2008

Europeans Mixed on Obama's Message
Barack Obama, in his Berlin speech, hit some off-key chords for many Europeans. Watch's video. July 29, 2008

Big Media Hectors Obama on 'Surge'
Star journalists, some of whom cheered on the Iraq War in 2003, now are demanding that Barack Obama admit he was wrong about the troop "surge," Robert Parry reports. July 28, 2008

Obama's Palestine Visit Was Brief
Some Arabs are miffed that Barack Obama spent less than an hour in Palestine. Watch's video. July 27, 2008

Protecting McCain; Pounding Obama
Accused of favoring Barack Obama, U.S. news personalities are bending over backwards to bash Obama and protect their longtime favorite, John McCain, as Brent Budowsky notes in this guest essay. July 23, 2008

Obama's National Security Challenge
Is there hope that Barack Obama might shake the grip of the military-industrial complex? Watch's video. July 20, 2008

Obama & the Foreign Policy Elite
Can Barack Obama escape the clutches of a foreign policy establishment that did the Iraq War? Watch's video. July 18, 2008

Obama's Brave New World
Barack Obama offered an ambitious vision of how his presidency could change the world. Watch's video. July 16, 2008

Obama Helps Give Bush a Victory
Barack Obama backtracked on fighting amnesty for telecoms that helped wiretap Americans. Watch's video. July 12, 2008

Will the Democrats Ever Learn?
Democratic leaders -- and Barack Obama -- appear poised to let George W. Bush off the hook on his warrantless wiretaps without even letting the American people know what abuses were committed. July 8, 2008

What Patriotism Is, and Is Not
Barack Obama addressed the touchy issue of patriotism in a major speech even as scurrilous attacks against him continue to proliferate. In this guest essay, Michael Winship ponders true patriotism. July 3, 2008

Moon Shot, Obama
Countering John McCain's $300 million better-car-battery bounty, Barack Obama called for a JFK-man-to-the-Moon commitment on energy, an idea that Brent Budowsky fleshes out in this guest essay. June 25, 2008

Campaign Finance Reform Has Failed
Barack Obama's opting out of the federal campaign finance system has a little-understood backdrop, an unhappy reality that the three-decade-old reform movement often has made matters worse. June 23, 2008

Alarm over 'Unfair' Campaign Money
TV news stars, who traditionally tout candidates with fat warchests from wealthy donors, are alarmed at Barack Obama's success in raising money from the net-roots, media critic Jeff Cohen notes. June 22, 2008

Does Obama Truly Stand for 'Change'?
Barack Obama faces tough choices on where and when to break with Bush's policies. Watch's video report. June 12, 2008

Has Obama Moved Right on Israel?
Speaking to AIPAC, Sen. Barack Obama tilted toward a pro-Israel hard line. Watch's video report. June 6, 2008

RFK's Death & the Hope of the Young
The 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination recalls another time when young Americans wanted change and many parents had other interests. Today, the generation gap is between youth for Barack Obama and some of their mothers favoring Hillary Clinton. June 5, 2008

Politics of Murder and the 'A' Word
Nearing the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, the 'A' word has surfaced ghoulishly in Campaign 2008. In this guest essay, historian William Loren Katz recalls the damage inflicted on the United States by the politics of murder. June 3, 2008

End of the Bush-Clinton Era?
Hillary Clinton's reference to Robert Kennedy's assassination in 1968 -- while explaining why she's continuing her campaign against Barack Obama -- may mark a troubling end point to a failed period of American history, which could be called the Bush-Clinton era. May 25, 2008

Hillary's Shark-Jumping Moment
A "shark-jumping moment" -- when believability is stretched beyond the breaking point -- can afflict TV shows, movies and even political campaigns. In this guest essay, historian Lisa Pease spotted such a moment when Hillary Clinton cited RFK's 1968 assassination. May 24, 2008

Rove Protégé to Dig for Dirt on Obama
The Republicans reportedly have recruited Timothy Griffin, a central figure in the U.S. Attorney scandal and a Karl Rove disciple, to help dig up dirt on likely Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Griffin held similar jobs for the Bush-Cheney campaigns. May 23, 2008

The Night the Old Politics Died
Often it's hard to spot true turning points. What looks important one day can fade into obscurity the next, and other times we overlook the event that really changes history. In this guest essay, Brent Budowsky argues that May 6 marked the end of the old negative politics. May 7, 2008

The Clintons and the 'War on Obama'
Even before the first votes were cast, Hillary Clinton's campaign had prepared guilt-by-association attack themes that would raise doubts about Barack Obama's patriotism. After a halting beginning, this "War on Obama" has finally begun to click. May 4, 2008

'Beware the Terrible Simplifiers'
Why have Jeremiah Wright's outbursts gotten so much more attention than objectionable comments by other politicaly connected preachers? In this guest essay, Bill Moyers considers some answers. May 3, 2008

