Standards for Comments

From Editor Robert Parry: At, we welcome a lively debate about the stories that we post, but we won’t tolerate abusive, bigoted or threatening language. We will delete such comments when they are brought to our attention and may block chronic violators.

These standards especially apply to crude insults directed at other readers and to racist or anti-Semitic remarks. Also, please avoid posting overly long comments or articles from other sites because that can serve to obscure the views of other readers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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12 comments on “Standards for Comments

  1. Tim Campbell on said:

    As a former mediator/facilitator I commend your emphasis on standards. Kepp up the good work!

  2. Jesse Schultz on said:

    The Standards are much needed. The comments here were becoming… depressing.

  3. Otto Schiff on said:

    I have seen a lot of antisemitic abuse. Especially by Rhemat.

    • I second that Otto, and antisemitism is to be reduced to excrement.

      • Paul G. on said:

        Borat: I hope you realize you are one of the ones he is referring to; please gain an understanding of how mature adults talk to each other, try backed up arguements rather than gutter language.

        • As I’ve stated before, the virulent antisemitism that passes as criticism does not need to be refuted by logic and maturity. These paranoid types do not merit a civil response and w/be spoken to in terms of excrement period.

  4. Yes Mr Parry, and we all know that ‘borat’ has often been the most juvenile & abusive of the commentors for a long time, so we look forward to your implementing some controls on his outbursts.

  5. Naturally, the consortinazis and the pro arab sympathisers are all for censorship and muzzling. Poor babies, they can’t take “criticism”. Like all extremists left and right, free speech is selective to their view. I’ve never sought to silence anyone. However, you cannot expect silence when lies permeate this site.

  6. Borat,

    What we seek to achieve here is a civilized discourse on world events as they affect our human struggle on this planet. Sometimes, that journey leads us to express feelings of disdain toward the perpetrators of violence and injustice inflicted on human kind and our planet. If you interpret disdain as anti-anything or pro-anything, then that is your limited view of the world, which adds nothing to the conversation. If you indeed believe that Consortium prints nothing but lies, then perhaps you would be happier seeking a different source for your news.

  7. We is your self appointed board of censorship w/a loosely veiled inference towards anything Israel or Jewish. I’ve heard this line of b.s. before, and by not being in lockstep w/the consortinazis, at least this site is not totally a left wing version of the wacko dittohead right. BTHW, I do not seek this site as a source for my news.

  8. Rubber Biscut on said:

    Borat, just change the channel. You won’t be changing anyone’s minds here.

    • Rubber B. I know that, I just like to kick the antisemites off of their high pious horses. ‘Been hearing their bullshit for decades; good feeling to throw some monkey wrenches in for variety…