Hillary's 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy'
As the "War on Obama" grinds on, Hillary Clinton has struck a tactical alliance with what she once called the "vast right-wing conspiracy." In this guest essay, Brent Budowsky ponders this strange turn. May 3, 2008

The Right's America-Hating Preacher
America's Right is having a field day blasting Barack Obama's ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright as anti-American. But many of the same conservatives look the other way when their benefactor, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, denounces the United States. A Special Report. May 2, 2008

Fastened to a Dying Animal
Campaign 2008 is taking on the distractive qualities of so many previous campaigns, like those that gave George W. Bush two terms. Someday, historians may shake their heads at this sad decline of the American Republic, but for now, poet Phil Rockstroh is shaking a fist. April 29, 2008

Campaign 1988 Lives!
Some Americans hoped the days of smear-and-slime politics were over, that the severity of the nation's crises would negate the kind of attack politics unveiled by George H.W. Bush in 1988. But Hillary Clinton's 10-point win in Pennsylvania has dashed those hopes. April 24, 2008

Unhappy Republicans Weigh Switch
Even in some Red States, traditional Republicans are leery about signing on for another four years of George W. Bush's policies on the Iraq War and the economy. That attitude has created an opening for Democrats, if they don't splinter their own party. April 19, 2008

Are the Clintons Playing Joe McCarthy?
In the 1950s, Joe McCarthy used guilt by association to impugn the patriotism of decent Americans. Now, Hillary Clinton's campaign is employing similar tactics in a desperate bid to derail Barack Obama's drive for the Democratic nomination. April 18, 2008

The Weather Underground 'Theme'
Behind the scenes, Hillary Clinton's campaign has been pushing the Weather Underground "theme," a tenuous connection between Barack Obama and a Vietnam-era radical. The work paid off in Wednesday's debate with Sen. Clinton even adding a false link to 9/11. April 17, 2008

Would Obama Hold Bush Accountable?
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have shied away from grassroots demands for holding George W. Bush and his top aides accountable for torture, war crimes and other offenses. But Obama told one reporter that if elected, he would order a Justice Department probe. April 16, 2008

Hillary Sinks with the 'Kitchen Sink'
The Bush family wrote the book on how to neutralize your own high negatives by driving up those of your opponent. But Hillary Clinton has found that her similar approach, throwing the "kitchen sink" at Barack Obama, may have only dragged her down more. March 27, 2008

Obama's 'Michael Douglas Moment'
Barack Obama's speech on race recalled the climactic scene from "The American President" when Michael Douglas decries the politics of division and urges "serious people" to address "serious problems." But the unanswered question from both the movie and Obama's speech is whether today's media/political circus will give way. March 22, 2008

Obama's Passportgate: Historical Echo
The State Department's disclosure that three contractors penetrated Barack Obama's passport files on three occasions this year recalls a similar case in 1992 when President George H.W. Bush's operatives searched through Bill Clinton's files in a bid to challenge his patriotism. Bush's tracks were then covered by a GOP prosecutor. March 21, 2008

Obama's Greater Challenge
By addressing America's divisions about race, Barack Obama gambled that a U.S. political system dominated by angry talk-show hosts and "gotcha" campaign consultants can rise to a higher level. In this guest essay, Brent Budowsky challenges Obama to go even further. March 19, 2008

Guess What? Obama Is Winning Texas
Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama by a 51-48 margin in the Texas primary and claimed a net gain of four delegates. But Obama appears to be more than erasing Clinton's advantage by winning the Texas caucus phase, as historian Lisa Pease reports. March 6, 2008

Hillary Plays the 'Gender Card,' Again
Hillary Clinton's campaign achieved two key goals in its March 4 victories: portraying Sen. Clinton as the victim of gender bias to solidify her support among older white women, and giving whites and Hispanics new reason to see Barack Obama as an unqualified "black candidate." March 6, 2008

Hillary Clinton's 'Celestial Choir'
Though many political observers shook their heads at Hillary Clinton's imitation of Barack Obama calling down a "celestial choir," the question she raised may be the last one for Democrats to answer: which candidate has the best chance to achieve meaningful change? February 28, 2008

Obama's Sub-Prime Conflict
Barack Obama has slammed the banking industry for its predatory use of sub-prime mortgages, which are pushing millions of American homeowners toward foreclosure. But his campaign's Finance Chair, Penny Pritzker, owned a failed Chicago thrift that helped pioneer sub-prime financial instruments and faced accusations of abuse. February 28, 2008

Why the War on Obama
The intensifying personal attacks on Barack Obama reflect a growing realization among entrenched Washington insiders that his campaign -- funded largely by small donations -- could dilute their influence. Neocons, in particular, are joining with Clinton supporters in spreading rumors about his patriotism and his past. February 26, 2008

Obama's One Million Donors
Barack Obama's supporters are mocked as naive, even cult-like. But that may be the sound of the Democratic Establishment worried that the Obama campaign's one million small donors are striking at the heart of the old order's power -- control of campaign cash. In this guest essay, Brent Budowsky looks at this revolutionary potential. February 26, 2008

Clintons Plumb Absurd Depths
Like the Bushes, the Clintons appear to believe that they have such an entitlement to the White House that whatever they do to get there is justified. In going negative, Hillary Clinton's campaign is accusing Barack Obama of "plagiarism" for using a rhetorical argument recommended by his friend, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. February 19, 2008

An Odyssey to See Barack Obama
Barack Obama's oratory not only has touched the idealism of young people but has jogged the memories of the less-young, who recall the Kennedys and Martin Luther King. In this guest essay, historian Lisa Pease recounts her odyssey from Los Angeles to Madison, Wisconsin, to get a glimpse of Obama -- and this new chapter of history. February 17, 2008

Explaining Our View on Clinton-Obama
Some Democratic readers have criticized some of our critical reporting on Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; they want us to focus more on John McCain and the Republicans. We feel we owe it to our readers to offer an explanation of our views. February 16, 2008

Stomping on Their Children's Dreams
The Obama-Clinton showdown has set up a painful generational conflict between many mothers (who want Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president) and their children (who are inspired by Barack Obama). The battle offers a poignant echo of how an earlier generation of idealistic young people saw their dreams stomped on, in 1968. February 11, 2008

Where Would Obama Take the Nation?
The endorsements of Barack Obama by members of the Eisenhower and Kennedy families suggest that they see in him a hope for returning to the peaceful ideals of an earlier era. Or as Obama says, his goal is not just to end the Iraq War but "the mindset" behind the war. February 4, 2008

Obama, Clinton & GOP Attack Machine
Whoever wins the Democratic nomination, one thing seems certain: either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton will be the target of the powerful Republican attack machine. One question the Democrats must ponder is which candidate would be more vulnerable. February 2, 2008

Were Republicans 'the Party of Ideas'?
Hillary Clinton twisted Barack Obama's words when she suggested that he favored right-wing policies. But there is a legitimate question about what Obama meant when he called the Republicans of recent years "the party of ideas" -- and whether he was right. January 24, 2008

The Democrats-Praise-Reagan Game
Over the past two decades, national Democrats often have judged it safer to join the Ronald Reagan fan club than to fight it. But Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have learned the hard way that there's a risk in playing the praise-Reagan card. Many in the Democratic "base" view Reagan's legacy as disastrous for the nation. January 23, 2008

Obama's Dubious Praise for Reagan
Barack Obama raised some eyebrows when he cited Ronald Reagan as an example of a political leader who "changed the trajectory of America." Though Obama now says he wasn't endorsing Reagan's policies -- only recognizing Reagan's historic importance -- the comment begs the question of what change Reagan actually wrought. January 19, 2008

Saving Hillary, at Least for Now
The Clinton political machine has shown once again that it knows how to play hardball, using a full complement of tactics to gain Hillary Clinton a reprieve from Barack Obama's early momentum. From appealing for sympathy to sliming a rival, Clinton and her supporters did what was necessary to save her campaign, at least for now. January 18, 2008

Hillary Plays a Risky 'Gender Card'
Hillary Clinton played the "gender card" in her comeback victory in New Hampshire, craftily portraying herself as the victim of sexism. But Clinton's strategy -- especially as the campaign turns into a two-person race with Barack Obama -- runs the risk of setting up a competition over who's been treated worse, blacks or women. January 10, 2008

'Iron My Shirt' Taunt Helps Hillary
An apparent publicity stunt by two shock jock employees -- taunting Hillary Clinton to "iron my shirts" -- may have helped swing the New Hampshire primary in her direction. Clinton cited the heckling as a case study of male oppression -- and one insider says the incident energized the women's vote for Hillary. January 9, 2008

The Logic of Obama-mania
Hillary Clinton argues that Democrats would be foolish to take a chance on the lightly experienced Barack Obama. But Obama might offer the Democrats their best chance for a transcendant victory; he also could help them break with their recent, uninspiring history of endless "triangulation" and troubling sell-outs. January 8, 2008

Bush-Clinton Duopoly Loses in Iowa
The vision of the Bush and Clinton families again swapping power was dealt a severe blow as Barack Obama trounced Hillary Clinton in Iowa's Democratic caucuses. And on the Republican side, upstart Mike Huckabee bested Mitt Romney, a Bush family favorite. All told, it was a bad night for the Bush-Clinton duopoly. January 4, 2008

Is Hillary or Barack More Vulnerable?
Hillary Clinton's campaign operatives have dropped hints that Barack Obama can expect Republican attacks aimed at his youthful drug use. But some people close to the Clintons fear that Republican access to seven years of Secret Service records on the Clintons could make them even more vulnerable to GOP smears. December 19, 2007